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Lima | July 27, 2011 [ 18:37 ]

After 6 years, will close on July 27th

During the past 6 years LivinginPeru worked hard to provide readers with the best information available about Peru. A simple, but important goal, guided them: to make Peru the number 1 country in Latin America.

After 6 years, 25,000 articles, and more than 10 million visitors, LivinginPeru decided it was time to make a change.

On July 28, the anniversary of their launch, LivinginPeru will introduce and the brand new

They promise that with the new sites “nothing will be the same and everything will change.”

The LivinginPeru team worked on the new site for 18 months. They surfed the world’s news sites; expat services, event calendars, classifieds and more. They learned from the best before designing and programming their new portal.

All the information that was published on the site will stay put, but in the future there will be two pages. One will be called and one will be called They will be distinct from one another, but always connected.

The LivinginPeru team invites all visitors to take a look at the BETA version of the sites, which will be uploaded tomorrow morning, July 28. Readers are also encouraged to email with comments on the new sites.

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Lima | July 25, 2011 [ 10:22 ]

Lima’s Museum of Art open to the public, free of charge

Lima's Museum of Art (MALI) (Photo: Andina)
Lima’s Museum of Art (MALI) will be open to the public, free of charge, from Monday July 25th until July 31st.

During the week there will tours, theater performances, film screenings and art workshops for children from 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Aside from the permanent collection, El Comercio reports that there are currently two retrospective exhibitions of Peruvian artists.

Among the exhibitions is the Fernando de Szyszlo retrospective, which brings together his most recent paintings, his iconic abstract paintings, sculptures, personal objects and his video "This wall is not dividing."

The other retrospective is Jorge Piqueras ’De la estructura al estallido.’ This exhibit includes unpublished material such as notebooks and sketches from the artist, and aims to show Piqueras’ transition from a geometric style toward more abstract paintings.

There will also be a children’s event, titled “A day in the museum”. Children will be provided with materials to design the facade of the museum printed on cardboard.

In another workshop, children outline a work by Szyszlo and Piqueras, and examine difference between the artists’ choice of colors. Both courses involve a guide from MALI and a teacher.

The museum will present the play ‘In the Shadow of the Tree’, which unfolds in shades of all sizes and colors, cardboard cutouts, mobile screens and puppets with live music.

MALI will also show a different film every day.

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Lima | July 22, 2011 [ 9:05 ]

Mayor of Lima presents new bus system

Susana Villarán (Photo:Andina/Carlos Lezama )
Susana Villarán, Mayor of Lima, was on hand at the presentation of the so-called Bus Patrón in the city center.

According to the article, published in El Comercio, the new buses will be in circulation within the next two years.

"This system will transport 40% of passengers in Lima. It will do so with the speed, cleanliness, comfort and order that all of Lima wants. The system will allow customers to make all their connections and reach their destination with a single ticket," Villarán said at the news conference.

"The combis will be no more," she said, referring to the existing line of small buses.  The new buses will come in three different sizes, 9, 12 and 18 meters and will be able to carry from 60 to 160 passengers.

El Comercio reports that vehicles will also reduce pollution, as they adhere to the Euro 4 standard, and diminish emission of harmful gases. The buses are also wheelchair accessible.

The buses are scheduled to begin operations in January 2013, and will run on the main routes of Lima: the Panamericana Sur, Avenida Brasil, Javier Prado and La Marina.

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Lima | July 20, 2011 [ 11:37 ]

Peru’s Alan Garcia responds to criticism over electric train

Lima Metro (Photo:Andina/Vidal Tarqui)
Peru’s president, Alan Garcia, responded to criticism leveled against the electric train’s infrastructure and over-budget costs.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that inspections conducted by Peru’s comptroller general, Fuad Khoury, had revealed the electric train had a higher cost than originally budgeted and had faults in it’s infrastructure.

Khoury had told local radio that the train was around $100 Million over-budget, 26.5% more than expected.

According to an article, published in El Comercio, García said "budgets are always references, no matter how accurate they are."

Futhermore, García stated that "if there is a safe building in Lima, it’s the electric train, which is made to withstand earthquakes of over 9 degrees magnitude."

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Lima | July 20, 2011 [ 11:36 ]

Mayor of Lima launches initiative that aims to benefit 7,500 families

Equality Strategy Center (Photo: Lima Municipality )
The mayor of Lima, Susana Villarán, launched municipal initiative Equality Strategy that seeks to provide opportunities for the development of families, particularly for child development.

The initiative also aims to reduce poverty and achieve social inclusion for the city’s most vulnerable groups.

According to an article published in Andina, the initiative will attempt to bridge the inequalities that exist, from a point of view that encourages inclusion and gender equality.

It will also facilitate access to social programs already provided by the municipal and state governments.

The initiative began in the areas of Barrios Altos, Lima. District mayors are already planning to expand to the initiative to other areas of high socio-economic vulnerability.

The initiative will also provide family counseling, where counselors provide home visits, and give the families information about their rights and programs available to improve their welfare.

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Lima | July 20, 2011 [ 9:42 ]

New smartphone app let’s you know where to park in Lima

Los Portales' Smartphone App (Photo: El Comercio)
Local parking firm Los Portales has developed an application for cell phones that allows users to find the location of the nearest parking lot, as well as space availability and rates.

Jorge Gagliardi, business manager for Los Portales told local newspaper El Comercio that "The whole project began five months ago. We saw that the smartphone is a powerful means of distribution and communication."

"Moreover, by taking advantage of GPS capabilites in most devices, we were able develop an application, based on the user’s location, that is able to direct them our parking lots.”

The app has been developed for Apple devices, BlackBerry, Android and Bada (an operating system created by Samsung).

"In August, apps will be available for free download, through their respective app stores" said Gagliardi.

Upon starting the app, it will automatically activate the GPS device to display the location of the closest parking lots on a map.

Aditionally, each location will have an indicator of green, orange and red, indicating how much space is available.

The app will let you know the parking lots’ details, - if it’s indoor, rates, etc. – and also guide you from your current location, if you do not know how to get there.

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Lima | July 19, 2011 [ 10:25 ]

Lima’s airport ready for expansion in early 2012

Jorge Chávez International Airport (Photo: Andina)
Peru’s Minister of Transportation, Enrique Cornejo Ramírez, announced  that everything is ready to start building the second runway and second terminal at Lima's Jorge Chávez International Airport.

According to the report in Andina, construction will be ready to begin early in 2012.

Referring to the incoming government, Cornejo said "I'm sure if they work efficiently, construction will be starting early next year.”

He said he was sure that the incoming government would fulfill their work efficiently and within eight months, would be able to complete the process of relocating the people inhabiting the seized land, where the expansion is set to take place.

Cornejo noted that during his administration he managed to acquire 97 percent of the land on which to build the runway, paying more than S/. 1.6 billion to the former owners.

This past June, the Ministry of Transportation gave Lima Airport Partners, licensee of Jorge Chávez International Airport, 190,000 square meters of land, located at the northern end, which will serve as site for the redevelopment and improvement of the airport.

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Lima | July 18, 2011 [ 12:48 ]

Lima's electric train $100 million over-budget

Lima Metro (Photo: El Comercio)
Inspections conducted by Peru’s Comptroller General, Fuad Khoury, have revelaed that the recently inaugurated electric train had a higher cost than originally budgeted, and has faults in its infrastructure.

Khoury said that his office will conduct an audit in August to confirm the information collected so far. He told local radio that the train was around $100 million overbudget, 26.5% more than expected.

The director of the Electric Train Authority, Oswaldo Plasencia, acknowledged that the total cost for work on section one of the train was $520 million, but stated that the additional expense was "properly justified."

Speaking to the newspaper Gestion, Plasencia explained that during the inclusion of new eathquake-resistant features, there was a series of setbacks that required a change to the structure of the rails.

Plasencia said the budget increase was no surprise, but will continue to look into the issue. However, he denied that there were any risks associated with the construction of the train.

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Lima | July 12, 2011 [ 10:37 ]

Lima, Peru braces for bus strike Wednesday

Combis in Lima (Photo:RPP )
Lima-based bus and van companies will carry out a 24-hour strike, aimed at paralyzing public transportation in the city tomorrow.

As reported in  El Comercio, at issue is a a new ordinance, mandated by Lima’s municipal government, more tightly regulating transportation providers.

Some of new laws prohibit that buses stop in the middle of street to pick up passengers, something which has been known to cause traffic jams.

Other rules impose strict penalties for bus companies that hire underage coin collectors without proper authorization, as well as expelling passengers without a clear reason. There also new mandates with regards to bus size and minimum standards of service.

Ricardo Pareja, who is coordinating the protests on behalf of bus and van companies, stated that owners don’t have the capacity to conform to the new laws because “it requires enormous capital, and getting that is difficult.”

Maria Jara, Urban Transport manager for the Municipality of Lima, remained firm in her stand in favor of the new ordinances, in spite of the threatened paralysis. She acknowledged that the new rules will have an impact, but were arrived at by general consensus and open debate.

Meanwhile, police chief Javier Sanguinetti affirmed that 5,000 police officers will be on duty tomorrow to guarantee order and public safety, and that would include protecting transportation providers, and their vehicles, that chose to defy the strike.

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Lima | July 11, 2011 [ 10:26 ]

Peru's Garcia inaugurates Lima metro

A recent test of the train  (Photo: Vidal Tarqui/Andina )
This morning, President Alan García inaugurated Lima’s electric train, a project that will link the city’s southern suburbs and center once it opens to the public in October.

García inaugurated the line at the new Higuereta station in Surco. “This is not a monument for the elites,” El Comercio quoted García as saying, “but rather a project for the millions of Peruvians who will use it and the thousands who have constructed it.”

García launched the electric train during his first administration, in 1986. Only eleven kilometers were constructed before it had to be abandoned amid Peru’s financial crisis.

“Painfully, for sixteen years, the first eleven kilometers, which were fully constructed and had 30 train cars, were forgotten, just as Machu Picchu was forgotten,” the president said. He referred to critics of the project as people who had, “never laid one brick in Peru.”

Peru.21 reports that, despite the train’s inauguration, work is still on-going at the Grau station in Lima’s center.

For the next several months, the operator of the line, Consorcio Tren Lima Línea 1, will be running tests. They expect to begin operations in October with five trains and twenty-two kilometers of tracks, connecting Villa El Salvador, Villa María del Triunfo, San Juan de Miraflores, Surco, Surquillo, San Borja, San Luís, La Victoria and El Cercado.

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