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International Relations | April 2, 2007 [ 9:55 ]

U.S. military base in Peru?
A U.S. AWAKS surveillance plane taking off from the Manta base in Ecuador.
© U.S. Air Force
(LIP-jl) -- Since 1999, United States military counter-narcotics and surveillance operations pertaining to the dubbed Plan Colombia have been based out of Manta, Ecuador - Ecuador's fifth largest city located in Manabi Province.

It now appears that the U.S. will have to look for a new home since Ecuadorian President, and Hugo Chavez ally, Rafael Correa has recently stated he will not renew the contract that keeps the U.S. there until 2009.

According to Argentina's Pagina/12 newspaper, the current U.S. Manta base may make a move to Peru.

Pagina/12 informed the U.S. has already begun conversations with Peruvian Defense Minister Alan Wagner, who was in the U.S. last week, to convince him to grant permission to move the base to Peruvian territory.

The report, which did not name its source and was based in Lima, indicated the likely site of the base would be in the area of northern Peru, somewhere in the department of Piura.

The article also alleges that the proposed U.S. military base in Peru is being negotiated between Peruvian authorities and U.S. officials (Peruvian Ministers Alan Wagner -Defense- and Mercedes Araoz -Foreign Trade- were in the U.S. last week) in exchange for the ratification of the free trade agreement between the U.S. and Peru.

Peruvian Defense officials were quick to refute the allegations by indicating that Defense Minister Wagner met with representatives from U.S. President George Bush's administration to discuss defense-related cooperation issues and the war on drugs, not a proposed military base on Peruvian soil.

Just last week, U.S White House press officials announced the April 23rd visit of Peruvian President Alan Garcia to discuss, according to White House Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino, "...terms of helping strengthen democracy and achieving friendship without threat in our region. In this regard, Peru will continue to work towards the democratization of Latin America."

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# Cindy says :
April 2, 2007 [ 12:55 ]

I strongly feel that it would be best for Peru to keep its relations with the U.S. peaceful and friendly, but to put a U.S military base in Peruvian soil, that would be to play with fire. It would open the doors to an administration that as we can see is hungry for others's resources.  Those that truly want to help, help by allowing other's to help themselves. Although I am not surprised that the U.S would bring up the FTA to achieve its desires, I find it repulsive and the word " extortion" comes to mind.  I trully hope, that these allegations are not valid, yet somehow I doubt that.
No matter what U.S's intentions are, Peru, a small, humble country on the rise cannot afford to that kind of U.S involvement .

# David says :
April 2, 2007 [ 14:53 ]


I agree with you almost completely. However the local economy would certainly get a boost from the base. And later Peru would then have the upper hand in as the U.S. would have to renew the contract at some point.


# Fred says :
April 3, 2007 [ 7:27 ]

Cindy, you are uninformed and are making assumptions. The base in Ecuador is basically a small airfield staffed by pilots and their only job is to fly over Columbia every now and then.  The airfield is actually part of an Ecuadorian Army base, but it is shared with the US pilots. There are very strict regs with Ecuador about the max number of American allowed at the base at any one time, etc.  I visited the base in 2005 and the majority of Americans were not even military, but ground support contractors that did plane maintenance, etc. I'd say there were less than 10 active duty US military guys there and they had absolutely no military-related interaction with any local Ecuadorian.

As a benefit to Ecuador, the US gov't paid for both the military air field as well as the public Manta Airport airfield. The investment in Manta and the whole Manabi province increased with the US presence and the economy flourished as compared to neighboring provinces.

I can't see any downside for Ecuador with the presence of the base and feel its being used as a political tool by Correa. Nor can I see any downside, but rather a benefit, for Peru if the Peruvian gov't puts the same kind of restrictions on the US that Ecuador had.

# Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. says :
April 3, 2007 [ 19:05 ]

As a person with considerable experience with US Secret Operations in South America (see volumes 3, 4 and 5 of my series "Idaho Smith's" Search for the Foundation!) (go to World Cat for a list of libraries close to where you may be) I think your view of US bases is extremely naive.
The real reason for the base at Manta and the bases in Ecuador is to prepare the way for US invasion of different countries in South America. Granted these are not effective steps but nevertheless the Gringo bosses will use them against the people of the Americas if they get a chance. For an update on Washington's activities in Latin America see the last few chapters at of my new book FUNDAMENTALS OF HISTORICAL MATERIALISM, Bolshevism 2007.

# alex says :
April 5, 2007 [ 22:26 ]

well, my experience with american military is somewhat limited, i only served on an aircraft carrier for a few years. It seems to me that, Peru doesn't really need US military presence at this moment. It it truth that wherever the us forces go, there's a flow of american dollars running steady, however, it is also truth that, once they get into a country, they hardly ever leave. Truth, contracts and leases can serve as meassures of control, but as a born peruvian, i don't think i want Uncle Sam's war dogs at home.
I am sure Peruvian and American relationship can grow stronger through cultural, commercial and even turistic bonds.

# Quantum says :
April 6, 2007 [ 23:44 ]

Why are you not backing up your statements?  Clearly you are privy to confidential tactical information but fail to provide proof for any of it.  The burden of proof is with you and not with your reader. 

It is interesting to note that, per your own words, you were a military advisor to the Shining Path guerilla army in 1977.   (  This clearly shows a bias in any political statement you make regarding peruvian politics. 

Facts to back up your statements are required.  Not a reference to a 19.95 fee to buy and read your book.

# joseph says :
April 8, 2007 [ 20:26 ]

hi everybody
 for me is very interesing

# Jason says :
April 9, 2007 [ 13:04 ]

For Quantum et. al. naturally informants identity must be protected but there is considerable information available about US activities in Paraguay for example at

# Quantum says :
April 12, 2007 [ 22:26 ]

What, no GPS Lat/Long data for the secret bases?  So, naturally, your arguments are based on the principle of "believe me but don't question my sources, and therefore my facts, as they must be insulated from scrutiny".  hmmm.Undecided 

Yes, i think i'll play along.  There's a moon base that was built by the Nazis on the dark side of the moon, of course, and so immune to independent verification.  Oh yeah, almost forgot to follow your practice of providing the backing of a "factual" website: Smile

How boring.  Care to put forth some intelligent arguments for a change?  Cool

# Fred says :
April 13, 2007 [ 15:27 ]

Good one Quantum... its pretty much the same from all the guys that like to brag about having a phd from UC marijuana.  They don't have intelligent arguments, so they can't respond.

# Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. says :
April 14, 2007 [ 10:36 ]

Interesting you should ask for such details. I provided some of them a year ago at
From: Jason  (Original Message)Sent: 5/2/2006 4:41 PM
US tactical doctrine for the upcoming invasion of Bolivia calls for the seizure and occupation of Santa Rosa, Colombia (see map)
However, these forces could be  met and defeated as US forces were by armed militia forces at Central Australia, Cuba, in 1961!
See my book THE BUCCANEER, which is Vol 1 of "Idaho Smith's" Search for the Foundation! Available in University libraries in the USA (Harvard, Boise State, California State Univ  Northridge) and Canada (U of Calgary) for the details  of the defeat of the US  special brigade sent against Central Australia in April  1961.
Mid-range map of Santa%20RosaLarge range map of Santa%20Rosa
Nearby Cities and Towns
West North East South
Estani (26.6 nm)
Barrera Grande (22.5 nm)
Paredones (23.9 nm)
Coimbra (13.1 nm)
Bela Vista (10.0 nm)
Boa Hora (10.8 nm)El Sara (27.0 nm)
Alejandria (24.0 nm)
Logoinha (20.7 nm)

From: Jason  (Original Message)Sent: 5/2/2006 4:41 PM
US tactical doctrine for the upcoming invasion of Bolivia calls for the seizure and occupation of Santa Rosa, Colombia (see map)
However, these forces could be  met and defeated as US forces were by armed militia forces at Central Australia, Cuba, in 1961!
See my book THE BUCCANEER, which is Vol 1 of "Idaho Smith's" Search for the Foundation! Available in University libraries in the USA (Harvard, Boise State, California State Univ  Northridge) and Canada (U of Calgary) for the details  of the defeat of the US  special brigade sent against Central Australia in April  1961.
Mid-range map of Santa%20RosaLarge range map of Santa%20Rosa
Nearby Cities and Towns
West North East South
Estani (26.6 nm)
Barrera Grande (22.5 nm)
Paredones (23.9 nm)
Coimbra (13.1 nm)
Bela Vista (10.0 nm)
Boa Hora (10.8 nm)El Sara (27.0 nm)
Alejandria (24.0 nm)
Logoinha (20.7 nm)

From: Jason  (Original Message)Sent: 5/2/2006 4:41 PM
  Message 1 of 1 in Discussion 
From: Jason  (Original Message)Sent: 5/2/2006 4:35 PM
US Secret Bases(s) in Paraguay are being prepared for an assault on the Bolivian  capital of La Paz and  Santa Rosa (a de facto regional capital of great importance). The idea: overthrow  the legitimate  government of Bolivia and install a comprador regime willing to suck up to the gringo regime.
Map of Paraguay One Reinforced heavy infantry batallion is to be airliffed  from Puerto Bahia Negra in Paraguay to capture Puerto Suarez, Bolivia, and seal it from the possibility of receiving military assistance from Brazil. A second similarly constituted gringo force assisted by  Gusano recruits from the  riffraff of America is to strike north from Papitan Pablo Lagarenza and seize Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. A still third and larger force of yet unknown total strength is to seize the capital of La Paz. The US generals are wary of the operation for they have insufficient forces and are being told to rely upon surprise and  good luck!
Map of Paraguay 

Note that this is a forward deployment and that such events occur not long before the attack is to begin. This is far more than  what the  US claimed to be involved in in Mercosur.
Can the gringo forces be defeated? Yes, but it requires extreme vigilance at home as well as on the  frontier. It would be adviseable  to arm the working class masses and  to inject revolutionary  cadre into the Army as soon as possible to  stiffen the resistance and  effectiveness of the Bolivian Army. Furthermore one would hope that in Bolivia a counter strike  force could be prepared that could go after the US home bases in  both Paraguay and Peru. That is what I would do if  I were in Evo Morales  Command Staff.
Jason W. Smith, May 2, 2006

# Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. says :
April 14, 2007 [ 10:49 ]

One final comment on this matter from a year ago may be in order to place the incoming Gringo Viceroy for Peru and his mission within the proper context. Namely, the complete disarray in US strategy for Latin America which was so pointed in the revolt of the generals:

Sent: 5/11/2006 12:02 PM
US Generals in Paraguay and the Pentagon revolted last week over order to invade Bolivia.  It is extremely rare for US generals to mutiny in such career-ending ways; nevertheless upon receipt  of orders they said no! Not  unless we know we have sufficient forces on hand. Rumsfeld blamed the CIA for the news of the impending attack leaking out over such outlets as this. Goss was fired  as  a consequence and the Pentagon is demanding control over the CIA.
For the gringo ruling class this is another crisis brought on by the collapse of US Hegemony via Bush II. For us this is a chance to prepare the Bolivian Army and police for the coming tasks.

# Quantum says :
April 14, 2007 [ 12:56 ]

You are now saying that the secret bases are in Paraguay, not in Bolivia.  OK even though your map appears to show Santa Rosa, El Beni, Bolivia and your text refers to Santa Rosa, Colombia.  No matter. 

So what are the locations of the secret bases in Paraguay?

# Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. says :
April 14, 2007 [ 13:22 ]

We were talking about US secret bases in Paraguay and Ecuador ro be used against Bolivia and other countries as time  develops. You need to pay attention perhaps - try  to keep up - and Santa Rosa Bolivia was one of the Bolivian targets of the aborted 2006 invasion to be launched from Paraguay. The postings speak for  themselves and everyone else seem to be following the conversation.

Next week I may have some satellite photos  of the US Secret bases  previously detailed as to location in the postings to the left of the Home  Page at Rivers of Blood!

# Nathan Gant says :
April 14, 2007 [ 21:56 ]

It is known that the Bush family has purchased very large tracts of land in Paraguay, for reasons unknown. There are Moonies down there.  A lot of old Nazi emigre money, too.

I would not be so quick to discount what Dr. Jason Smith is trying to explain and describe.  Putting US military bases anywhere in Latin America is a bad idea, IMHO. For one thing, Latin America and the Caribbean are a nuclear-free zone. OPANAL and the Tlatelolco Treaty prohibits nuclear weapons in this region.  Unfortunately the US does not abide by this internationally-recognized treaty. For that reason alone, the US has no right to station any military bases in these regions.

Losing the Manta base in Ecuador and also the shutting-down of the Puerto Rico live-fire bombing ranges (actually Vieques and Culebra) were a good step in the right direction.

The real problem with military bases, once they have been disbanded and turned back over to the civilian sector, are the toxins and hazardous waste sites (i.e., depleted uranium).  So we need to stop the military bases before they can get established. The delicate Amazon rainforests, the flora and fauna of Peru deserve this much from us.

Although I don't think the US will be able to establish even temporary bases in Latin America, we have to remain vigilant as Dr. Jason Smith is doing.  He is on our side.  No to US bases anywhere in Latin America! Yes to the Treaty of Tlatelolco!  Give peace a chance!

# Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. says :
April 16, 2007 [ 12:58 ]

Compare the area around this airstrip for barracks and other structures and compare to the progress being made by US Military Engineers at Manta Ecuador!

# nathan gant says :
April 16, 2007 [ 19:08 ]

here is what I tried to post:

# Nathan Gant says :
April 17, 2007 [ 4:13 ]

I think content is being blocked by keyword.  For example, try to post by using the word "social_sm" but misspell it so it doesn't get filtered out.

# Nathan Gant says :
April 17, 2007 [ 4:19 ]

I just posted the same message but I spelled "social_sm" correctly, put the "i" where the underscore is, and it kicked me off as "inappropriate content".  Apparently you can't use the "s" word in the English language. So I guess we have to write it in German or another language so the keyword doesn't spell the same as in English or Spanish.

Lateinamerika, und besonders Südamerika, verändert in einen sozialistischen Kontinent!

I think German will work.

# Quantum says :
April 17, 2007 [ 21:42 ]

Your text was placed standalone in response to an article and did not lay out your argument's premises accurately.  Don't blame me.  You wrote the stuff.

Before jumping to your latest thesis that there was a failed 2006 invasion of Bolivia, I still expect proof of your claim that there are currently in existence hidden/secret US bases in Paraguay.  GPS Lat/Long as well geographical locations and somewhat accurate maps would suffice.  Can you provide these or not?

# Maynard says :
April 18, 2007 [ 11:28 ]

It is of no use to argue with individuals like Jason. They made up their mind long ago and will invent things to back up their beliefs. Just because someone wrote an article doesn't make it fact.
Being of Ecuadorean descent and having lived there, the US Base in Manta has done wonders economically for that region. There is no "Master Plan" to invade South America and any notion of this is silly and if you look at just the logistics of such a plan anyone will realize that this is pure fantasy. As you can see, most of the arguments posted here are of an emotional nature and based not on any facts or sense of reality.
If any of you are interested in a real story that outlines how Ecuador benefits just as much if not more than the US, I recommend you read this article by Jonathan Hunt:,2933,259623,00.html
He lays it out in a common sense and realistic way for Ecuadoreans and anyone else who wants to base his/her argument on facts and not on fantasy.

# Nathan Gant says :
April 18, 2007 [ 17:52 ]

Have you no idea of the amount of hazardous waste sites that are created at military bases?

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is perhaps the world’s largest polluter, responsible for over 29,000 toxic hot spots on 11,000 active and former military properties in the US alone, with a cleanup price tag in the billions of dollars.

Military pollution poisoned the only source of drinking water for half a million people on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and has forced the shutdown of drinking water wells in many other communities.  Just one of the chemicals found in military munitions—perchlorate—has contaminated drinking water wells and public water systems.

From 1940 to May 2003, the U.S. Navy used three-quarters of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques for bombardment and munitions disposal.  Heavy metals and other military toxins have been found in water and vegetables in civilian areas.  From 1985 to 1989, Vieques children aged 0-9 were 117% more likely to contract cancer than children  of the same age on the main island of Puerto Rico.  Vieques residents as a whole are 73% more likely to suffer from heart disease and 64% more likely to develop hypertension.

US military bases do no more benefit than corporate gold-mining operations in the Amazon.  Their waste is a toxic nightmare of immense proportions.  Some of the biggest hazards are perchlorate, depleted uranium (roughly 60% as radioactive as naturally occurring uranium and has a half-life of 4.5 billion years) and other radioactive wastes.

Military spending can never benefit society.  A $10 million dollar investment in a battle tank could be better spent on a $10 million dollar investment in a public hospital or in the development of vaccines and medicines to fight tropical diseases.

# me says :
April 22, 2007 [ 13:59 ]

I have to chuckle a bit in reading the comments...I was just at Manta and can tell you the only thing they do is fly over the waters looking for drugs. The so called Base is incredibly small, and as for pollutants made by the US, Manta where the US are housed is cleaner than the Ecuadorian side of the installation. The US is continually helping the community with various endevours, special needs, burns units, schools, the poor, medical needs of the community and even water treatment for the area. The people of the area dump their shit in the river which flows into the area waters and the US is helping to clean their messes up (they are NOT polluting or contaminating but actually cleaning up). Maybe you should go see for yourselves before assumptions are made of US presence at Manta.

# Anonymous says :
April 22, 2007 [ 17:56 ]

Well, the good thing about a US military base would be that this could help unite the peruvian left opposition. Alan Garcia is already under heavy 
pressure after less than a year in power, with approval rating
sinking yet again to 49% this month. Its hard to see in the better parts
of Lima but political movements are again on the rise in Peru, not to
talk about everything thats happening in its neighbouring countries
and this would be a really good case for further mobilization... for a 
real change and against the current peruvian government, probably
the most loyal to the US administration in South America after Colombia...

# Justin says :
April 23, 2007 [ 8:06 ]

I want to point out that Maynard posted a link from Fox "News" about the US Bases in Ecuador. To all who are not familiar with Fox News, it is a right wing Republican “news” organization. To be blunt, it’s a propaganda machine used by the Bush Crime Family as well as the Republican Party. Fox “News” will take facts and twist them to fit their political needs.

# Nathan Gant says :
April 23, 2007 [ 17:07 ]

The true extent of the military toxins in Manta wont' be know until the base closes in 2009.  The same thing happened in the Phillippines after the US military shut down the bases there.  The same thing for Vieques in PR.  It turned out to be a cesspoll of toxic wastes.  Of course, in the case of Vieques, the US military was there for over half-century.  A bombing range.  It was probably one of the worst-case scenarios.

To categorically deny that there is no pollution by the military whatsoever is pretty naive and ill-informed, IMHO.  Either that, or you are an unabashed apologist for the war-hawks and US military industrial complex.

Basically this is true of just about any US military base. Even the old Navy base in Orlando, when they shut it down, it didn't take long too find where the toxic dumps were on the base.  I was there when that happened here in Florida.  The military keeps all that info classified as long as they control it. They alter documents or destroy them.  They are accountable only to themselves.

It's also performing secret missions related to espionage and covert activity by the Pentagon and its covert operations.  That's a real unknown and the only way to eliminate the unknown is to close the military base at Manta permanently.

# Nathan Gant says :
April 23, 2007 [ 17:13 ]

Another absurd statement is to say that the US military is better at civilian health care!  Like, they can run a hospital better than private enterprise?

Socialist Cuba is able to send doctors all over the poorest regions of Latin America without the need for military personnel.  And supply much needed vaccines.   For free.  Moral:  a civilian socialist program is far superior and more efficient and cost-effective than anything the military can muster up.  Education, medical care, housing.  You name it.  It beats the military hands down any day.

# Nathan Gant says :
April 27, 2007 [ 16:38 ]

Well, looks like the rightwing was beaten back this time.  No military base in Peru!  Prensa Latina reports the good news today.  No way the Pentagon will get to transfer Manta in Ecuador to Peru. Garcia is doing the right thing.

# Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. says :
May 9, 2007 [ 17:31 ]

Here comes the secret plot in its first "public" manifestation. How stupid do they think you are? This is the propaganda that the Gringo Regime is disseminating today via MSNBC at their website:

Straight shot to the U.S.
U.S. and South American officials warn that Meri’s is more than a rhetorical threat.

It is surprisingly easy to move across borders in the Triple Frontier, where motorbikes are permitted to cross without documents. A smuggler can bike from Paraguay into Brazil and return without ever being asked for a passport, and it is not much harder for cars and trucks.

The implications of such lawlessness could be dire, U.S. and Paraguayan officials said. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Hezbollah militiamen would raise no suspicions because they have Latin American passports, speak Spanish and look like Hispanic tourists.

The CIA singles out the Mexican border as an especially inviting target for Hezbollah operatives. “Many alien smuggling networks that facilitate the movement of non-Mexicans have established links to Muslim communities in Mexico,” its Counter Terrorism Center said in a 2004 threat paper.

“Non-Mexicans often are more difficult to intercept because they typically pay high-end smugglers a large sum of money to efficiently assist them across the border, rather than haphazardly traverse it on their own.”

Deadly legacy of a lawless frontier
Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the Tri-border has become a top-level, if little-publicized, concern for Washington, particularly as tension mounts with Iran, Hezbollah’s main sponsor. Paraguayan government officials told Telemundo that CIA operatives and agents of Israel’s Mossad security force were known to be in the region seeking to neutralize what they believe could be an imminent threat.

But long before that, U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies regarded the region as a “free zone for significant criminal activity, including people who are organized to commit acts of terrorism,” Louis Freeh, then the director of the FBI, said in 1998.

Edward Luttwak, a counterterrorism expert with the Pentagon’s National Security Study Group, described the Tri-border as the most important base for Hezbollah outside Lebanon itself, home to “a community of dangerous fanatics that send their money for financial support to Hezbollah.”

“People kill with that, and they have planned terrorist attacks from there,” said Luttwak, who has been a terrorism consultant to the CIA and the National Security Council. “The northern region of Argentina, the eastern region of Paraguay and even Brazil are large terrains, and they have an organized training and recruitment camp for terrorists.”

“Our experience is that if you see one roach, there are a lot more,” said Frank Urbancic, principal deputy director of the State Department’s counterterrorism office, who has spent most of his career in the Middle East.

# Fred says :
May 10, 2007 [ 9:43 ]

Jesus Christ, you guys are hilarious.



"The true extent of the military toxins in Manta wont' be know until the base closes in 2009"

It's already known. I did soil and groundwater investigations at the base in 2004 and 2005. If any of you had actually ever been to the base you might be able to make an argument. Quoting statistics about DOD sites is irrelevant. All industrial entities, military and private, were severe polluters throughout the industrial revolution and well in to the 1970s. The Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence was created years ago to ensure the sins of the past are not repeated and those existing toxic sites are investigated and remediated.  By the way, not that you care, but soil and groundwater at the Manta base has no contaminants above detection limits nor naturally occurring metals above background levels.




“… absurd statement is to say that the US military is better at civilian health care!  Like, they can run a hospital better than private enterprise?”


The argument is not who can run it better, obviously private enterprise. I guess the fact that private enterprise had done nothing in Manta and money didn’t exist for hospitals is not important. The fact is that where once there was no hospital, one exists now, because of the US military.




“It's also performing secret missions related to espionage and covert activity by the Pentagon and its covert operations.”


Hahahahahaha….. obviously they are not “secret” since you know about them.




“ (Fox News is)… a propaganda machine used by the Bush Crime Family as well as the Republican Party. Fox “News” will take facts and twist them to fit their political needs.”


This one is especially funny. Fox is the only network that caters to conservative viewers, while every other TV media network caters to liberal viewers; therefore, Fox is evil and biased and the facts are always twisted. I guess when they are twisted to the left to fit your political views, that is OK.  Another fact, Fox News ratings are higher than CNN and MSNBC combined.  To qualify, I am neither Republican or conservative, yet I still find this whole view point ridiculous.



I could go on forever, but don’t have the energy to argue with fanactics whose emotions control their viewpoint and where conspiracy theories carry more weight than actual documented fact.  I left the US to get away from the idiots, but I must be a glutton for punishment, because here I am, still participating in these discussions.


# Precious says :
May 25, 2008 [ 22:22 ]

Fox News is owned by Murdoch who happens to be a very close associate with both the Bush family and the Moonies. Both Murdoch and the Moonies are big contributors to the Repub party, both started the Cato Institute, etc. The Washington Post is still owned by the friggin Moonies! You all DO know who the Moonies are, yes?

US Repubs are being led by a bunch of foreign KOOKS!

Indeed the reason FOX news has the most embarassingly "stupid American" commentators on the planet. Its a joke in the US, watched for entertainment value like a cartton.

Only dumb countries let foreign militaries occupy their land. Do you see any foreign military bases in the US?

# Peruana says :
May 25, 2008 [ 23:18 ]

Those fanatics muslims have NOTHING to do in Southamerica, they should go back to their sand lands!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# UFO says :
May 26, 2008 [ 7:28 ]

I still want to know what is in Hanger 51.  Maybe it is where the secret US military bases are kept until they are transported via flying saucers to Latin American countries.

# Precious says :
May 26, 2008 [ 17:52 ]

You mean Area 51? 

Nothing. Its a testing site for new and innovative military aircraft.

The US government lets you think there are aliens in there because ... well ... its fun, why not. Laughing 

# Precious says :
May 26, 2008 [ 18:02 ]

Sadly, most people in the US consider Latinos stupid, "third world", or inferior 'half-breeds' who are only good for manual labor jobs. Its the way they see us. 

We're considered their "back yard" which is where they keep their dogs and other 'animals'.

# CapitanDan says :
May 26, 2008 [ 18:36 ]

I thought the Subject was "U.S. Bases in Peru"? Aliens, area 51, halfbreeds, Muslims, Kooks? I think my friends have had Too Many Pisco Sours. Just my opinion though. Chau My friends.

# jb says :
May 26, 2008 [ 18:48 ]

Precious, this is the way latins treat themselves.  I have lived in Lima for 10 years.  I am a white male of European decent.  I was born in the US and lived there 45 years.  I have never seen a more racist, socially stratified society than in Latin America.  Peru is just about the worst.  It isn't necessarily white vs. cholo.  It is chino vs. cholo, mestizo vs. indiginous.  White vs. cholo blanco.  Cholo vs. cholo.  I mean, you need a score card to figure this out. 

# CapitanDan says :
May 26, 2008 [ 18:50 ]

 As for U.S. bases in Peru. I say ,"No". Besides they don't need them anyway. When the Manta lease runs out all operations will be run by the U.S. Navy off the coast of Ecuador. One ship using remote controlled aircraft combined with the latest satellite technology can do the same job, cheaper and out of the sight of the Ecuadorian government.Chau

# CapitanDan says :
May 26, 2008 [ 18:57 ]

Precious what JB says is the sad truth. SorryCry

# Tupac says :
May 26, 2008 [ 20:54 ]

""...terms of helping strengthen democracy and achieving friendship without threat in our region..."

I can't believe that you are so brain damaged as to quote anything this LIAR or his staff have to say. This is the same crap he spewed about Iraq, the environment, the precious children in schools, etc. etc. all of which turned out to be the exact opposite of the propaganda spewed by his office. That he dared to mention the the words promote democracy proves that he wants to do the exact opposite. Unfortunately, Garcia is going to take a fat check and do everything "papi" wants. He is turning out to be another dog, just like Blair was.

# Senorita Rita says :
May 26, 2008 [ 22:24 ]

This comment was readers shall not post or transmit through any material which violates or infringes in any way upon the rights of others, which is threatening, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane or otherwise objectionable. Any conduct by a reader that in's discretion restricts or inhibits any other participant from using or enjoying will not be permitted.

# YT says :
May 26, 2008 [ 22:32 ]

Check out these videos for the truth on Garcia or search
for "Bush Garcia" on youtube:

García as Bush says: You are either with us or against us

Alan García habla en inglés y llama "Excelencia" a Bush

TLC con Perú fue firmada y promulgada por George Bush

# jb says :
June 4, 2008 [ 11:27 ]

Peruvians to protest US troops presence

# Liamesque says :
February 22, 2009 [ 18:45 ]

A military base in Peru, as we know Alan Garcia can be bought and not for much, I don't like the Idea of a U.S. military base in Peruvian soil, we know that they just fence themselves in and act like they own the country. If Peru gets to build a military base in Red-neck Georgia maybe I'll support the idea. cheers!!

# eljudioloco says :
September 15, 2009 [ 13:46 ]

What is it about the american left that they have to pull out all of these nutball conspiracy theories as to the motives of every single american action in th world. Never providing any proof or evidence, just links to blogs and opinion pieces but never any verifiable proof.

gotta love it...

As a peruvian american and conservative, im still missing the day when fujimori went in and kicked ass and took names... living in peru during the eighties, i saw the damage done by the shining path and the leftist guerrilas as well at the pro-soviet government that changed currency three times during the time i was there...

talk about inflation... i went from pauper to millionaire over night... but still couldnt buy a care of pilsen.. lol..

# Jackie says :
September 15, 2009 [ 15:13 ]

I support US military bases in Peru. Why not? What bad can come out of this? I see none just positives. Peru can count on help from the US when things start to get out of hand in that country. I also support any help that the USA offers to Peru, medical, food, clothing, or just support of any kind.

# Carlos Benavides says :
September 18, 2009 [ 18:57 ]

This is terrible news for my Country. I do not support us military bases in Peru or anywhere in South America.

# Carlos Benavides says :
September 22, 2009 [ 17:51 ]

Peru Rejects US Military Base

Lima, Apr 27 (Prensa Latina) Peruvian

Foreign Minister Jose Garcia Belaunde totally

rejected any possibility that the government

would accept a United States military base on

Peruvian soil.

The minister assured that the subject was not

even touched upon in the talks between

Peruvian president, Alan Garcia and his US counterpart, George W. Bush

during a visit of the former to Washington this week.

Garcia expressed his ideological identification with that country and its

anti-drug policy and praised the international position of Bush's

government while discussing ratification of a controversial bilateral free

trade treaty.

Reports on the possibility of setting up a US base to replace the one in

Manta were strongly rejected by several sectors.

The Foreign Affairs minister also rejected the possibility of an armed

conflict between Peru and Chile over a difference on limits of territorial


"This is a time for neither defenselessness nor war," he pointed out

"although I admit that for this country it is an issue of concern that Chile

has placed on its territory, close to the borders with Peru and Bolivia,

fighter planes recently supplied by the United States."

# jordans mile says :
September 23, 2009 [ 7:11 ]

It's already known.
I did soil and groundwater investigations at the base in 2004 and 2005. If any of you had actually ever been to the base you might be able to make an argument. Quoting statistics about DOD sites is irrelevant. By  JOrdans

# mericorps says :
September 23, 2009 [ 8:13 ]

Carlos, do you think your country is so weak that an American airbase would make it fall?

I have more faith in Peru than you, I guess.

# Carlos Benavides says :
September 23, 2009 [ 11:46 ]

And I have faith in my country Peru , I am proud to be Peruvian.Dont need no  us Military Bases in Peru. Dont trust us Imperialistic Goverment.Study c.i.a  history in Peru & South America . Study all the misery us military caused in South America.
Lets not forget the School of The Americas.

# Carlos Benavides says :
September 23, 2009 [ 12:01 ]

We dont need an invading us military base in Peru or Anywhere in South America.No more us Imperialism in South America.

# Carlos Benavides says :
September 23, 2009 [ 12:21 ]

Russia,  China,  North Korea,  Pakistan,   And Iran Should all have Military Bases in usa.

# mericorps says :
September 23, 2009 [ 19:27 ]

So, carlos, you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

You say you have faith in your country, then you say you are scared of USA Imperialism.

I think Peru is very independent and strong of will and can manage its independence just fine with or without a USA Military base.

Clearly, you are not so confident in your sad.

# mericorps says :
September 24, 2009 [ 18:31 ]

Carlos, again, you must think Peru weak and stupid to think a base would make Peru anything less than Peru.

And did you notice what happened recently with ALBA?

When Evo claimed ekeko, alcaldas all over Puno cut ties with Alba offices.  Seems there are only there on a string now.

However, I see you have passion, almost religion about your beliefs and therefore facts mean nothing to you.

Good luck with that, however, most Peruvians I know rely on facts and truth and honor.  YOu embarass them.

# Cleo Powers says :
September 28, 2009 [ 9:53 ]

American soldiers, on the most part, show no threat to Peruvians. they, the soldiers, are human as the next country.
moon bases? During hitlers rein?

# Carlos Benavides says :
September 28, 2009 [ 20:24 ]

The whole of South America REJECTS us military bases.
Have you not heard of The School of the Americas?
Look at John Pilgers War on Democracy on YouTube
Also look up School of the americas war on democracy on YouTube.
There are many reasons why South America rejects us Imperialistic military bases.
1 Torture
2 Genocide
3 Invasion
4 us corruption

I hope this responce gets printed but I wont hold my breath.
And when Ollanta Humala wins its GOODBYE us military bases in Peru .
And yes I support Humala all the way and so does my Family & Friends.

# jackie says :
September 28, 2009 [ 22:55 ]

I'm glad that the US base has had presence in the beautiful country of Peru. Peru deserves and should be open to any help that the US offers. Us Americans love Peru. I cant wait to visit Peru, hopefully soon.

# mericorps says :
September 29, 2009 [ 17:46 ]


you said you welcome Chinese bases or other such countries.

Do you realize what a joke you are making of yourself?

you think the Chinese do not torture?
Are not corrupt?
Have not participated and currently participate in Genocide?

You would love to be imperialized, you just choose Chinese over USA.

You love of Peru has to be questioned.

# Carlos Benavides says :
September 29, 2009 [ 18:54 ]

No mericrap its you who is the joke.

# jackie says :
September 29, 2009 [ 22:54 ]

Ollanta Humala I believe has a zero possibility of winning the presidency of Peru. Just accept good changes being done in Peru. Be happy for your country and stop trying to stop good things from happening or that already happening in Peru.

# mericorps says :
September 30, 2009 [ 11:36 ]

Well, Carlos, I can not argue with you on you have said nothing of substance, just did not like the points I was making.

Obviously you can not refrute what I said, you are just going to deflect.

Good luck with that.

# John B says :
September 30, 2009 [ 13:20 ]

I agree with Jasen and others who feel the US presence in Peru has the advantage and potiencial for future US agression against whoever.We will soon live in Peru and I understand the mentality of US government because I know alittle about its history.The US always wants a justifiable base for its statigic advantage worldwide.America also likes many markets to obtain its resources,while not exhausting its own resource.I hope they dont put any base in South America and hope the American people loose their appitite for drugs some day.The drug addition and use are a stupid fact about American families and culture.America has failed the war against drug abuse in spite of our advanced educational programs to prevent drug use.The American family is too addicted to earning money and not family centered as in the South American culture.The solution lies it the American family and not in its quest for another American military base off shore.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 1, 2009 [ 1:30 ]

Go read Noam Chomsky & John Pilger.

# mericorps says :
October 1, 2009 [ 8:51 ]


I know Mr. Chomsky, we used to work together in DC.

Believe it or not, I am a progressive and do NOT support my country's policies and history in Latin America.

But if you are going to quote Mr. Chomsky, you should mention that he would also not be in favor of a Chinese base here either.

And that is my point, you are not in favor of anything, just against something.  You are ready to sell Peru to the Chinese just to spite the USA, but if you really loved Peru, you would want to help it build its own future, not take the future designed by the Venezuelas, Chinese or Americans.

But clearly, you have no love of Peru, just a hatred of the west.  For that, you fail Peru.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 1, 2009 [ 14:18 ]

meericrap you are full of sh*t

And no I dont fail Peru. I am proud to be Peruvian.

I am also happy most of South America has rejected us Imperialism.

I do not fail Peru in anyway.

I support Ollanta Humala and Hugo Chavez

And obviously you have not learnt Noam Chomskys message.

usa has brought nothing but MISERY to South America, And I for one say Thankyou Hugo Chavez.

# Cleo Powers says :
October 1, 2009 [ 15:44 ]

Doesn't matter what anyone says about America being on Peru soil. They hold the bigger stick. They go where they want. Nuff said.

# mericorps says :
October 1, 2009 [ 18:22 ]


Besides calling me names, what did you have to say?

Did you address the fact that you are just exchanging 1 imperialism for another and doing nothing for Peru to secure a Peruvian made future?

Did you address the fact that you are quoting Mr. Chomsky, but not mentioning that he does not agree with you?

Or are you simply repeating your call for Peru to be a lap-dog to VZ or CHina just because you prefer to lick that dogs toes instead of the USA/

If you loved Peru, you would want to build an independent strong Peru, not an annex of China, Vz. NOR the USA.

Clearly, your loyalties are not with Peru.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 1, 2009 [ 22:45 ]

China &  Russia SCO Alliance can counter us forces very easily.
China owns usa.
usa is now living under Chinas credit card.
The us empire is FINISHED.
usa wants a war against Pakistan & Iran , With what money? 
South America has new Military Alliances with Iran China & Russia.
So finally South America will at least be able to defend itself against us imperialism.
I hope this gets printed.

# Dion & the Belmonts says :
October 2, 2009 [ 13:43 ]

People, don't waste your time trying to discuss anything with carlos benavides, he's too ignorant, narrow minded and irrational. He'll just copy and paste you to death or spew unrealistic brain washed rhetoric.

# Cleo Powers says :
October 2, 2009 [ 15:37 ]

Oh, it got printed alrighty!
I have a question for you Carlos, Who peed in your Cheerios for you to be so mean?

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 4, 2009 [ 19:33 ]

HAHAHA I dont drink and I dont take drugs . And I trust China way more than usa.
usa has brought nothing but misey to South America & The Middle East.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 6, 2009 [ 1:16 ]

I dont eat disgusting cheerios HAHAHA. And I am not mean,  I speak the TRUTH . I am anti us imperialism.

# Cleo Powers says :
October 6, 2009 [ 7:14 ]

You know not what you say, only what you want to see & hear.
Twice a year I travel to Lima with a group of Doctors, Dentist, OBYs,
etc, etc. to administer to the needy-have nots. We, thru contributions & prayer, accumilate enough $$$ to feed, cloth, & treat about 1000 people. Free! We have a facility staffed by Peruvians that take care of business while we travel back home. You only see the crust of what our Govt. does & not the "working class" that makes these things possiable. You judge what you see & hear of the U.S. military, which in no way has anything to do with what the United States of American  people are like. You like our milk & honey but complain about the U.S. as a whole. you destroy what we do by your indignations of false hopes. we literally have no control over our Govt. just as you have no control over yours. we are the little people, so to speak, & we put our hopes & wishes in our elected officials. If they fail or do wrong then one day they will do as we will do, face God for the transgressions against his sheep. You need to be more positive about the U.S. & stop your bickering. I can only imagine how much T.V. you watch. Try volunteering as much & see your crops grow. Then you will have a better understanding of Thanksgiving. The Churches of Christ Salute you!

# Cleo Powers says :
October 6, 2009 [ 7:26 ]

I hear or see nothing of China coming to the aid of Americans that have been devastated by tornados, floods, earthquakes, or disease or any aid that is required by those that live here thats "in need". we have people that barly have money to eat, pay their bills, etc,. that give to the Lord- Peru. There are many origanizations in America, like that of the pebbles of sand on the beach that do the same as we & much more. Catholics, Jews, Baptist, lutherans, You name it, America has them. we thank them as they do us, for the work. We, the people, those that have dedicated their lives, to help the needy, where ever thay may be, are there. The American RedCross, The United Way,
Etc. are there "only" for the needy. Judge not, least you be judged.

# Cleo Powers says :
October 6, 2009 [ 7:50 ]

And last but not least, 'all" the volunteers go to various countries, including Peru, after they have aquired enough hours at their work, to get a vacation & they  contribute this time off to help.They endure many hardships while helping. They travel with the supplies to remote places in Peru, taking the Doctors, etc. with them. they go where it is almost impossiable to get supplies & then they endure Peru's Bandits that pillage our supplies, & have even killed or maimed our people, to fill their bellies, only to do it again & again. What a VACATION!
Maybe you Carlos would like to help us? when we offer our time away from home? Maybe help us get thru these trying times with the bandits?

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 6, 2009 [ 18:08 ]

Cant reply cause someone cant handle a difference of opinion HAHAHA.
Inappropriate content PATHETIC.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 7, 2009 [ 1:06 ]

A clear case for applying the laws (ie. the Convention on Genocide) is put forward by Jocelyn E. Getgen in her research on why the issue of forced sterilization was excised from the Peruvian Truth Commission's report. It notes the removal from the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission Final Report of statistics and proof of two hundered thousand sterilizations. Funding was reliant on USAID, and the UN which acted as a secretary/gatekeeper for funds from northern countries. While it is difficult to trace links between the actions of specific death squads in the Americas to specific orders by the CIA or specific agent control asserted by a US Embassy, other covert agencies and black budgets, it is comparatively simple to sort out the establishment and enforcement of a genocide, as Getgen points out, against Quechua women through surgical birth control mechanisms. The Peruvian and foreign personnel responsible for these programs and who effected the programs are on public record, as are US laws against genocide. 

Fujimori's programs were able to move forward under the banner of feminism, with the spin that women with the right to their own bodies are free to choose their method of contraception. While this helped neutralize international protest from women's groups between 100 thousand and 300,000 Peruvian women were sterilized. Some unwittingly. Some at "ligation festivals." Some without choice. Some as a condition of employment or benefits. Some for cash. Some as a condition of medical care, to stay alive. Some health workers were given bonuses according to the number of women they persuaded. The wide variance in estimates is at least partly due to the difference of years included in programs that started in 1996 and lasted through 2000, depending on one's sources. Given the power groups of the sources the statistics may be considered low. 22,000 indigenous men are noted as well.

# Cleo Powers says :
October 7, 2009 [ 16:20 ]

Laughing To all those that read Carlos's blubberings, I would suggest not reading it. I've figured him out, or her. "It" is here to stir the pie, doesn't matter what the subject is about, just to stir.

# Edgerton says :
October 8, 2009 [ 14:31 ]


I believe the Chinese have a pretty poor record for Genoside.  Currently their muslim population is taking a beating, as has their Tibetan population.  What makes you think you will fare any better with the Chinese than the Americans?  Why not let Peru be Peruvian?

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 8, 2009 [ 16:20 ]

I  trust China way more than usa. I am happy with South Americas Russia China and Iran Alliance.

# Edgerton says :
October 8, 2009 [ 17:27 ]

So, carlos, you are perfectly find selling Peru to genocidalists, you just prefer chinese to Americans?

Poor Peru.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 10, 2009 [ 18:04 ]

Yes I prefer Peru deal with China  over us imperialism anyday.
usa as an empire is over. usa now lives under Chinas creditcard.
At last the us imperialistic  empire is CRUMBLING DOWN.
Viva China.
VIVA PERU WITHOUT us imperialism.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 10, 2009 [ 18:12 ]

My links explain my reasons PERFECTLY. But I wont hold my breath if they are not printed. Lets face it usa is ASHAMED of the truth regarding cia history of attrocities in South America. And thier corrupt us fta against the Poor People of Peru & South America . us fta & us nafta = EXPLOITATION of the poor.
And if you look up : Blood Flows in the Amazons by James Petras on Google , You will see how usa commited Genocide against the Poor People of Peru. SHAME ON usa. And also look up War on Democracy 1/10 on YouTube.
John Pilger has exposed us imperialism and its ruthless empire.
Thankgod the days of the us empire are nearly OVER.

# johann says :
October 10, 2009 [ 21:26 ]

Edgar: it doesn't seem to be about selling Peru, just a question of who deserves credibilty from Carlos. 

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 11, 2009 [ 4:20 ]

I prefer Russians and Iranians to americans as well.

# Edgerton says :
October 11, 2009 [ 11:14 ]

Yes, Carlos, we understand.

Your position is based on hatred of the USA.

it is clearly not based on all the facts, only the ones that support your hatred.

It is clear it is not based on love of Peru.

It is clear it is not based on anything but pure blind hatred on the level one only in the worst of society.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 11, 2009 [ 12:43 ]

usa has commited Genocide both in Peru and all over South America.
Thats why I HATE usa.

# Cleo Powers says :
October 11, 2009 [ 14:30 ]

Edgerton, I must agree.

as a whole, I suppose we do some fairly stupid things. I also suppose its our leaders of our military thats making decisions not befitting others eyes.  My only wish would be for Carlos to meet us, the people that have no say on what goes on in our Goverment, the ones, like me, that get up at 4 am, & come back home from work at 6 pm. Frankly, I havent much time to do anything but crash & wait for tomorrow. My life isn't one of glamour, or excitement. By the time I get enough hours in for vacation, I take one, and even then its not one of glamour. The U.S.A. may be better for others that live here, but to me, its work! It still is the land of oppurtunity, but not for everyone. Someone still has to unclog the tolets.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 11, 2009 [ 14:42 ]

usa has commited attrocities in Peru & South America via the cia.
Go do a google search on the following websites:
Blood Flows in the amazons by James Peteras
A History of cia Attrocities
Victims of death squads buried in Peru
South America, us Hegemony and Excess Mortality

These are but a few websites explaining how the cia  was involved in Genocide against the Poor People of Peru and South America.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 11, 2009 [ 14:49 ]

I support El Partido Communista del Peru.

# John Martinez says :
October 11, 2009 [ 15:38 ]

Dear Mr Obama,
Shouldn´t we just learn from the past to try to make a better future. Have all of you already forgotten the so called Project Cold ( Why is the memory so weak and lazy?

# Edgerton says :
October 11, 2009 [ 17:19 ]


China has and is commiting Genocide.  Russia has and is commiting genocide.

Why do you want to get in bed with any genocidalists?

Peru should be for Peruvians, not genocidalists from any continent and I have to question your motives for your desire to sell your country to genocidalists.

You actually never address this issue, just keep yelling USA evil, USA evil...I am not arguing you that..I am asking you to justify your desire to sell Peru to ANY genocidalist.

Your lack of response spells out so much about your motives.  They are NOT to protect peru, they are not to improve the future of Peru, you simply are wlling the sell the soul of your country to China or Russia or anybody else that comes along, no matter if they will love or protect Peru or not simply to support your hatred of the USA.

Peru deserves better, you are obviosly not patriotic to Peru or any country.  You are not motivated by the rich culture of this country, by the strong people of Peru by the potential of your own countrymen, you could care less about them.  You only want to destroy the USA and you will sacrifice your own motherland to do so.

Peru deserves better than you.

# Edgerton says :
October 12, 2009 [ 5:51 ]

I challenge you again, carlos, to explain why you accept ANY genocidalists in Peru.

You sell your country to one enemy just because you hate another enemy before.

I challeng you that if you had any love for Peru, you should want it to be Peruvian, not Chinese, not Iraqi, not Russian, but Peruvian.

You have made it painfully obvious that you do not care about Peru and will sell it to anyone exept the USA and I claim you are a fake.

If you loved Peru you would want it to be Peruvian, not Chinese.  If you loved Peru you want to protect it from EVERYONE that supports genocide, and you do not.

YOu have shamed your motherland. 

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 12, 2009 [ 13:19 ]

I cant reply to edgerton .
Cause my reply is inappropriate HAHAHA.

# Edgerton says :
October 12, 2009 [ 20:31 ]

Carlos, you said it best..

your motives are about hate, not love of peru. 

And that is why Peru would be better off without you.

They do not need the USA, China, Russia, but especially they do not need nor want you.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 12, 2009 [ 21:05 ]

Peru & South America does not need any more us imperialism,  Or us genocide via cia. Yes of course I hate the usa for all the MISERY they have caused in Peru & South America.

# Carlos Benavides says :
October 13, 2009 [ 3:53 ]

My links explain my reasons PERFECTLY. But I wont hold my breath if they are not printed. Lets face it usa is ASHAMED of the truth regarding cia history of attrocities in South America. And thier corrupt us fta against the Poor People of Peru & South America . us fta & us nafta = EXPLOITATION of the poor.
And if you look up : Blood Flows in the Amazons by James Petras on Google , You will see how usa commited Genocide against the Poor People of Peru. SHAME ON usa. And also look up War on Democracy 1/10 on YouTube.
John Pilger has exposed us imperialism and its ruthless empire.
Thankgod the days of the us empire are nearly OVER.

# Edgerton says :
October 13, 2009 [ 18:23 ]


you seem pretty supportive of Russian and CHinese genocide.  Why is that?

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