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International Relations | July 27, 2011 [ 11:15 ]

United States greets Peru on 190th independence anniversary


President-elect Ollanta Humala and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton (Photo: US Department of State )
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, has sent her congratulations to Peru on the occasion of the Andean country's 190th anniversary of independence and noted that both countries share democratic values and stand up for human rights.

“Today, our two countries are standing up for democracy and human rights around the world. These enduring values are the foundation of our partnership,” said Clinton in an official statement.

Clinton went on to add that “earlier this year we witnessed Peru’s commitment to democratic ideals as a new president was elected after free and transparent elections.”

“As you celebrate this special day, know that the United States is a friend and partner. Happy Independence Day and best wishes for a year of peace and prosperity,” she added.

Moreover, the US Secretary of State said that this year's centennial of the rediscovery of Machu Picchu -one of the world's treasures –“reminds us of Peru's rich history and heritage as the home of one of the most influential civilizations of the Western Hemisphere.”

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International Relations | July 27, 2011 [ 10:06 ]

Peru’s next foreign minister, on relations with Chile

Rafael Roncagliolo (Photo: El Comercio/Archive )
Rafael Roncagliolo, Peru’s next Foreign Minister, has spoken about relations between Peru and Chile.

He was quoted in El Comercio, where he highlighted his meeting with the Chilean Foreign Minister, whom he considers "a concerned person, who has an attitude of dialogue and does not encourage unnecessary antagonism. "

"By going to the Hague, what we are looking for is peaceful understanding, avoid lawsuits and verbal arguments. Peru has taken the position of a modern civilized nation to go to court. Resolve conflicts by means of right reason, not force," he said, regarding the maritime dispute between the two countries, which is currently under arbitration at the International Court of Justice, in The Hague.

Roncagliolo also referred to the Chilean military spending, which he called "disproportionate" in relation to neighboring nations.

"When a country develops a quite disproportionate military capacity compared to their neighbors, others are right to worry. That is the situation we face. Yes, we should worry. Chile's military spending is disproportionate to the neighbors. That is why Peru, in UNASUR [Union of South American Nations] is promoting transparency and a reduction of military spending. There are more important things you must invest in Latin America, "he said.

"All countries must have a credible military defense, and Peru has not maintained one like this," he said.

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International Relations | July 26, 2011 [ 11:02 ]

Peru - Korea Free Trade will start August 1st

Ministers of Peru and Korea signing Free Trade Agreement (Photo: Andina/Mincetur)

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism has stated that provisions are in place for the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Peru and South Korea, on August 1st, according to an article published in Gestion.

The Peru – Korea FTA was signed in Seoul on March 21st of this year. During this time the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Peru and of Korea exchanged diplomatic notes to make formal corrections to the trade agreement, in English, Korean and Spanish

On July 21st both countries notified each other they had completed the legal requirements needed to implement the FTA. On July 24th Peru’s Foreign Ministry ratified the FTA and signaled the agreement would be implemented on August 1st.

During negotiations with Korea, Eduardo Ferreyros, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, said the agreement would open up an important market, of approximately 50 million potential consumers, which have a per capita income of over $17,000 and are able to buy Peruvian products.

Ferreyros also considered that bilateral trade would grow considerably with the FTA, not just the exchange of products, but cheaper high-quality cars, appliances, capital goods and electronic equipment would also enter the Peruvian market.

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International Relations | July 26, 2011 [ 9:25 ]

Japan to approve FTA with Peru, by end of year

Peru's Minister of Foreign Trade and Toruism, Eduardo Ferreyros (Photo:Andina/Norman Córdova )

Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros estimated the Japanese Congress will approve the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Peru, later this year.

"We are following procedure since the problems they have had in recent months, linked to geographical disasters, have made the Diet (Japanese Congress) not have much time to see this issue," he said to Andina news agency.

Ferreyros said conditions are suitable for the political body of Japan to approve the treaty, implying that it would be implemented by early 2012."Japan has made all possible steps that allow us to believe they want to accelerate this process," he said.

He also said the First Round of Negotiations of the Agreement on the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments between Peru and India, held in early July in New Delhi was productive.

"In this first phase negotiating positions and documents are exchanged. I would hope that these negotiations are completed soon to make way for negotiations towards an FTA," he said.

Ferreyros noted that one of the challenges the new minister will face is to finalize the FTA with Venezuela and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). "The latter is one of the most important agreements being negotiated now in the world, and will serve as the basis for the agreement with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum," he said.

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International Relations | July 21, 2011 [ 7:30 ]

Andean presidents to meet in Lima this week


Andean Community of Nations (Photo: Andina/Oscar Durand)
The presidents of Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador will meet in the Peruvian capital of Lima later this week for a summit of Andean countries.

Peru’s Alan Garcia, Bolivia’s Evo Morales, Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa will attend the 18th Meeting of the Andean Presidential Council at the Government Palace on Saturday, July 23.

Colombia will take over the rotating presidency of the Andean Community (CAN) from Bolivia during the summit scheduled to begin at 15:30 hours local time.

A number of preparatory meetings will be held in the days leading up to the Andean Summit, including talks between ministers of trade and foreign affairs.

Representatives from the Andean Integration System, the Latin American Development Bank, the Latin American Reserve Fund and other regional organizations will also attend the gathering.

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International Relations | July 20, 2011 [ 11:36 ]

Peru’s president-elect met with Fidel Castro in Cuba

Ollanta Humala (right) meeting with Raúl Castro (Photo:Andina )
Peru’s president-elect, Ollanta Humala, met with Fidel Castro and president Raul Castro, in Cuba

"We had lunch together and I am very happy with this meeting," said the president-elect on his meeting with the Cuban leader.

According to an article published in El Comercio Humala also spoke with the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, during his visit to Havana.

"I have spoken by phone with president Chavez, he’s very good," Humala said at the airport in Havana shortly before departing to Peru. Chavez was in Cuba at the time, undergoing cancer treatment.

News reports indicate foreign press stationed in Cuba only had access to information regarding Humala's arrival and departure from Jose Marti International Airport, in Havana.

Humala stayed in Cuba for 15 hours, the last stop on a tour of Latin American countries, where he met with government officials in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador, Colombia, United States and Venezuela.

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International Relations | July 19, 2011 [ 12:32 ]

South Korean president's envoy to attend Humala inauguration


Peruvian President-elect Ollanta Humala (Photo: Andina/Piero Vargas )
A senior South Korean lawmaker and brother of President Lee Myung-bak will visit Peru as a presidential envoy next week to attend the inauguration ceremony of Peruvian president-elect Ollanta Humala, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

Rep. Lee Sang-deuk of the ruling Grand National Party will attend the ceremony on July 28, the ministry said in a statement. Humala won the presidential election last month.

During the visit, the envoy will deliver President Lee's message to bolster bilateral economic relations, according to the statement.

After his visit to Peru, the presidential envoy plans to visit Bolivia and Ecuador, where business projects of developing lithium or building solar power plants will be high on the agenda, the statement said.

South Korea and Bolivia signed a deal last year to develop the world's largest salt flats and lithium resources in the South American country, which boasts nearly half of the world's known lithium reserves, Yonhap reported.

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International Relations | July 19, 2011 [ 11:10 ]

Peru’s ambassador to the UN seeks to change aid criteria

Gonzalo Gutiérrez (Photo:Andina )
Peruvian ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Gonzalo Gutiérrez, has stated that Peru is leading efforts to change criteria in the delivery of aid to middle-income countries.

Gutiérrez said that in recent years there has been a marked decline in the financial aid provided by United Nations to countries with poverty, because many are described as middle-income countries, without taking into account the persistent poverty that still exists in these places.

"We believe that the classification is unfair because the cold figure of GDP per capita does not reflect the actual state of development in a particular country," he said.

Gutiérrez argued that this situation occurs with Peru, because the UN considers it to be a middle-income country, and the classification is then followed by other more economically developed countries, who then also reduce their aid.

Gutiérrez emphazised the situtation, by citing that 70 percent of extreme poverty in the word is not in the least developed countries, but in the middle-income countries.

"It is illogical to leave 70 percent of those who suffer most in the world, simply because a general index says that they are already in the medium-income countries,” he said.

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International Relations | July 19, 2011 [ 10:28 ]

Peru’s Humala arrives in Cuba

Humala meeting with Mexico's Felipe Calderon, before traveling to Cuba. (Photo:Andina)
President-elect Ollanta Humala arrived in Cuba this morning for a meeting with President Raul Castro.

The visit is the last stop in Humala’s tour of Latin American countries, before taking office on July 28th.

Humala was welcomed at Jose Marti International Airport, in Havana, by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Roger Serra.

"We’ve come to visit a sister nation, the people of Cuba and establish an open dialogue with its president ," Humala said on arrival.

Humala will spend 15 hours in Cuba, meeting with Raul Castro – brother of former president Fidel Castro - as well as other participating in other unspecified activites, according to news agency Andina.

On his tour of Latin American countries, Humala has met with government officials in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador, Colombia, United States and Venezuela.

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International Relations | July 18, 2011 [ 9:31 ]

President-elect Humala arrives in Mexico to meet with Calderon

Ollanta Humala (Photo: )
President-elect Ollanta Humala arrived this morning in Mexico City to meet with President Felipe Calderon, reports Andina.

The two leaders will discuss strengthening bilateral relations between both countries. A joint press conference is expected after their meeting and a lunch held at the Mexican presidential residence Los Pinos.

Humala is set to fly from Mexico to Cuba to meet with President Raul Castro. Upon his return, he’s set to announce his cabinet, scheduled for this Wednesday.

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