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Law & Order | July 14, 2011 [ 11:11 ]

The mayor of Lima, Peru declares victory over striking bus companies

Susana Villarán (Photo: El Comercio )
“Those who intended to paralyze Lima have failed.”

With these words Lima mayor Susana Villarán has asserted her leadership during Wednesday's transit strike, undertaken by the city's private bus and combi operators.

The mass transit providers were angry over new rules regulating their vehicles and how they conduct business.

The mayor stated that 70% to 80% of public service vehicles functioned normally. An additional 35 citizens were arrested for causing a disturbance, including some who tried to stop those mass transit drivers who wanted to work. “Those who intended to paralyze Lima in order to oppose transportation have failed,” said Villarán, “for the good of the city.” She added, “I am not happy because it has gone badly for them, but rather I am happy because for Lima it has gone well.”

Some of the conditions of the new municipal regulation prohibits mass transit vehicles from stopping in the middle of traffic to pick up passengers. The use of underaged, unauthorized employees will also be banned.

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Law & Order | June 27, 2011 [ 13:59 ]

Four Chileans arrested for peeing on statue of Francisco Bolognesi in Tacna

The photo taken of Yerco Cornejo Soto urinating at the base of the statue. (Photo: Canal N)

Four Chileans were arrested Sunday morning for taking pictures while one of them urinated at the foot of the statue of Francisco Bolognesi located in the main square of Tacna, near the border with Chile.

Police arrested Eduardo Maldonado Córdova (37), Yerco Cornejo Soto (24), Harold Ulloa Ulloa (22) and Susana Echenique Navarrete (23) around 7 a.m. Sunday, according to a correspondent for El Comercio.

The Consul General of Chile in Tacna, Patricio Latapiat, went to the police station Sunday. Before entering, he apologized and explained that the incident was committed because the detainees were alleged drunk.

Mónica Feria, the prosecutor on duty, has taken the case in which Yerco Cornejo, visible in the photograph, could be prosecuted for crimes against the symbols and values ​​of the country, typified in the Penal Code, a penalty of up to 4 years in prison and 60 to 180 days' fine.

The other three have been released.

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Law & Order | June 24, 2011 [ 12:04 ]

Case of missing Ciro Castillo to be closed next week

Ciro Castillo Rojo. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

The Public Ministry of Arequipa will ​​next week close the case on the disappearance of Ciro Castillo Rojo, who has been missing for more than 80 days in the Colca Valley.

The chairman of the board in Arequipa, Jesús Fernández, said investigations would continue to exhaust all possibilities.

Official sources revealed that the case will be closed because so far no evidence of crime has surfaced during the investigation nor through psychological tests.

However, it was ruled that the case may be reopened later for further investigations, should new evidence or information become available.

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Law & Order | June 23, 2011 [ 14:36 ]

Municipality approves Comunicore audit and sends it to court

Former mayor Luis Castañeda Lossio. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

The Municipality of Lima approved Thursday afternoon the conclusions and recommendations of the audit of the previous city management, led by Luis Castañeda Lossio, in relation to the Comunicore scandal.

Comunicore was the company that bought part of the large debt accumulated by the municipality of Lima in 1998. In January 2006 the municipality paid back the total of S/. 35.9 million to Comunicore; of this amount, S/. 15.5 million was deposited in the bank accounts of officials working for Comunicore’s sister company, Relima.

The investigation conducted by a community committee determined that the payment Comunicore received and the negotiations to renew the concession contract for cleaning services with Relima were irregular and that both acts were part of the same operation. They go on to say that the former mayor was aware of everything.

In a meeting of the council today, led by current mayor Susana Villarán, the report was approved 22 in favor, two against and 13 abstentions.

The document will be now be sent to court in order to be included in the criminal case surrounding Comunicore.

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Law & Order | June 23, 2011 [ 8:36 ]

Man found in Puno not Ciro Castillo, authorities confirm

Ciro Castillo Rojo has been missing for more than 80 days. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

The head of the police division of Ilave, José Luis Barrientos, confirmed that the young man found in Puno is not Ciro Castillo Rojo, but a homeless Bolivian identified as Branco Salgado Castillo, La Républica reports.

Last night media reported that Castillo Rojo's father and brother were on their way to Puno after receiving a tip that Castillo Rojo may have been found.

Barrientos said that photographs of the individual were compared with those of Castillo Rojo, and they do not match. Furthermore, they took the fingerprints of the man found, and they do not match those of the young man who disappeared more than 80 days ago in the Colca Valley.

"He has some resemblance, it is true, but he is not Castillo Rojo. For us there is no doubt about that," Barrientos said.

Meanwhile, the head of the national police in Arequipa, Carlos Mateo, reaffirmed the information, adding that the size of the two men was different. 

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Law & Order | June 23, 2011 [ 7:38 ]

Two Polish kayakers missing in Peru

Polish kayakers Jarek Frąckiewicz and Celina Mróz are missing in Peru.

Jarek Frąckiewicz and Celina Mróz last wrote a note on their blog May 26 that they were starting a trip on the Ucayali River in Peru. No one has heard from them since.

According to Polish media, they last contacted their families on May 26 when they were in Atalaya, a small town near where the Urubamba River joins the Ucayali.

They planned to paddle the 600 kilometers to the city of Pucallpa, traveling about 30 kilometers a day.

According to a friend of the couple, Beata Switek, they wanted to reach Pucallapa around June 15 and catch a bus to Lima on June 16. From there they planned to spend three days in Lima and on June 20 catch a plane from Lima to Sao Paolo. They did not get on this plane.

Switek also said that before they departed, Frąckiewicz said if they were running late, they would have to get on one of the ships cruising the river, since there are no roads between the spot where they set off on the Ucayali River and Pucallpa.

The families of the couple are trying to find a way to get in touch with individuals or organizations that may be able to help. The Polish diplomatic personnel have been informed about the case.

If you have any information that could be useful, please email

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Law & Order | June 22, 2011 [ 13:11 ]

Father of Castillo heads to Puno in hopes of finding his son

Ciro Castillo Rojo has been missing for more than 80 days. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

A local radio program from Juli, capital of the province of Chucuito in Puno, reported that a young man with memory lapses has been found. He cannot remember who he is, but has physical characteristics similar to those of Ciro Castillo Rojo, who disappeared in the Colca Valley more than 80 days, reports El Comercio.

The station reported that the man is dark with wavy black hair and has a big smile. Castillo's father, Ciro Castillo Rojo Salas, had access to a photograph of the person and said it "seemed to look" like his son, but he could not confirm due to the low quality of the image.

Rojo Salas is on his way to Puno now with his son Antonio to identify the unknown man who remains in a church "out of his mind."

He received this encouraging news after the mayor of the province of Caylloma in Arequipa, Elmer Caceres, recognized him for his courage throughout the search for his son, missing since April 4.

Rojo Salas returned the thanks, praising the city for the material and spiritual support it has provided during the search of his son, who has been missing for almost 80 days.

With him were his two sons and his wife, Rosario Garcia, who pleaded for Rosario Ponce to help the rescue teams in the search. Ponce was with Castillo on the trip to the Colca Valley.

The award was presented during the ceremony for the 186 anniversary of the province, which was also attended by regional president of Arequipa, Juan Manuel Guillen.

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Law & Order | June 20, 2011 [ 14:06 ]

Mamani explains his disagreement with La Planicie neighborhood in La Molina

The entrance to La Planicie neighborhood of La Molina. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

Fidel Mamani Tejada has attracted media attention to the exclusive development La Planicie of La Molina, after a court ruling prohibited the use of an electronic card at the gate to gain entrance to the residential area, reports El Comercio.

Mamani says that "This is an outrage and the freedom of transit in this country must be allowed, it's a universal principle."

The problem arose when the residents of the neighborhood each agreed to buy an electronic card (at S/.70) to allow them a private lane to enter and exit the neighborhood. Mamani refused.

He filed a protective action against the Association of Owners of La Planicie. Although the judiciary did not give reason to Mamani on his first or second instance, the Constitutional Court did, and the ruling became effective last week.

In a newspaper report "Panorama," Mamani explained how his clash with the neighborhood association began. "Tarazona Cáceres Rosario was the president (of the association) in 1998," says Mamani, noting that after insisting unsuccessfully to talk to her to express his dissatisfaction with the the new entrance policy, he felt like the association didn't address his concerns and treated him as a "nobody."

"I think it was a racial issue," he says, and states until he came along there was no one to teach the neighborhood council of the exclusive development that "the law is equal for all."

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Law & Order | June 16, 2011 [ 9:18 ]

Soldiers from Puno help in search for Castillo in Colca

Ciro Castillo has been missing since April 4. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

Fifteen soldiers from the Puno region have joined the efforts to find Ciro Castillo, who disappeared on April 4 in the Colca Valley.

Robert Grández Castro, Head of the High Mountain Rescue (USAM) in Arequipa, said the brigade will do a thorough job to find the young Castillo.

"In the area where the soldiers from Puno are, they have already looked for Ciro but in a superficial way, now they will launch a more complete search, because the area is vast pampas," said Grández.

Meanwhile, eight members of the USAM continue the search for Castillo near the bottom of Mount Bomboya, at the height of the area known as Peigh, more than 300 meters from the banks of the Colca, Andina reported.

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Law & Order | June 13, 2011 [ 9:16 ]

Miraflores serenazgo on Twitter

Miraflores serenazgo Twitter feed. (Photo: Screenshot)

The serenazgo – security patrol – in Miraflores joined Twitter June 2. Since then they have used the social media to tweet 284 times, mostly about traffic issues.

The patrol is also using Twitter to send general safety tips, like encouraging people to check the security of their windows and doors before leaving their homes. They have also taken an interest in family issues, writing messages such as, "Win the trust of your children, do not put them at risk, there is a lot of danger outside the home and on the internet."

You can find the group on Twitter with the username
@miraflores24h. They have 636 followers to date.

On Saturday, they wrote "
Enjoy, relax and trust that this weekend we are taking care of you."

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