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Lima | January 3, 2007 [ 10:10 ]

Peru: Lima's mayor calls on citizens to help improve public cleanliness

A common site on many Limean streets after outgoing district mayors abandoned their offices in protest of losing their positions.
(LIP-jl) -- The freshly sworn-in mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda, called on the public to cooperate with their district municipalities to help improve Lima's cleanliness problems.

"If local authorities work hand-in-hand with its residents to help resolve the city's problems, such as improving the cleanliness of its streets, then there will undoubtedly be great results," informed Lima's top civil authority to local television station, TV Peru.

Castañeda called on the public to respect the trash collection schedule and not to leave waste and trash on the streets.

On Tuesday, Castañeda was accompanied by newly elected La Victoria mayor Alberto Sanchez Aizcorbe during a massive trash collection operation on the 6th block of Avenida Aviacion in La Victoria.

La Victoria, like many other districts in Lima, lacked trash collection services and other public cleaning services during the past few weeks. Outgoing mayors abandoned their positions before December 31 and suspended such services in an inappropriate display of unsportsmanlike conduct.

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Lima | January 2, 2007 [ 9:47 ]

Peru: 12 nearly drown after boat sinks in La Punta

search rescuers
Rescuers on the scene
(LIP-jl) -- 9 children and 3 adults nearly drowned after their boat sank in the waters off the shore of La Punta, Callao Monday afternoon.

The occupants of the boat were enjoying their New Year's holiday when their boat sank, apparently caused by having too many passengers on board and exceeding the boat's weight capacity.

The victims were rescued by volunteer firefighters and were taken to Daniel Alcides Carrion Hospital in Callao, reported Peru's RPP Radio.

According to Victor Sanchez Acevedo, chief of Carrion Hospital, 8 of the 9 children are under observation due to the trauma of the near drowning. Additionally, he stated they will be released after they are declared out of danger.

A 3 year old girl has been admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit due to the high probability of developing pneumonia after the ordeal.

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Lima | January 2, 2007 [ 5:58 ]

Lima, Peru: 74 fires during New Year's celebrations

Lima's firefighters
Lima's firefighters cleaning up a small fire over the holiday weekend. Overall, occurrences were lower than in previous years
(LIP-jl) -- Despite the numerous warnings issued by Peruvian authorities against using fireworks and other dangerous devices, 74 fires were registered during New Year's celebrations in the Peruvian capital, reported Carlos Cordova, commander of Peru's volunteer fire department.

Miguel Mini, chief of the Lima fire department, informed that Peru's men-in-red handled over 420 emergencies, of which 74 were fires, 296 were medical emergencies, 35 were automotive accidents, and 11 were reported gas leaks.

Mini added that the majority of the automotive accidents were caused by drunk drivers driving at excessive speeds.

However, according to Mini, statistics show that the overall number of emergencies was lower than that of previous years. He acknowledged Peru's media in helping spread news regarding safety recommendations.

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Lima | December 30, 2006 [ 9:56 ]

Peru: More than 50% of Limeans will celebrate the New Year at home

New Years party
Suspects: Less than 50% of Limeans will head out to night clubs this New Years Eve.
(LIP-jl) -- According to a recent survey released by the University of Lima, more than 50% of residents from the Lima-Callao metropolitan area plan to ring in the new year at home.

The survey released by the Public Opinion Group from the University of Lima (GOP in Spanish) had the participation of residents from 37 different districts from the Peruvian capital.

Popular activities like camping, going to bars/night clubs, and parties was surprisingly lower than those preferring to stay at home with their loved ones.

Other results published in the survey revealed some unique rituals that many believe will bring them good luck, such as eating 12 grapes (77%) and burning dolls (9%).

Other interesting findings found that 58% of the respondents said to have had good luck with love during 2006, while 47% said their employment conditions were satisfactory.

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Lima | December 29, 2006 [ 11:06 ]

Rain and thunder in Lima?

Rain in Chosica
(LIP-jl) -- The song "It never rains in Southern California," by Albert Hammond could easily be the official motto for Lima (though a more appropriate title would be "It never rains in the city of Lima") due to Lima's desert-like weather.

However, yesterday a weather system from the central Andes was blown into Lima by strong winds, causing rain and thunder in and around the coastal-desert province.

Chosica, just minutes outside of Lima, saw residents scrambling for cover when heavy rain, thunder, and lighting doused the usually sunny community.

Around the Peruvian capital, rain-slicked roads added another obstacle to Lima's already hazardous roads, causing delays and minor traffic accidents.

Senahmi, Peru's weather service, has informed the public that as long as it continues to rain in the central Andean region of Peru, occurrences like yesterday will be possible.

According to Senahmi meteorologist Sixto Flores, rain will likely continue today and into Saturday.

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Lima | December 27, 2006 [ 14:05 ]

Peruvian authorities inspect night clubs for New Year's festivities

(LIP-jl) -- The Peruvian National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) is currently inspecting night clubs, bars, restaurants, and pubs in and around Lima to help avoid tragedies from occurring during this weekend's New Year's festivities.

During a typical month, the agency conducts approximately 300 unannounced visits to establishments in the Lima-Callao metropolitan area.

However, due to the increased number of partygoers during the holidays, the agency say it will perform more than 1000 surprise inspections this month alone.

"But even more important than the number of inspections, is that the municipalities, to whom we give our reports, take action against establishments that do not adhere to the regulations by fining them and/or closing them down," expressed Augusto Calderon Rojas, an INDECI representative.

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Lima | December 27, 2006 [ 13:28 ]

Peru- Air pollution affects Lima's northern districts

Lima's pollution
(LIP-jl) -- Air pollution that is normally concentrated in downtown Lima has now begun to affect Lima's northern districts, according to the Peruvian watchdog group Defensoria del Pueblo (The People's Defender).

Stronger than normal wind is causing pollution that normally sits in downtown Lima to drift northward to areas such as Comas, San Martin De Porres, and Los Olivos, informed Vito Verna, environmental chief of Defensoria del Pueblo.

Vera expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of environmental law enforcement in Peru. He called on the municipality of Lima to crack down on transportation companies that do not abide by emission laws.  He also called for stiffer penalties against companies who commit regular infractions.

According to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, respiratory infection rates have increased by 152% since 1995.

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Lima | December 27, 2006 [ 5:55 ]

Dutch man caught with 18 kilos of cocaine at Lima's airport

(LIP-jl) -- Officers from Peru's Anti-Drug unit detained a Dutch citizen as he attempted to smuggle approximately 18 kilograms of cocaine to Madrid, Spain.

The Dutch man was identified as Adrianus Heymans, 25, by police authorities.

Heymans carried the cocaine in 10 packages that he camouflaged inside of pants and jackets in two suitcases.

According to authorities, Heymans revealed he was going to receive USD7000 for the delivery in Madrid, his final destination.

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Lima | December 21, 2006 [ 10:21 ]

Only 56% of Limeans prefer living in a democracy

Peru's Government Palace
enlargePeru's Government Palace: home to Peru's democratically elected president
(LIP-jl) -- In what may be a surprising finding, only 56% of Limeans prefer living in a democratic society, according a new survey published by the The Public Opinion Group of the Pontificate Catholic University in Peru (IOP in Spanish).

However, 22% of those surveyed responded that an authoritarian style government or dictatorship can sometimes be better than a democracy. 19% of the participants believed that authoritarian governments and dictatorships are definitely an improvement over a democratic government.

The survey also asked participants about the efficiency of Peru's democratic government. 48% of those surveyed stated they were satisfied with Peru's democratic government while 40% stated the complete opposite.

Other findings in the survey include: 67% believe that Peru is governed for the benefit of a selected minority while 29% believe it is governed for the good of all its citizens and 32% believe that Peru's most important objective in the next 10 years is to increase the general population's role in the government.

The IOP surveyed 510 residents from 28 districts in the Lima/Callao metropolitan area on December 15, 16, and 17.

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Lima | December 19, 2006 [ 11:16 ]

Peru- 34% of Limeans say they have been robbed

(LIP-jl) -- In what may seem to be a given by those living in the Lima-Callao metropolitan area, a new study says 34.8% of Limeans have been the victim of theft at least once this year.

The study, conducted by the Public Opinion Group of the University of Lima (GOP in Spanish), revealed the details of its latest survey today. Among the victims, 75.4% stated the crime occurred on the street, while 24.6% said they were victimized in their homes.

The survey also noted the public's fear of the seemingly growing crime of kidnapping. 43.3% of the participants said they feared being kidnapped, while 56.4% said they did not.

Despite these alarming figures, the overall perception of public insecurity has dropped. 65.2% of those who participated in the survey stated they were not victims of theft this year, compared to 61.8% in 2005.

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