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Arts & Entertainment | July 9, 2008 [ 16:30 ]

Peru competes for Best National Costume at Miss Universe 2008

Internet users around the world will have the chance to choose the Best National Costume at the Miss Universe 2008 contest, in which Peru is competing against nine other countries.

Miss Peru 2008, Karol Castillo, participates with the costume “Ñusta from Cusco” which has the famous image of Machu Picchu, the new wonder of the world, on the cloak.

According to experts, this award increases the possibilities of Peru to win the Miss Universe crown because it could position our candidate as one of the favorites of the audience.

In order to help our country to be recognized as the Best National Costume, people can cast their vote at

News source: ANDINA

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# Puzzled says :
July 9, 2008 [ 21:44 ]

How ironic that they put a white looking lady in an Indian costume..
especially considering how anything "Indian" is considered to be vulgar by the majority of Peruvians and is even despised... I am truly shocked by the way Indians in general are treated and even most of them try to be as "European" as possible...

Peruvians are truly unique... a people who manage to be very nationalistic and yet reject everything Indian and native and pretend
and emulate to be like Europeans... To tell the truth.. it is quite baffling..

# Marisa says :
July 10, 2008 [ 1:36 ]

Yes, "Puzzled".....we Peruvians are truly unique, thank you! Yes, we are very nationalistic and proud of it.  We have, not 101 reasons, but 1,001 reasons to love Peru and be proud of our country.

No....not every Peruvian rejects everything Indian, that's not true. I am a Limena from way back, mainly of Spanish origin, but I greatly admire and respect our Indian heritage.  I don't try to be "European" at all (as you claim)....I have no reason to. I have an incredible heritage that the majority of Europeans find exotic and mysterious. I lived in Paris for many years and the mere mention of Peru sent the French into a reverie.

The majority of Peruvians are mestizos....that means that most of us have a mixture of Spanish and Indian. Not all Peruvians think that our Indians are vulgar..those who do, don't feel that way anymore than some Anglo-Americans feel Native Americans are vulgar...not anymore than some Anglo-Americans from the Southern states feel that Afro-Americans are vulgar. Peru does not have a monopoly on racism, "Puzzled", ok?

No one put "a white-looking lady in an Indian costume". The Cuzco outfit is the most beautiful and representative of Peru and has become our national costume. So, what did you want Miss Peru 2008 to wear?....a Flamenco costume? a dirndl skirt and wooden shoes? please don't be illogical.

By the way....if you want to check out how badly some Native Americans are treated, then why don't you visit a few Indian reservations in the US?

Last, but not appears that you don't know that Lima was once the seat of a Spanish Viceroyalty, so....why are you so baffled that there are still vestiges of our European origins? The Spaniards were in Peru for 300 it any wonder that some Peruvians still feel a connection with Europe?

Well, I hope you are now unpuzzled. Smile

# Rachel says :
July 10, 2008 [ 7:13 ]

I think they could have picked another outfit. I think the costume is rather embellished.

The Marinera Norteña dress could also have been chosen, it's a very beautiful gown, but it appears that they are playing on stereo-types. :(

# Dottie says :
July 10, 2008 [ 15:20 ]

Rachel, don't be silly. The Marinera Nortena dress is too similar to those of countries starting from Panama all the way north to Mexico.  The Cuzco outfit is distinctly
no other country in the world has a national costume like that and it has a much better chance of winning than the Marinera one. The one from Cuzco is the costume that the whole world is acquainted with through travel posters.

Yes, the costume has been embellished but the effect is impressive. Besides, all the other "national costumes" have also been embellished.

# James says :
July 10, 2008 [ 16:33 ]

Silly little Rachel. Use some common sense next time. If you had taken a look at the costumes before speaking then you might understand what Dottie is talking about. Unfortunately there are always people that jump at the chance to speak out of ingnorance.

# Lulu says :
July 10, 2008 [ 18:30 ]

I checked out many of the costumes online and I have to say that to me -- and this is totally subjective, of course -- most of them are ridiculous and in bad taste, including the one representing the U.S.  She looks like a Las Vegas show girl.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, this being a beauty pageant, after all.  Tacky, tacky, tacky.

# mericorps says :
July 10, 2008 [ 18:39 ]

I am VERY dissapointed by PUZZLED's comment.

The fact remains that there are people of all color skin that are good or bad, bigots or inclusive. Judging someone by their skin, being racist or counter-racist is the same thing.

Like Dr. King's dream, I long for a day when a person is judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

PUZZLED's comment was worthless and casts him or her in a very bad image.

# Lulu says :
July 10, 2008 [ 18:46 ]

mericorps:  What in the world are you talking about?  I think the subject of racism on this website deserves its own forum and we probably shouldn't get into it here in response to an article about national "costumes."  However, Puzzled was merely expressing his/her impression of race issues in Peru.  It's true that racism exists everywhere, but that does not make it acceptable in any way.  So "counter racism" is not the same thing as "racism."  
Perhaps you misunderstood Puzzled's comment.

# Dottie says :
July 10, 2008 [ 19:06 ]

James and mericorps: good feedback about Rachel and "Puzzled". Some people have no clue before they start posting comments.

Lulu: I have to agree with you that most of the costumes are ridiculous and tacky....I've seen some that have nothing to do with ethnic identities. Even Miss Peru's costume had to be stylized to conform to the other outfits.....although it is a "mini" semblance of the real thing. The "chullo" she's wearing is a man's headpiece, but I guess someone wanted to incorporate all typical items into this costume.  The "leggins" are not part of any Peruvian ladies' regional costume, as far as I know.

Actually this topic is not even worth discussing!....but when I read what Rachel wrote, I couldn't help but respond. Marisa pretty much took care of "Puzzled" let's not waste our time on this topic.

# Guillaume says :
July 26, 2008 [ 21:55 ]

I tend to agree with "Puzzled" but I do not applaude the extreme use of words like vulgar and despise. Before I get bombarded, it is just my personal opinion that part of the population in Peru wants to embrace an American lifestyle. Keep in mind that I am not making any association to Europe since Europeans prefer to walk, try to cut back on resources, etc. I might be totally wrong, but from the conversations I had with Peruvians, it seems many of them yearns and Americal Lifestyle.

I am open to hear your comments and correctly if I am wrong.

# Guillaume says :
July 26, 2008 [ 21:58 ]

I apologize for my typos, I never proofread what I type in forums. In mt last sentence i meant: "it sems that many of them(Peruvians) yearn for an American life."

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