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Law & Order | June 4, 2007 [ 18:00 ]

Peru: Internet Pornography

(LIP-ir) -- The mayors of Lima districts Pueblo Libre and Villa El Salvador are taking more action so minors are not exposed or permitted access to pornography over the Internet.

Internet cafes are under constant watch by district authorities. The goal is to keep minors from viewing pornography on the internet.

Mayor of Pueblo Libre, Rafael Santos has said that the 70 internet cafes in his district are under "virtual" watch and all pornographic material is blocked.

In an effort with local authorities, internet cafes are constantly visited and checked to make sure minors are not viewing inappropriate material. On top of that the mayor has explained that there is an intelligence team that works in identifying places where child prostitution could be taking place.

Villa El Salvador Mayor, Jaime Zea stated that 350 internet cafes are periodically inspected to make sure that minors don't have access to pornography and can't be trapped by child pornography rings.

Internet cafe owners must have programs that block and filter inappropriate material or they will be fined and could even be closed down if regulations aren't followed.

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