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Law & Order | July 15, 2008 [ 14:30 ]

Peru: Man found dead at upscale Lima country club

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Members at a high-end Lima country club were shocked Monday when their evening sporting events were interrupted with the news that one of their fellow members had died at the club.

Isaías Manuel Rolando Castañeda, a 51-year-old ophthalmologist, was found dead at Regatas Lima, one of Peru's most exclusive country clubs.

While police are still investigating the cause of death, one of the theories is that Castañeda committed suicide at the upscale club, located in the Limean district of Chorrillos.

Detectives from the national police's homicide department have reported they are to speak with anyone that was with Castañeda before his death, which took place at approximately 8 p.m.

People within the complex on Monday evening reported that a man had committed suicide by jumping off one of the buildings where he had been playing sports with his friends.

News of the ophthalmologist's death spread quickly among the members of the club, who stated they were astonished by the incident.

They affirmed they could not remember anything like this having ever happened at the club.

Castañeda's body was taken to the Lima morgue at approximately midnight.

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