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International Relations | March 26, 2007 [ 8:00 ]

Chilean model emulates Peru's nude protester, wants improved relations
Chilean actress Paula Barros dawns the Peruvian colors.
(LIP-jl) -- The relationship between Peru has been erratic as of late to say the least. The recent controversy caused by the ongoing maritime border limit between the Andean nations has caused Chilean and Peruvian politicians to passionately defend their 'rightful' territory.

The relationship between the neighboring countries has been so tense that Chilean Chancellor, Alejandro Foxley, recently had a War of the Pacific documentary stopped from airing on Chilean television 'as a sign of good will to the Peruvian public' and to ease political stress caused by the issue.

However, the most outrageous protest came just weeks ago when a slender Peruvian model, wearing only thong panties and red, white, and blue body paint representing the Chilean flag covering her nude torso, paraded around Lima's Plaza de Armas (main square). The model, identified as Reyna Loo, was hired by a Peruvian magazine to protest Chile's stance on the maritime issue.

Enter Paula Barros, a Chilean actress who decided to dawn the red and white colors of the Peruvian flag on her nude torso over the weekend as a gesture of goodwill, rather than of protest.

According to Barros, the need to improve the delicate relationship between Peru and Chile should also lie with their citizens.

"To think of a Peruvian as 'Indians' is a sign of ignorance," stated Barros referring to the Chilean people.

Her decision to drape her body with the Peruvian colors was not a protest, but rather a form of 'having the Peruvian people close to her heart.'

"They (Peruvians) are my brothers and sisters. This was done to lighten up the mode between our people," sustained Barros.

The fair haired actress, who is planning a visit to the Peruvian capital within the next months, hopes her peculiar display does not cause any resentment on the part of Peruvian people.
Reyna Roo parading around Lima's Plaza de Armas (main square) wearing only white thong panties and the Chilean flag painted on her nude torso on March 13.
© Peru 21
Meanwhile, when informed about Barros's body paint flag rendition, Reyna Loo qualified her as a 'copycat' and accused her of looking for publicity.

"The increased awareness that my protest brought to the subject was such that I am not surprised by the appearance of copycats," affirmed Loo.

Roo also rejected the notion of posing together with Barros as a sign that things can improve among the neighboring nations.

"No, I wouldn't pose with her. It would be mixing politics with what being an actress/model," concluded Roo.

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