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Arts & Entertainment | July 12, 2011 [ 12:23 ]

Peru's jungle music festival Selvamonos kicks off Aug. 13

Psych-rock group La Mente plays at the second annual Selvámonos, a music and arts festival in Oxapampa, Peru. (Photo courtesy Selvámonos Festival)
See photos from 2010 event.

Selvamonos 2011 is music and nature for everyone.

Selvamonos 2011 is a festival of music and art, kicking off August 13 in the highland rainforest of Oxapampa, Peru.

Selvamonos, now in its third year, is a movement to spread cultural centers throughout Peru. It is an effort to fuse a place of natural beauty – like Oxapampa – with the best blend of music and art to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Read about last year's festival.

This year Selvamonos takes place on the Albengrin Ranch, three hectares of open nature, surrounded by forests, mountains.

Selvamonos 2011 will feature bands such as Fiesta Negra, Los Yacks, Kanakuy el Tigre, FaustoOrquesta, Dengue Dengue Dengue.

The feature band this year is Bareto, a group famous for bringing psychedelic cumbia to Peruvian mainstream.

Bareto's "No juegues con el diablo." Read more about Bareto.

There will also be performances throughout the day of circus and dance, folkloric dances unique to this region of Peru (such as Austro-German traditional dances) and delicious typical food.

The city of Oxapampa will also feature Semana Selvamonos from August 8-12, a week of free cultural activities. These will include presentations by the theater group, Yuyachkani and the Carmen Orbegoso Choir. Semana Selvamonos is a joint effort between the Regional Municipality of Oxapampa, the Chamber of Tourism and Environment of Oxapampa, and the Selvamonos Association.

Selvamonos invites everyone to this year’s festival Saturday, August 13th in the Albengrin Ranch, located at Av. La Florida s/n Chontabamba, Oxapampa starting at 2:00pm.

Tickets are on sale for S/.20 and can be purchased at any Tu Entrada (located in Plaza Vea and Vivanda).

For more information visit or contact or call 988-388-971.

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Arts & Entertainment | July 11, 2011 [ 15:03 ]

Peruvian films to screen in Sao Paolo film festival

Sao Paulo film festival will take place July 11-17. (Photo:
Three films by Peruvian directors will screen at this year's Sao Paolo Latin American Film Festival, reports Andina.

The film October, directed by Diego and Daniel Vega (see trailer below); Don’t tell anyone, by Francisco Lombardi; and the documentary La Frontera (The border) by Salomon Senepo, will be screened during the event held on July 11 to 17.

The festival will take place in eight theaters of the city, in which nearly a hundred movies will be screened, including a film directed by Colombian writer Gabriel Gargia Marquez entitled 'La langosta azul'.

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Arts & Entertainment | July 6, 2011 [ 10:27 ]

Tickets to see Elton John in Lima on sale this weekend

(Photo: Reuters)
British legend Elton John is set to perform in Peru for the first time on September 1st at the Estadio Monumental in Lima, reports Andina.

Elton John’s concert will take place thanks to Pro Art and Sinergia Creativa, same enterprises that brought Paul McCartney to Lima, states El Comercio.

Unlike McCartney’s concert, where the stage was set up in the south side, the stage for Sir Elton John will be located in the west side of the stadium.

Tickets will go on sale starting this weekend at Tu Entrada (in Plaza Vea) and Vivanda supermarkets.

Prices will range from 150 to 1500 soles (plus an additional 7 to 8 soles for sales commission.)

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Arts & Entertainment | July 5, 2011 [ 15:29 ]

Netflix coming to Peru by the end of the year

Netflix coming soon to Peru.

Netflix, the popular on-demand movie & TV show service provider will soon be coming to Peru, reports El Comercio.

The U.S. company has announced it will reach 43 new countries by the end of 2011, including countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Netflix will offer a number of TV programs and movies for streaming online for a small monthly fee.

Subscribers will have access to Netflix in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

Since launching in 2007, Netflix counts on more than 23 million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, making them the most popular on-demand movie & TV show provider.

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Arts & Entertainment | July 5, 2011 [ 5:29 ]

Retrospective on Peruvian painter opens in Lima's Museum of Art

Retrospective on Fernando de Szyszlo opens tonight at the MALI.
The MALI, Lima's Museum of Art, will showcase a retrospective exhibition on renowned Peruvian artist Fernando de Szyszlo opening today, on his 86th birthday. The exhibition will bring together almost one hundred of Szyszlo's paintings, etchings, sculptures and items from his personal collection.

Peruvian President Alan Garcia Perez will open the exhibit tonight at 8pm in the museum located in Lima's historic center.

For this special exhibit, the museum developed audio and visual guides for mobile devices (tablets, MP3 players, cell phones and Androids, etc.) letting visitors access the complimentary information and also share it through Facebook or Twitter, reports El Comercio.

The MALI is located on Paseo Colon 125, Lima. Entrance through the Parque de la Exposicion.

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10am-8pm; Saturdays 10am-5pm. Admission: S/. 6 minimum; suggested, S/. 12 students, children and elderly S/. 4, Sundays S/. 1.
For more information, visit: 

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Arts & Entertainment | July 1, 2011 [ 13:36 ]

Jim Carrey tweets from Machu Picchu

Jim Carrey tweets from Cusco, Peru. (Photo: Jim Carrey)
Hollywood actor Jim Carrey marveled at the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu while on his visit to Cusco. Today, he climbed the imposing Huayna Picchu, "young peak" in Quechua.

Once at the top, Carrey tweeted to his followers: "#Goodmornoonevening world! Machu Picchu, Temple of the sun. (sorry for this) Inca redible!"

The actor of 49 years arrived Wednesday in Lima and immediately traveled to Cusco, a week before the centennial celebration of the discovery Machu Picchu, an event attributed to the American explorer Hiram Bingham, supported by National Geographic.

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Arts & Entertainment | June 30, 2011 [ 10:10 ]

Peruvian artists write anthem for Machu Picchu


ADD CAPTION (Photo: Andina)

The 100th anniversary of the scientific discovery of Machu Picchu inspired a Peruvian composer to write, in Spanish and Quechua, the music and lyrics of an anthem for the Inca citadel that is interpreted by more than 40 artists.

The song, with the same name as the archaeological complex, will be donated to any institution to be used freely.

The group of singers and actors were called by producer, composer and arranger Juan Miguel Salas and composer Holman Alva to pay homage to one of the new wonders of the world through.

Some of the artists who took part of this production include Edith Barr, Maritza Rodriguez, Ruth Karina, the Yaipen brothers, Julie Freundt, Susan Leon, Tatiana Espinoza, Valdivia, Jorge Luis Jasso, among others.

The music and lyrics were inspired in the history involved in the mysterious Inca citadel, in Cusco, which continues to surprise everyone and that this year celebrates one more year of its scientific discovery to the world.

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Arts & Entertainment | June 29, 2011 [ 17:05 ]

Peruvian pianist's album among the 100 best classical CDs of all time

Peruvian pianist Juan José Chuquisengo. (Photo: )

The recent recording by renowned Peruvian pianist Juan José Chuquisengo, "Transcendent Journey", was honored as one of the 100 best classical CDs of all time.

This list was published by music specialist Die Besten 100 Klassik on their website.

Chuquisengo's CD was selected among thousands of classical recordings. He was the only Peruvian artist selected for the distinction.

The list includes luminaries such as pianist Leonard Bernstein, the tenor Placido Domingo, Yo Yo Ma and conductor Herbet von Barajan.

The Sony Classical recording has already been selected by the journals in the world (BBC Music Magazine, Gramophone, Fono Forum) as one of the albums of the year.

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Arts & Entertainment | June 29, 2011 [ 11:09 ]

Ricky Martin comes to Lima in September

Ricky Martin will be in Lima on Sept. 27. (Photo: Reuters)

Singer Ricky Martin recently announced the dates of his Latin American tour, and one of the fortunate countries on the list is Peru. The Puerto Rican announced that he'll perform in Lima on Sept. 27.

Through his Twitter account, he announced the dates and places of his "Música + Alma + Sexo (MAS)," tour, saying it will be full of "more music, more soul, more sensuality and mischief."

In addition to Lima, he will also perform in Asunción, Paraguay (Sept. 9), Guayaquil, Ecuador (Sept. 29) and then head to Venezuela and visit Caracas (Oct. 1), Valencia (Oct. 4) and finally Maracaibo (Oct. 7 ).

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Arts & Entertainment | June 27, 2011 [ 10:53 ]

Elvis concert in Lima commemorates 33 years since his death

Elvis sporting his "Inca Gold Jumpsuit." (Photo: Internet)

Few know that Elvis Presley was a lover of Incan culture. "The King" spent his free time reading about Japanese, Egyptian and Incan cultures, three of his favorites. He even designed an outfit that pays homage to the Incas.

As part of the tribute to commemorating 33 years of his death, Elvis Enterprise presents a concert in Lima of more than two hours of all the magic and glamor of the best of the King of Rock by Shawn Klush, who is considered one of the best Presley impersonators in both voice and physical aspects. He led the most popular show in Las Vegas and toured extensively in Europe and Asia, as well as Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

There will be two shows, July 1 and 2 at 9 p.m. at the María Angola Hotel Convention Center. Tickets are on sale at Tu Entrada at Plaza Vea and Vivanda.

Elvis spent hours reading books about the greatness of the Inca empire and also fell in love with Inca gold, as he was a collector of gold jewelry.

Elvis loved the art and symbols of the Incan culture so much he had a suit made he called his "Inka Gold Jumpsuit" which contains figures of Incan "keros" fully embroidered in gold. This suit was used during 1974 and 1976. Elvis used it in his most important performances in Las Vegas, Birmingham, Alabama and 13 other concerts.

The  jumpsuit is currently on display at the Graceland mansion and is seen by millions of people annually as part of his legacy.

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