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Law & Order | April 25, 2008 [ 17:00 ]

Peru: Angie Jibaja claims 2-year prison sentence to be unfair

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Immediately after the controversial Peruvian model / actress Angie Jibaja was taken into police custody to begin serving her sentence, Jibaja's lawyers spoke of injustice and appeals.

Jibaja was sentenced to two years in a women's prison for assault and battery charges on Thursday.

Aside from attacking a woman in a Miraflores nightclub with a glass cup in 2006, Jibaja did not show up to six court dates and left the country several times without permission.

She had been ordered not to leave Peru and report to authorities once a month, both of which the model failed to do.

"It can't be possible that seasoned criminals and drug traffickers are acting with impunity while an actress is confined to a prison for minor wounds," said Jose Luis Hinojosa, one of Jibaja's lawyers.

Hinojosa assured that the judge's decision had been "arbitrary", stating that it was unfair and that the punishment did not fit the crime.

As Jibaja was transferred from the courtroom to her holding cell, she cried uncontrollably - screaming "You can't put me in a prison".

The actress shouted for authorities to help her, yelling that the sentence was unfair.

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# Fred says :
April 25, 2008 [ 20:56 ]

is it wrong of me to find perverse pleasure in the suffering of others?

# Anonymous Dave says :
April 25, 2008 [ 21:08 ]

Of course its unfair, why, only cholos should go to jail, right? Money mouth

# Jorge MM says :
April 25, 2008 [ 23:06 ]

I don't think you go to jail because of your race... Like in most countries of the world in Peru you go to jail because of your crime..  This b**** attacked another girl with a glass cup, did not care to report to policy and showed a complete disregard for the justice... 2 years is not enough.

# Jule says :
April 26, 2008 [ 3:19 ]

Give it a break

# I Feel Her Pain says :
April 26, 2008 [ 8:24 ]

Crrrrrryyyyyy Meeeeee A Riveeerrrr Ohhhhh Myyyyyyyyy Darrrrrrling.Cry

# Daniel says :
April 26, 2008 [ 10:49 ]

Aw c'mon...!

She had it coming...

and it's stupid to play the race card, as stupid as playing the showbiz card. Agreed, she's famous but that doesn't mean she's above the law. Take a look at Amy, Paris, Britney... oh wait... nevermind...Foot in mouth

# Michael says :
April 26, 2008 [ 11:15 ]

Does anyone know what the maximum penalty is for the assault?

# Teresa says :
April 26, 2008 [ 17:12 ]

Really? Is this actress/model considered a chola?  I am mystified by the racial categories in Peru, especially considering a huge part of the population is mixed.  Or maybe that's why all these distinctions are made.  She's attractive and exotic looking for sure, but is she looked down upon because of her ethnicity or because she attacked a woman with a glass?  I have never heard of her before in my life (she sounds like a Peruvian version of a celebutard to me) but her behavior reminds me of another "exemplary" model: Naomi Campbell.  I think bad behavior and poor upbringing comes in all colors and sizes.

# CapitanDan says :
April 26, 2008 [ 21:49 ]

Teresa,  It is the almighty greenback or Sol that helps determine innocence. If you are poor , Black or white your chances of going to jail increase . If you can hire good lawyers and expert witnesses than you have a good chance of walking free. This model by her flaunting of the legal system , thought she was better than anyone. She was attempting to intimidate the judge by her behaviour and it backfired on her. Now she will suffer the indignities of the poor. Chau

# miguel a. rodriguez says :
May 30, 2008 [ 13:51 ]

As Gorgeous & bla bla bla as She is,she got what was coming to her,when you start thinking that because you are Rich & Famous, or What Ever, you are above the LAW, then You need to be Stop,PRONTO!!! that's the Problems with Hollywood right now,and the Biggest Problems of them All is that The Judicial System in USA let them get away with murder.Angie should it have,, 5 yrs. that would it sent a MESSAGE to all those Other SPOIL BRATTS out there. Good for Them I am not Their Judge.if I would it been one That Is!!!!.,,,Miguel.

# Teresa McClellan says :
May 30, 2008 [ 19:22 ]

Miguel, I agree that the rich & famous brats shouldn't get away with things but you shouldn't point fingers at the U.S. judicial system.  First of all, this Angie person is a Peruvian national and her alleged crime was committed in Peru; secondly, with all its flaws, the judicial system in the U.S. is far better than what exists in Peru.  Let's not go there.  

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