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Business | August 21, 2008 [ 17:31 ]

U.S. Wal-Mart chain interested in opening stores in Peru

US-based Wal-Mart, the largest retail chain in the world, is interested in opening stores and shopping centers in Peru, along with other investments, Peru’s minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz, said today.

“We have met with Wal-Mart representatives and they have expressed interest in investing in the country’s trade, in the business of supermarkets and shopping centers linked to tourism, which would help to expand our services”, she said to Andina news agency.

Aráoz said that this meeting took place during her participation in the Americas Competitiveness Forum held in Atlanta (Georgia), United States from August 17-19.

She also indicated that this renowned retailer buys a significant amount of fruits and vegetables in Peru, such as citrus fruits and asparagus.

The minister commented that Wal-Mart representatives have proposed to increase their demand in products such as Peruvian clothing, coffee and cocoa.

“Even though Wal-Mart has not mentioned when it will enter the Peruvian market, we have said to them that there are plenty of investment possibilities in the country and there is also enough space to compete”, she added.

News source: ANDINA

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# don says :
August 21, 2008 [ 19:53 ]

if peru is smart they will not allow walmart in the country. they will destroy the current system. first they open multiple stores very close to each other and have prices lower than their competitors. once they drive the competitors out of business they raise their prices and start closing stores. it does take some time for this to occur but in the end they control much of the market on their terms.

# mericorps says :
August 21, 2008 [ 20:04 ]

Walmart is killing the USA,and they will kill Peru

# carl says :
August 21, 2008 [ 20:23 ]

We welcome investment all over the world.
Welcome, Walmart, Costco, etc.

# Chaufa says :
August 21, 2008 [ 21:49 ]

Don, you are simply wrong. Like MRTAcorps, I assume you subscribe to communist agenda?

# Mike says :
August 21, 2008 [ 22:15 ]

Don is not wrong - there were a number of famous cases of this sort of thing in the US with Walmart (one in Texas, I believe).

If Walmart come sin, Peru should carefully watch how the employees are treated also.

# David says :
August 21, 2008 [ 23:35 ]

The first set of numbers were supplied by forum member Douglas, the second set of information by me. Food for thought, what do you think?

International Operational Data Sheet-September 2007
September 1, 2007

Wal-Mart International 2,955 total units

Market Retail Units Date of Entry

Mexico 943 November 1991
Puerto Rico 54 August 1992
Canada 292 November 1994
Argentina 16 November 1995
Brazil 297 May 1995
China (*) 187 August 1996
United Kingdom 340 July 1999
Japan 393 March 2002
Costa Rica 144 September 2005
El Salvador 64 September 2005
Guatemala 139 September 2005
Honduras 45 September 2005
Nicaragua 41 September 2005

(*) Includes a 35% interest in Trust-Mart, which operates 101 stores in 34 cities in China.

Trade Territory
Wal-Mart serves more than 49 million international customers weekly in 13 markets outside the continental U.S.

Total International Associates More than 550,000

Total International Sales FYE 1/31/07:
77.1 billion – 30.2 percent increase over the previous year. Operating profit was $4.2 billion, an increase of 21.5 percent compared to the previous fiscal year.

For the month of August, $6.7 billion – a 15.1% increase over the same period last year.

For the second quarter ending 7/31/07: $21.6 billion – 15.7 percent increase over the same period last year. Operating income was $1 billion for the quarter, an increase of 5.1 percent over over the same period last year.

I came across this article about Wal-Mart in a trade paper here in NJ.

$1.2 Billion = the amount WM receives in tax breaks, free land, infrastructure assistance, low cost financing, and outright grants from state and local governments.

$2.5 Billion = The estimated amount of federal assistance for which WM employees are eligible because of WM's low salaries and benefits (health care, free and reduced price lunches, low income housing).

$2.3 Billion = The amount of state taxes WM avoided between 1999 and 2005 by paying itself rent under its own REIT.

$30 Million = WM's cumulative tax savings over the past decade as a result of successful appeals of local property tax amounts.

$18.4 Million = The amount of state and federal $ that WM employees in NJ receive for subsidized health care.

47% = The % of small businesses that are estimated to close within 10 years of a WM store moving in nearby.

5% = The decline in wages for all workers in a community where WM locates a store.

God Bless Wal-Mart

I failed to mention that the unemployment rate in NJ has not changed do to Wal-Mart. So no additional jobs were actually created.


# Splaktar says :
August 22, 2008 [ 8:00 ]

There are already numerous WalMart clones in Peru that are crushing small businesses.  But there is space for more I imagine, specially in the provinces.

All it comes down to is if you'd like your WalMart version to be from Chile or the US?

# jb says :
August 22, 2008 [ 8:43 ]

I have heard the same arguments in the US against Walmart - including from my father.  People vote with their pocket. Why would Walmart more negatively affect the "little guy" any more than METRO, SODIMAC, ACE MEGA CENTER?  Feel free to pay more if you like but I have a feeling I will see you at the check out.

# edson eae says :
August 22, 2008 [ 10:10 ]

While I lived in Bend, Oregon, I was surprised that many residents were voicing against the construction of a Wal-Mart in their city. Now I understand some of their arguments...Undecided

# Jim says :
August 22, 2008 [ 10:24 ]

I don't understand, what's so bad about Wal-Mart? (I live in Lima)

# Tim says :
August 22, 2008 [ 10:30 ]

Good bye Saga Falla Bella, Ripley's, Wongs, Plaza Vea, Metro, Sodimac, Tottus at least in Lima. Provinces it will take Walmart a while

# jb says :
August 22, 2008 [ 10:35 ]

Jim, I live in Peru too.  I do not believe there is anything bad about Walmart.  The assertion is that they buy in such large quantities and sell at such low prices that the small operators cannot compete.  That is the nature of a free and competitive market.  People will vote with their pocketbook.  If the complainers want to spend more of their money on an item, go ahead.  Like I said earlier, I believe I will see them in the check out lane at Walmart secretly buying.

# Jim says :
August 22, 2008 [ 10:44 ]

LOL! If that's what's going to happen (tough competition) than count me in. See you at the check out lane!!!

# Gary Brightman says :
August 22, 2008 [ 10:48 ]

I do not work for Wal-Mart, nor am I associated with them in any way, so I'll give you my honest opinion without bias.

Wal-Mart is perhaps one of the kindest most caring community-oriented enterprises in the United States today. Real figures would disprove the over exagerated and plain false ones above. In fact, if you were to compare employee statisfaction to wages, things are better in real terms than five years ago. Un-unionized workers, investigations have shown, are actually far happier and more satisfied in their jobs and their lives.

Our commitment to the country's youth - future buyers and workers - is unrivalled. Just look here for an excellent example ( Have a look around out at various aspects of our "Community Giving" programs and you'll see, shopping at Wal-Mart benefits society far more than you would have thought.

Low prices and convience will always win out, as you see in Wal-Mart's growing business.

# David says :
August 22, 2008 [ 11:03 ]

I'll be the first to admit that from time to time I shop at wal-mart. That does not do away with the facts stated above and below.

Why should Wal-mart get tax breaks?

Many of there emplyoees still get assistance from the gov. as wages are not enought to support a family.

It is a fact that at least in NJ wages where a wal-mart opens go down.

Yes there are many good things a wal-mart or other super store bring to the table. But that does not make it all good.

The family unit is what brings true happiness to ones life as stated in an unrelated artical from Coca Cola. Walmart is not about family but about making a buck at the expense of the family run location.

You mention "Real Numbers", where are your real numbers. It's easy to say something it is another to back it up.

Wal-Mart is good in premiss but brings the worst of what America is to other lands. It is nothing short of Americanizing the rest of the world.

Globalizing I think it is called! 

$1.2 Billion = the amount WM receives in tax breaks, free land, infrastructure assistance, low cost financing, and outright grants from state and local governments.

$2.5 Billion = The estimated amount of federal assistance for which WM employees are eligible because of WM's low salaries and benefits (health care, free and reduced price lunches, low income housing).

$2.3 Billion = The amount of state taxes WM avoided between 1999 and 2005 by paying itself rent under its own REIT.

$30 Million = WM's cumulative tax savings over the past decade as a result of successful appeals of local property tax amounts.

$18.4 Million = The amount of state and federal $ that WM employees in NJ receive for subsidized health care.

47% = The % of small businesses that are estimated to close within 10 years of a WM store moving in nearby.

5% = The decline in wages for all workers in a community where WM locates a store.

# David says :
August 22, 2008 [ 11:05 ]

Coca-Cola survey reveals Peru's people happy because of family life

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

A recent study carried out by the Coca-Cola Company revealed that 63 percent of the Peruvians surveyed assured they were extremely happy or very happy.

The Latin American Study on Emotional Health, Welfare and Happiness conducted by Coca-Cola also showed that 93 percent of the people polled in Peru affirmed that having family meals contributed to their emotional health.

It was reported that eight out of every ten Peruvian families had meals together.

According to Terra News, this was one of the country's most important traditions because it allowed families to talk and share values.

The survey, which concluded that having good emotional health influenced Hispanics' happiness, was carried out in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Bogotá, San José de Costa Rica and México DF.

Nine out of every ten people surveyed confirmed that it was not possible to be happy without being emotionally healthy.

Based on this information, the Coca-Cola Company created a page aimed at strengthening people's emotional health.

# Ivan says :
August 22, 2008 [ 11:21 ]

We lived in Costa Rica when Walmart moved in.  Before they arrived, we never knew what product the big superstore (Hypermas) would have for us to buy.  One week we might find a great product, but never see it again after that.  After Walmart bought them out, although they kept the name, shopping became much more pleasant because we could actually buy the stuff we wanted to buy.  We also watched a homeless man we had paid to work in our yard, get a job and clean up his life.  For the first time in years he was excited he would be able to provide for his children because Walmart had given him a job where the other big stores wouldn't.  Yes, unfortunately, it will change the culture there some.  But it will make life better overall.

# rice and sugar says :
August 22, 2008 [ 11:27 ]

Tim, jb, Gary Brightman and all Wal-mart consumers / owners / supporters...It's the big picture you are missing here...If you really want to educate yourselves to understand...Knowledge is power

Annie Leonard
is an American scholar on international trade, development, international sustainability and environmental health issues.[1] She is most known for her web-based documentary The Story of Stuff about the life-cycle of goods and services.

Please visit the website "storyofstuff"

You will figure out where Walmart fits within the buisiness world, the third-world which includes Peru, etc.

Unless you rather just prefer to watch TV, eat chips, and go shopping at Walmart, be ignorant.

I also admit having shopped at WalMart once in a while, but nowdays I make my efforts NOT to

# Splaktar says :
August 22, 2008 [ 11:34 ]

I have that same shopping problem here in Arequipa, Ivan.  The stores here only stock something once every 3 months or so.  Sometimes they will have what I want, but then after I buy it all, they never get anymore.

I would love to see a WalMart in Arequipa.  It would make all of the other stores provide better service, prices, and training to their employees.

# Gary Brightman says :
August 22, 2008 [ 12:05 ]

We at Wal-Mart are a family, and part of the extended family that is the United States of America, under our future President John McCain. Like him, we try to make the world a better place and are staunch supporters of our troops (

# mericorps says :
August 22, 2008 [ 12:09 ]

Chaufa, you are simply the biggest joke on these boards, nothing of stubstance or value. Anything someone disagrees with you, you scream communist.

Even though you have no real value, I will address you anyway, jsut for the hell of it.

WalMart is the only US corporation to be convicted of slavery in the latter half of the 21st century.

When Walmart comes into a community, local busness close, per capita income falls and full time employment falls.

WalMart employes people specifically to help their employees apply for public assistance, welfare if you will...leaving the taxpayers subsidising the health and benefits of the employees.

They have been found to violate worker safety and wage laws more times in the US and Canada than any other employer in history.

They have built stores knowingly over Hawaiian ancient burial grounds and are still fighting to put a Walmart in the land of the Pyramids of Mexico city.

They have routinely been found in violation of discrimination laws including limiting work activities and promotions and wage increases for Latino, Black, Female and Gay employees.

It sounds like you embrace those things since you embrace WalMart (using your own ignorant stream of logic) making you no better than a terrorist or traitor to your country.

# Jim says :
August 22, 2008 [ 12:20 ]

I guess we won't be seeing mericorps at the check out line.

# tim says :
August 22, 2008 [ 13:09 ]

Heck, I go to Walmart every chance I get. All the mom and pop stores are gone in my neighborhood. It takes a little more gas. But the prices are excellent. I have no objection to walmart. really, those Chileans have dominated the peruvian market with high prices low quality and The LA Victoria is a little dangerous to travel for bargains on clothing.

I like to see Walmart force those dept store (Saga and Ripley) to lower their ridiculous prices. Wongs, Plaza Vea and Metro too.

# David says :
August 22, 2008 [ 14:19 ]


We don't often agree but you are 100% correct in your statements above.

For the short sighted and superfiscal Wal-mart may look grand. But in the sceem of things it is simply that, a sceem to take advantage of it's work force the loop holes in the laws and in the end only help themselves.

Wal-Mart amounts to an overstuffed pig.

# Tim says :
August 22, 2008 [ 14:30 ]

Over- STuffed like Alan Garcia (put on a few pound since becoming president) The good life.

Personally I am not political nor do I have an opinion. I side with what leaves more money in my pocket. The poor in Peru are already exploited by the system. This means they will be exploited for a few Soles more per day. And I would bet that they would not complain about that.

When we put it in simple terms many are against capitalism (it exploits).  But many when breached with the socialism will cringe and say it is  communism. It waters down to, there has to be social responsiblilty when a corporation is pulling down exhorbitant bucks. Give back to the community (that is Socialism). In short that is what Humala is saying, Forcing corporations to pay their fair share. But he is labeled a criminal and anti american.  SOcial responsiblilty and a nation holding on to it soveirnity. Not selling your nation like like it was cucardas (hehehe).

# David N says :
August 22, 2008 [ 14:35 ]

Wal-Mart's business practices are questionable to say the least, but Peru sure could use some kind of store like that.  Stores in Lima just don't have decent selections or inventory.  

Everytime I go to Peru, an extra large suitcase dedicated only to family requests for US products is required. 

# rice and sugar says :
August 22, 2008 [ 14:44 ]

Anyone who writes in this forum has lived in North America at some point??
That is, most of us are already use to the high-consumerism, rapid-satisfaction, shop-shop-shop system.
When I lived in Peru, I used so little. Yet, I was happier. I polluted so little too! WalMArt is at the core of consumerism. Buy-shop-spend-shop. Only the gringos will make more $$$$$$. I agree that the Chileans have invaded our economy. But instead of Walmart, we should support any Peruvian industry or product!!!

So sad to see that Peruvians are copying the Americans. We also want to be "cool", we want to also shop-buy-spend-shop, pollute the environent and support a store that (as Mericorps stated above) promotes slavery and uses child-cheap-labour to obtain CHEAP stuff. Is this why Peru's streets are dirty with lots of DIAPERS on the streets??? Please, I beg you to see Annie Leonard (American), the expert on this issue on

# Tim says :
August 22, 2008 [ 14:55 ]

I support quality for the best price. There are no peruvian industries. Tale for instance Topi-Top (peruvian). my wife buy a blouse and washes once and it is no longer wearable. I should spend my money like this?

I understand the long term consequences of WalMart. But I vote with my wallet. When in the USA , I refuse to buy american cars because of quality and obselescene.  I should support american becasue I am american?  I support my wallet and try to be environmentally responsible on a personal level.  I personal buy japanese and German cars. the style and quality are timeless. I do not have to worry about being forced to buy another car when my note is paid becasue the car is irreparable or the stlye is hideous.

I am with you on Walmart, but we need more choices in Peru, this is to spur competition. All industry in Peru is dominanted by foreign Corps.
No one was saying anhtying when the banks were being purchased at an alarming rate. I hear there are 7 more spa hotels due in cuzco in the next 5 years. No one is saying anything abpout pricing the people out of their own communities.

# mericorps says :
August 22, 2008 [ 15:28 ]

It has been estimated that for every dollar one saves at the walmart everyday low price, they spend about 80% of it back in increased taxes tu subsidece walmart tax breaks, employees welfare and lower property values due to depressed economies.

Hardly seems worth it.

# madmilker says :
August 22, 2008 [ 15:42 ]

David forgot to mention...tat the company puts 95% China items in their stores in China and support China export.  Tat only leaves 5% for the other 182 country's like Peru.....maybe he needs to talk to a person in Germany or South Korea.

# change is good says :
August 22, 2008 [ 16:01 ]

When is 7-eleven opening in Lima?

# David says :
August 22, 2008 [ 16:53 ]

Did you say something? Somehow I missed your point. Sorry for that.

# madmilker says :
22 August, 2008 [ 15:42 ]

David forgot to mention...tat the company puts 95% China items in their stores in China and support China export. Tat only leaves 5% for the other 182 country's like Peru.....maybe he needs to talk to a person in Germany or South Korea.

# David says :
August 22, 2008 [ 19:42 ]

Rice and sugar, Just wanted to thank you for adding the link, (

I just took a look at it and while I am/was very aware of what is being offered as information it is always good to have someone second your opinion.

This link should be required listnening for people across the globe.

I'm going to add it to the forums and hopefully it will help get the word out.

# carl says :
August 23, 2008 [ 7:53 ]

What happen Americans? you blame Walmart for hiring illegal immingrants. and now that Walmart might things opening in foreingn countries (giving more jobs) also, blame Walmart?
Come on.
BTW, Walmart openend in Chile, without success; are the Chilean retail store more succesful than Walmart?
I am still happy buying in Falabella stores. Good price, good value.

# rock on Walmart says :
August 23, 2008 [ 9:10 ]

I hate the mom and pop stores.

This fictional community character is a joke.  What I see is mom and pop charging me more for the same crap than Walmart will charge me.  Mom and pop are happy to steal my money because of their inefficient operations and lack of competition.  Mom and pop don't care that selection is limited and inventory is always out because they know you don't have another choice.

I look forward to seeing all those little crappy stores put out of business, they are eyesores also.   I hope some big efficient boxes come in so that we can put them out of their misery.

Mom and pop stores don't give a crap about you, they are all about lining their pockets by charging you more since you have no choice.

Can't wait to buy my first jumbo box of pampers from WalMart, tired of paying through the nose.

# Rich says :
August 23, 2008 [ 10:08 ]

For those complaining about Wal Mart's wage and benefit packages, I'd like to know how many people are dragged into the Wal Mart employment office and forced to apply for a job?  I'm sure Wal Mart gives you all the information you need to decide whether to work there or not.  Any company is not in business to pay the level of wages necessary to support a certain life style.  Wages are paid based on the "value" an employee brings to a company.  The alternative to working at a lower level wage is to improve your life by getting an education.  And if you want to dictate all of your terms of employment you should be self-employed....then you call all the shots!! 

# David says :
August 23, 2008 [ 14:28 ]

Rock on WM and Rich, you make some good points and I am not completely disagreeing with you.

I think that life and history was proven that there will always be classes of people. Weather it be education or financial these classes exist and will continue to do so.

It is the never ending gap in these classes that worries me. At it has been pointed out WM is guilty of slavery. Yes these people got paid but not nearly a living wage. Conditions in countries outside the western world are deplorable. They employ children that work in sweat shops to make these products we buy.

I have owned businesses all my life and believe in a capitalist program. But when one company gets an unfair advantage over the rest it is as much a crime as anything else.

Giving companies like WM multi million dollar tax breaks is just that. Not only do they get the break but you, I, and the mom and pop store owner pay for it.

At some point, and history has proved this time and time again, the poor of the world will revolt against the rich. And the cycle will start all over again.

In times as these where it becomes evident that government simply cowers to the special interest groups and lobbyist, with little or no regard for what is remotely right or wrong, we must make our feeling known.

Barrowing from Peter to pay Paul is not the way. As in the end you must ultimately pay the piper. Do you think it will come from the pockets of the rich or the poor.

As with everything in life moderation is the key, being a world of consumers, and consuming at or current levels is far from moderate. Ultimately it is unsustainable

# Jim on the Beach says :
August 24, 2008 [ 20:57 ]

It seems that most of the people talking know very little about what they talk.  I have worked at Wal-Mart for the past 4 years.  I am not in management, and I don't want to be.  I worked for 30 years in middle, and upper management in food service, and was ready to get out of management.  While looking for employment I found that Wal-Mart paid more than any of the 7-11's, or food stores, or anything else in my area for an hourly employee.  I am able to afford health insurance with them, I get 2 weeks paid vacation a year, (which I spend in Peru)  I go to work each day with a family of about 200 to 300 people.  I know a large number of the customers, which most of protested the opening of this store in their town, but now shop several times a week.  I have worked in 3 different states in the past 4 years, I don't know many places that would have allowed me to transfer at my same pay level like that.  I could have remained in my first store, but chose to move around.  I took a leave of absents, and went to Peru for 10 weeks, and returned to my same job.  On my days off, I shop around in other stores but find that I can not buy for less.  And for those that point out all the problems with Wal-Mart, yes there are a lot, but I suppose the largest company in the world will have the most problems in the world.  Who knows, my next transfer might be to Lima........  Save Money-Live better Wink

# don says :
August 24, 2008 [ 21:35 ]

i like how gary brightman says he isn't employed be walmart and then in his next post says "We at Wal-Mart are a family." which is it gary? i have a feeling i already know.

chaufa, how is it communist to note that walmart charges less than local stores, floods an area with stores, drives off the competition and then raises their prices and closes much of the conveniently located stores? in answer to your question no, i am not a communist. sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

do i sometimes shop at walmart? yes i do. do i wish i didn't have to? yes to that as well.

walmart will sell it for a cheaper price but not forever. they sell products at a loss so that customers will leave other stores and shop at walmart. how can they operate at a loss? because once the smaller stores have closed their doors walmart knows you will have to come to them and they can charge what they want. don't believe me? do some real research and then we can talk.

# don says :
August 24, 2008 [ 21:41 ]

as for jim,

maybe you have a "family" that you work with but the store closest to me treats the customers like intruders if they come into the store while they are restocking. they yell at you to get out of their way when they come down the aisle and give out plenty of dirty looks. then they refuse to open enough checkouts because that would mean more people would have to be scheduled which means more pay. it is normal at this store for the lines to have a minimum of 20 people in them and they will not open any new ones. if you complain they do not listen. they do not care if you are satisfied, only that you spend your money.

what will last longer. hand made furniture made in peru or furniture bought at walmart? nothing at walmart lasts for very long.

# jb says :
August 24, 2008 [ 21:52 ]

Like I said earlier.....we'll see you at the check out.  In the US, I pay US$4.00 for a month's supply of my prescription medicine. 

# jb says :
August 24, 2008 [ 21:52 ]

Like I said earlier.....we'll see you at the check out.  In the US, I pay US$4.00 for a month's supply of my prescription medicine. 

# Oliver says :
August 24, 2008 [ 23:57 ]

This is called competition. Wal Mart is the McDonalds of the retail world. Yes it will hire young workers yes it will drive out the smaller stores out of business. Yes they will use their leverage and economies of scale to deliver cheaper prices. But in the end the consumer will be the winner. More goods will be displayed at the shop. Both national and international helping with presenting the consumer with more choice. It will also increase international trade from and to our country increasing the use of Callao. It will also pay taxes and hire workers giving them training and to some good managirial jobs which deliver skills and a wages. Plus it keeps the chileans from having a monopoly of Peru's retail sector. Competition is good for the consumer.

# Mark says :
August 25, 2008 [ 1:00 ]

Doesn't Walmart make enough money already?

Free Trade Agreement=B***S***

Hey look did you see that purple and pink polka dotted cow just fly by?

No? I'm not surprised, most of you have your heads so far up your own *** you wouldn't know what is going on out in the world. The greed of not only Walmart but you people advocating what they do because it will save you a few dollars makes me sick. Why are they cheaper-because they source nearly all their merchandise from CHINA yes CHINA who have virtually no rights for the worker and pay them pittance.

So all you out there saving a 'few dollars' by shopping at Walmart and the like can thank the impoverished workers in the multitude of third world countries supplying you your stuff OK, because that's who is saving you money NOT WALMART! While your at it thank yourselves because you're the guys paying (through your government) for all of those generous subsidies Walmart receive each and every year. Yeah walmart is really cheap......suckers!

Wake up before it's too late-the world doesn't revovle around how fat your wallet is mate! And if it does you have some real issues and maybe need to see a doctor about it.

I just can't wait to see the corporation that America has become collapse under it's own weight.

You can try to justify it anyway you like but you can't to those of us who know what's happening and why it's happening.

And another thing-if you can't buy what you want in the Peruvian stores GO HOME WHERE YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING YOU WANT! GEEZ what is it you are trying to do here? Turn Peru into America? IT"S NOT AMERICA and I'm sure it doesn't want to be.

If you 'miss' home and what home has to offer GO HOME don't force it on the rest of us under the guise of a free trade agreement.

Pajeros - look it up



# mericorps says :
August 25, 2008 [ 8:17 ]


It could not possible be called competention with well documented unfair, unethical and lllegal businesspractices.

# jb says :
August 25, 2008 [ 8:36 ]

We'll see all of you in the check out line at Walmart!!!  If not, you are welcome to spend 20% more of your hard earned money at some mom and pop store that probably is operating in the informal sector and paying NO taxes.  Or at best is "skimming" cash payments with no receipts.  That, my friends, is why we pay a 19% IGV.  Tax evasion!!!
Again I ask, why is Walmart any different than Sodimac, METRO, Saga, Ripley, ACE Home Center etc., that have essentially replaced the mom & pops?  The reality is the mom & pops are almost extinct anyway.  If you're buying from a bodega, you run the risk of outdated or expired products - either because they have low inventory turn-over or because they have purposly purchased these goods at a deeply discounted price. 

# Jim on the Beach says :
August 25, 2008 [ 8:48 ]

Well spoken Oliver.

No one forces anyone to shop at Wal-Mart, and No one forces anyone to work at Wal-Mart.  I wonder how they got to be that big.

# Jim on the Beach says :
August 25, 2008 [ 8:53 ]

And very well said jb.  With a Wal-Mart around the corner, it will force those large stores to keep their prices in line.

# jb says :
August 25, 2008 [ 9:00 ]

I used to work for a large consumer electronics company and we sold to Walmart.  I can tell you that their buyers are brutal.  Our sales guys would return from Bentonville, AK looking like they had been violated in every orifice.  But they're not buying 1 unit but 1,000,000.  That is why and how they have low prices.  No mystery about this.

# Ivan says :
August 25, 2008 [ 9:59 ]

   I have no problem with you disagreeing with me.  In fact, you have good points.  But I don't quite follow your thinking when you insult everyone contrary to your way of thinking and then finish with, "Peace".  Perhaps you are not quite clear what peace really is.

# mericorps says :
August 25, 2008 [ 10:08 ]

Quite often Walmart sends small to mid-size manufacturers to China to sign large sales contracts since Chinese laws favors the Walmart side of the transaction.

# RachelinPeru says :
August 25, 2008 [ 14:39 ]

Globalization is inevitable. Complaining about Wal-Mart's presence in S.A. isn't going to keep them out.

BTW, they are non-union b/c they show a video to brain wash all of their new hires. The video suggest that employees that entertain the idea of joining a union are traitors.

They brain wash like Disney. It's ridiculous.

# carl says :
August 25, 2008 [ 15:26 ]

maybe is coming maybe is not coming; Walmart.

# Jim on the Beach says :
August 26, 2008 [ 8:13 ]


That is not true.

As I have said, I have worked for Wal-Mart for almost 4 years, and in 3 states.  I am not in management, just an hourly employee, and I have never seen a video about unions in any form, nor has anyone in management ever said anything about unions.  It seems that only people that don't work for Wal-Mart want to talk about unions.

# rice and sugar says :
August 26, 2008 [ 8:50 ]

I agree that there is NO Peruvian industry to compete WalMart.
I rather wear the same T-shirt twice a week, before having to support all the CHEAP LABOUR, CHILD-LABOUR that WalMart supports across the globe.
As someone said it above, there are in fact historical records of all the things Walmart has done as an employer, as an investor in China, etc..
With al due respect to those who work or have worked for WalMart, I am so glad I never had to work for Walmart. The more I read, the more I inform myself, the more I know people across the globe, the more I know, I don't HAVE to buy at Walmart.

Education = not buying at Walmart!

# Henry says :
September 5, 2008 [ 11:15 ]

im not against walmart opening stores in Peru. In fact it will bring more jos for the community, more jos for seniors. So far i havent seen a big supermarket or company hire senior citizens. They're always left behind.

Like Jim on the beach i have worked for Walmart for several years and let me tell you that in FACT there is a video about unions that they make you watch your very first day at work (remember "the open door policy"?)

They tell you that instead of giving your money away to people that will only do the talk for you. You could invest that money. And since there's the open door policy theres no need for unions. But anyway Walmart is a good place to work for. Never had any issues. The pay was not great but was not bad either. I just wonder why unions are not welcome at walmart.

# Ana says :
September 12, 2008 [ 22:55 ]

I love Walmart!! I think its great that they are interested in Peru. I've been to many Walmarts outside of Boston and outside Atlanta. I especially love the Walmart Supercenters, they are great where you only have to go to one store to do most of your shopping from food, clothes, appliances, beauty stuff etc.... pretty much anything you need. Its so convenient, and the low prices make it even better. I am peruvian and I think many people from Peru will love it too. Plus this means jobs for many people who need it in Peru.

# Pay your taxes says :
September 12, 2008 [ 23:26 ]

To those of you living in Peru who claim you will never darken the doorway of a Walmart, we'll see you in the check out line with the rest of us saving 20%-30% less than the corner bodega.  And Walmart will actually PAY TAXES!!  Imagine that?  I'll bet 20% - 30% of the take at the corner bodega is skimmed nightly directly to the owner's pocket.

# ARIANA says :
May 18, 2009 [ 19:59 ]


# Jim On The Beach says :
May 20, 2009 [ 9:34 ]

Now almost 5 years with Wal-Mart,  I have now transfered to my 4th store with the company, and love it.  My business family is larger now, I still keep in contact with friends at all the stores I have worked. I have never had a problem with my work, that they didn't help me to solve....

# Dimas says :
May 23, 2009 [ 22:31 ]

Hello representative of Waalt Mart

My expiriens with Walt Mart is great. How can you buy ship defferent product? My Peruvian peoples want very good Stores with very ship price,that is Walt Mart.  But I want say to representatives of Walt Mart, will buy without intermediative people and reduce to real price international.


Dimas Vivanco.

# Dimas says :
May 23, 2009 [ 22:32 ]

Hello representative of Waalt Mart

My expiriens with Walt Mart is great. How can you buy ship defferent product? My Peruvian peoples want very good Stores with very ship price,that is Walt Mart.  But I want say to representatives of Walt Mart, will buy without intermediative people and reduce to real price international.


Dimas Vivanco.

# jorge daniel martinez carbajal says :
January 20, 2010 [ 21:37 ]


# Carmen V Lezcano says :
May 3, 2010 [ 20:07 ]

I work for wal mart.I am a department manager of homeline I love Wal Mart to be part of Peru.If our company will have the pkleasure to open stores in Peru I will move to Peru and work for this great company.I always wanted to leave in Peru.I hope that my dream of having a Wal Mart in Peru come true.Please harry and open one in Peru!Kiss

# mericorps says :
May 4, 2010 [ 9:14 ]

WalMart is the only corporation in the USA to be convicted of anti-Slavery laws in the last 50 years.  They were convicted for locking in illegal immigrants, paying them less than half of minimum wage, not letting them leave until everything was completed by all departments, and not offering escape routes in case of fire or emergency.

Memos released during the trail shows that corporate management was aware of the situation and did nothing.

How is that for a great place to work.

Simply google WalMart sucks to see thousands of documented cases of racism, sexism, homophobia, labor law violations and realize these phoney I LOVE WALMART posts are probably mostly one person, or a store manager somewhere has asked his staff to address critiques.

WalMart is pure evil.

# Ian Wood says :
June 14, 2010 [ 11:59 ]

Here's where living in peru needs to take a critical stance.The news is not objective and the consequences of representing a "neutral" stance is allowing the status-quo to continue.

# mericorps says :
June 15, 2010 [ 8:39 ]

Living In Peru does not write articles nor do they make editorials, they simply translate (poorly) or print stories already out there.

I suggest you start your own blog if you want one that does that instead of expecting the owners of Living in Peru to become something other than what they are.

# Erick says :
August 19, 2010 [ 16:46 ]

Wall mart will not destroy Peru, but will destroy chilean Markets, Saga Falabella, Tottus and Ripley. Wall mart will be great in Peru!
Wall mart will not destroy de economy of Peru. USA has been destroyed by Wallmart because USA is a rich country with goods that are sold in Wallmart under the prices of the competition. In Peru, there are things cheaper than Wallmart has, so will only help in the jobs and production in Peru to sell to different parts of the world.

Conclusion, Wallmart would be great in Peru!

# Wil M. says :
March 15, 2011 [ 11:27 ]

Thanks Erick for your comments I think you have sum it all.

# Maclen says :
March 15, 2011 [ 17:34 ]

Oh,you poor misguided people...Peru has more than enough poverty,and Walmart will only exacerbate that ten-fold.I live in Illinois,USA,and I can tell you all WITHOUT QUESTION that Walmart destroys competition for consumers and basically sells "junk" quality items made in China produced by workers essentially working for poverty wages.It's really that simple,and the reason they are so sucessful in this country is because consumers and middle class wage earners have had their buying power eroded by 30 years of trickle-down voodoo economics.The average American simply has no choice but to shop there.Peruvians may think that getting Walmart to come there is a good thing,and in the beginning it may be,but you'll be sorry in the long run.Remember.....corporate greed is bad,do not become like the US,you will regret it.

# Mister Walmart says :
March 16, 2011 [ 6:49 ]

Maclen you have obiviously never been to Peru. The stores here paid their employees slave wages already and supermarkets try to hire darker people on purpose because they know lighter skinned people won't work for slave wages. Second of all, Peruvians have no idea how to run a business. They are completely ignorant and illogical. Time after time I have seen items being sold where it is more expensive to buy the larger size than it is to buy numerous small packages of the same product. At grocery stores, you will see disgusting produce being sold which is unfit for export. For example, all the cauliflower sold in Peru has been infested with aphids and yet they have the audacity to sell it. Walmart would finally bring COMPETITION into the Peruvian marketplace. Peruvian do not understand the concept of Competition. Every store tries to sell their products for a higher price. The prices on Peruvian products are artificially raised to match the prices of imported products except that a few soles are taken off to entice people to buy the Peruvian product. However if you have a chance to choose between a Peruvian product and something imported I would buy the imported product under all circumstances. Peruvians care NOTHING about quality products. They cut corners whereever they can because they know they won't get sued and the government here doesn't regulate anything. For example, I have bought imitation NutraSweet products here and they are virtually worthless as they have little of no sweetener in them and yet they cost 1 sole less than the authentic brand name product imported from the USA. I used 20 packets one time in my coffee and it STILL wasn't as sweet as using 1 packet from the USA. The Peruvian crooks obiviously filled there  packets with fillers such as Maltodextrin. Same thing with solution for contact lenses. I tried using the Peruvian product because it was a few soles cheaper than the Renu imported from the USA. Never again. The solution gave me an eye infection and I couldn't see with my contacts as they were filled with protein deposits that the Peruvian product couldn't remove.

# rice and sugar says :
March 16, 2011 [ 11:00 ]

Mister Walmart,
Wow you have multiple personalities (English teacher, HaHa, etc., etc.,),
The FDA approved the aspartame in NutraSweet as "safe", you know it can produce a bit more methane in your intestines during digestion. Enjoy the methane gas Wink

If anything, we the Peruvian crooks, we like the maltodextrin better because it is a natural starch product. We don't need to much "sweetness" in our beverages - thus we have a lower obesity level than in the US....higher obesity level, right? higher "superior" quality...Cool

# Richy Rich says :
March 17, 2011 [ 9:51 ]

Maclen!! If you are from Illinois, you have no idea what you are talking about. Walmart sells the same electronics products (Samsung, Motorola, Apple, etc...) as Best Buy. In addition, all the soap, detergent, juice, bread, food, etc... is identical (same bar code and UPC) as that sold in Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc.... You have no clue what you are talking about. Walmart can force companies .....yes, force them... to lower prices as they did with coca Cola and others. Walmart would be a great addiiton to Peru's economy. Besides, what is not made in China these days?? It's a business decision and simply makes sense to bring stuff in from China. Everybody wins!!!! Companies and investors (shareholders) make money and consumers save money!!!

# David Merritt says :
April 6, 2011 [ 2:12 ]

It has not been Walmart quality since Sam Walton died in 91.
I think Walmart left us when Sam died.

# mikesta says :
May 19, 2011 [ 19:48 ]

I would say Chaufa subscribes to the communist agenda because if Walmart enters Peru like they did the U.S. you will be bowing before communist china very quickly. Would you like that Chaufa?

Walmart is nothing but a mega corp who comes in and destroys small business and treats their employees like slaves. As in the U.S. now everyone buys cheap, poorly made and dangerous products from China where before the U.S. was the exporter...remember this because right now Peru is strong in exportation, do not let this slip away.

To summarize Walmart = Death for Peru

# mikesta says :
May 19, 2011 [ 19:53 ]

Mister Walmart you are a complete liar. Sub standard produce? Aphids in produce? What kind of smear campaign are you trying to run here? I trust the produce in peru more than in most countries. Do you even shop at Metro, Wong or Vivanda? Its top notch produce without the GMOs thanks which most assuredly Walmart would bring in.

If people want to destroy the peruvian agri-system with genetically modified frankenfood then vote for Walmart and suffer the consequences.

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