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Earthquakes, tremors | August 21, 2007 [ 10:00 ]

150 Fishermen in Callao, Peru Victims of Tidal Wave after Earthquake

(LIP-ir) -- Approximately 150 fisherman in the districts of Chucuito and La Punta, located in the Province of Callao, were affected by a tidal wave that struck the shores of the province west of Lima.

The tidal wave was on Thursday August 16, one day after the magnitude-8 earthquake hit Peru and devastated the provinces of Cañete, Ica, Pisco and Chincha.

Representative of the Gillighan Island Fishermen's Association, José Antonio Paiva Querevalú, stated that he, as well as his fellow fisherman, were extremely affected by the tidal wave after it destroyed most of their boats. He explained that most of the boats had sunk or had been completely destroyed.

Paiva Querevalú stated that the fishermen's nets had been damaged and were useless. In addition, he said that most of the tools which they used to fish had been dragged away into the ocean when it returned to its normal level.

Paiva Querevalú also explained that requests had been made to Peru's government asking for help, due to the fact that the fisherman do not have tools to work anymore. He added that the wharf which had been used by the fisherman for 15 years, had also been completely destroyed.

The association is requesting that loans be approved so that the fisherman can purchase new boats and tools to begin working again. The fisherman pointed out that presently the ocean is calm and would be adequate for fishing, which can not be done because of a lack of equipment.

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