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Sports | March 7, 2007 [ 11:03 ]

Peru's national soccer team still without a coach

00Juvenile Silva
Another delay: The current crisis in Peruvian soccer doesn't seem to be a problem to Silva.
(LivinginPeru News) -- "One or two more days will not affect the progress of our national soccer team," stated Juvenal Silva, President of Peru's 2010 World Cup Commission.

With that statement, Silva shed light on the current crisis infecting Peruvian soccer.

With only a few months left until the Copa America gets underway, Peru is the only participating team without a head coach.

According to the local media, Peru's 2010 World Cup Commission met Tuesday night to announce the name of Peru's new head coach. However, to the surprise of many, Peru's Wold Cup decision makers announced yet another delay in the search for a head coach.

"There will be new developments on Thursday and I can assure you that we will definitely have a coach in time for our international friendly match against Japan," stated Silva.

According to the local media, Juan Carlos Oblitas (Peru) will likely be named Peru's next head coach. Jorge Fossati (Uruguay) and Julio Cesar Uribe (Peru), the current coach of Ciencano del Cuzco, are also considered to be in the running according to the commission.

Despite being puiblicly mentioned as Peru's possible next head coach by the selection commission, Fossati has publicly stated that it would be difficult to coach Peru due to his current contractual obligations with Qatar's Al-Sadd soccer club.

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# lalo165 says :
May 25, 2010 [ 8:28 ]

what a joke. No wonder Peru soccer has gone down the tubes.

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