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Environment/Nature | July 21, 2011 [ 17:15 ]

Three new protected natural reserves in Peru

Huaytapallana (Photo: Andina)
According to an article published in El Comercio, three new protected areas were approved by the Council of Ministers.

The new protected areas are: the Udima Wildlife Refuge, Huaytapallana, and the Salitral-Huarmaca Dry Forest.

The Udima Wildlife Refuge is located in the provinces of Cajamarca and Lambayeque. The site will protect the cloud forests of the western Andes. Udima is a unique ecosystem that serves as a refuge for various species of flora and fauna, such as 41 endemic species of plants, 11 birds and 3 mammals, among others. There is also a pre-Inca archaeological site.

Huaytapallana is a peak of the Andes, located in province of Junín. The peak is a principal source of water in the area. Huaytapallana is a two hour drive from Huancayo.

The Salitral-Huarmaca Dry Forest has a wealth of flora and fauna and is home to 117 species of plants -including 10 facing extinction and 4 that are critically endangered. It is also home to White-winged Guan, a bird endemic to Peru, that until recently was thought to be extinct.

Peru currently has 122 protected areas, a total of 16% of the country.

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Environment/Nature | July 20, 2011 [ 9:41 ]

Gana Peru claims environmental issues being left by Garcia's government.

(Photo: El Comercio )
Marisol Espinoza, vice-president elect, said the government of president Alan García is leaving the next administration with 117 registered environmental issues.

In an article that appeared in El Comercio, Espinoza states that the entire country has been consigned, especially the area of the jungle and the Andes.

"Even the sea has been licensed," she said, adding that the Amazon is an environmental emergency.

"90% of wood production in the jungle is illegal logging and this causes deforestation," she said.

Espinoza claimed "95% of the concessions obtained licenses with false information.”

She also criticized that 85% of the Ministry of Agriculture’s budget is used for administrative fees.

"938 million are used to pay staff," she said, after highlighting that the ministry has had an increase of more than 4,290 workers.

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Environment/Nature | July 18, 2011 [ 10:56 ]

Genetically modified crops banned in Loreto, Peru

Calabash tree (Photo: Gail Gillis)
Officials in the province of Loreto, in northern Peru, have declared that the region will be free of genetically modified crops.

The ordinance, published in El Peruano, cites the importance of preserving biodiversity in the region as its aim, and seeks to protect the crops’ point of origin as well as maintaining traditional farming techniques in place.

The ordinance also aims to create awareness about potential consequences that may arise from consuming genetically modified foods.

Endangered species, such as the Aniba Rosaeodora, also known as the Rosewood Tree, will receive special care through the creation of sustainable greenhouses and crops.

The ordinance came through only days after the Executive office turned down a law passed by Congress, which would have banned imports and production of genetically modified crops for 10 years.

A recent survey carried out by IPSOS Apoyo found that 79% of Lima residents, who knew about the issue, were against the import of genetically modified seeds.

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Environment/Nature | July 8, 2011 [ 15:27 ]

Peru's San Fernando Bay declared nature reserve

San Fernando Bay (Photo: El Comercio )
Peru’s San Fernando Bay, long considered one of the richest coastal regions in South America was made an official national reserve by the state.

The declaration gives a measure of hope for environmental advocates. They have long prized the area for its natural beauty and richness, but have raised concerns about the impact of a construction of a megaport on neighboring cape, San Nicholas.

That latter project is meant to receive large cargo ships and connect to the inter-oceanic highway going from the Andes to Brazil.

This bay, 70 kilometers north of Nasca, contains roughly 380 acres of land serving as a refuge to 252 species of birds, 90 varieties of fish and crustaceans, 90 species of plants, and scores of reptiles and mammals (including the puma and the Andean fox) that co-exist in peaceful harmony, and, in the waters, biologically valuable algae banks.

As reported in Peru’s El Comercio, being officially categorized a National Reserve by Peru’s Cabinet Ministers last Wednesday finalizes a process that began three years ago. The San Fernando Bay had previously been deamed a “protected natural area” and later a “reserved zone.”

“With this declaration,” said Environmental Minister Antonio Brack, “will not only offer greater protection of the only Andean-coastal corridor that remains in our country, but will achieve better planning for the conservation of its most important natural resources.”

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Environment/Nature | July 6, 2011 [ 9:21 ]

Nature photography contest: win a trip to Tambopata, Peru

Rainforest Expeditions, an ecolodge operator in the Peruvian Amazon, has partnered up with PeruPhotoTours, company that organizes wildlife and nature photography expeditions, to offer new Amazon photography tours.

To celebrate the launch of this photography program, Rainforest Expeditions has launched the Photographic Workshops Nature Photography Contest. And you can enter!

Prizes will be awarded to the three best photos, including a grand prize of free seven day Tambopata photo workshop with international airfare included. Second and third prizes are $1000 and $500 Rainforest Expedition giftcards.

The contest is open to all photographic imagery depicting the subject of "nature" as interpreted by the entrant, so long as they are submitted electronically.

How to enter:

Each photo must be submitted electronically by sending as an attachment to the following email address:

Contest ends 11:59pm MST on August 15th, 2011.

For more information on the contest go to:

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Environment/Nature | June 30, 2011 [ 10:02 ]

4.1 quake registered Thursday morning in Ica

Ica's main square. (Photo: La Républica)

An earthquake of 4.1 magnitude on the Richter scale shook the department of Ica Thursday morning, without causing injury or damage.

The quake's epicenter was 92 kilometers from Ica and had a depth of 77 kilometers.

The intensity of the tremor was as a II in Tambo de Mora and Chincha Alta, according to the Modified Mercalli scale.

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Environment/Nature | June 30, 2011 [ 4:17 ]

Environmental doc "The End of the Line" screens in Lima

On July 5 in Lima, reserve a seat for a screening of highly-acclaimed environment documentary, “The End of the Line.”

This is the Spanish language version, titled “Un mundo sin peces,” of the British documentary; narrated by the Spanish singer Miguel Bosé.

The film reveals the impact of overfishing on our oceans, especially of bluefin tuna. It was filmed across the world, from Gibralter to Senegal, Alaska, and Tokyo. The film website calls it a “wake-up to the world.”

There are 70 seats left, call now to reserve a seat!

First come, first serve.
Call 372-2648 or 830*8021 (Nextel).

"End of the Line" screening in Peru
Tuesday, July 5, 12:30 p.m.
UVK Cinemas at Larcomar, Miraflores, Lima

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Environment/Nature | June 28, 2011 [ 17:12 ]

Rare twin jaguar cubs born in Peruvian zoo


Two jaguar cubs play with their mother at the zoo in Lima. (Photo: Reuters)

A proud Peruvian zoo is now showing off two adorable jaguar twin cubs to hundreds of adoring visitors.

The birth of the twins is a huge boon for conservationists as very few cases of jaguars being born in captivity have ever been documented.

The playful cubs also have a dark and distinctive characteristic that sets them further apart from other jaguars of their kind; their rare skin pigmentation is set to intensify with age.

Conservationists in Peru have undertaken an ambitious conservation plan for the endangered species. The birth of the twins represents a significant boosts to the park's efforts to build further on its successful breeding program.

"They have been raised entirely by the mother and I expect that in the future we will now have a successful breeding program for these cubs - as successful as their mother's," said manager of the Parque de las Leyendas Zoo, Tatiana Quevedo.

With Peruvian media amassing on the zoo to welcome the cubs, animal rights activists are using the opportunity to educate visitors on the particular vulnerability jaguars face. Unfortunately, their skin fetches premium prices on the international black market.

According to an article on, with record visitor numbers streaming through the park's gates, the search is now on to find fitting names for the rare cubs.

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Environment/Nature | June 28, 2011 [ 14:32 ]

4.3 earthquake registered in Chimbote

The epicenter of the Chimbote quake this morning. (Photo: IGP)

An earthquake of 4.3 magnitude on the Richter scale jolted the city of Chimbote in the department of Ancash Tuesday morning, according to the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP). No material damage or injuries have been reported.

The epicenter of the quake was located 96 kilometers southwest of Chimbote, at a depth of 55 kilometers and was recorded at 10:01 a.m. Lima time, just as the city completed an earthquake and tsunami drill.

According to the report of the IGP, the quake had an intensity level II-III according to the Modified Mercalli Scale (MM) and was the sixteenth tremor registered in June.

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Environment/Nature | June 23, 2011 [ 14:47 ]

First all-Peruvian alpaca carpets now woven in the US


The Peruvian alpaca's fiber makes a beautiful all-natural carpet. (Photo: Andina)

Langhorne Carpet Company is now weaving Jacquard-Wilton carpets made of luxurious 100 percent Peruvian alpaca fiber, the gold standard of all-natural carpet. It is similar to the touch of cashmere but far more durable.

"This is another milestone in our 80-year history," said William H. Morrow, president of Langhorne Carpets. "We are honored to be the first carpet mill in America to be weaving pure Peruvian alpaca carpets for our customers across the U.S. and throughout the world."

He explained that part of the allure of Peruvian Alpaca fiber, also known as fleece, is that it contains microscopic "airbags" that contribute to its extraordinary silky softness and yet durable performance on par with the finest British and New Zealand wools (also used by Langhorne).

Langhorne's first order of nearly 2,000 pounds of alpaca fleece – more than 20 natural colors from bold white to midnight black – will be woven into the mill's first designs especially for the Peruvian alpaca.

Lili Wright, owner of award-winning Wright Design in Philadelphia, is excited to offer her clients exquisite Langhorne carpet in Alpaca. "I am confident that the Langhorne alpaca carpets will become immensely popular and treasured by those who love the finest in interior floor coverings and who prefer the health and environmental benefits of natural fibers."

Alpaca, much like wool, also offers an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic carpets, which are generally made from petrochemicals. "Much like our wool, alpaca is renowned as a renewable fiber. Alpaca are sheared once a year in the spring and usually yield about nine pounds of fleece, which, of course, grows back," said Winnifred Morrow, vice president of Langhorne.

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