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Politics | July 26, 2011 [ 12:38 ]

Peru’s new government to focus on education, health, social programs

Marisol Espinoza (Photo:Andina/Gustavo Sánchez )
The new government will change the current budget and prioritize investment in education, health and social programs, according to vice president-elect Marisol Espinoza.

According to news agency Andina, Espinoza stated she had already talked to future Minister of Finance, Miguel Castilla, on this issue, which is one of the concerns of President-elect Ollanta Humala.

"We talked to him to redefine the budget, based on proposals from Gana Peru [Humala’s Party] which revolved around social inclusion programs; these programs include issues of education and health, and social programs that are not already included in the budget," she said.

She said the new government would work toward economic growth of no less than 6%, by the end of the year.

"Our commitment is for the country to grow with equity - that the growth does not stop. (Castilla) will be in charge of making growth go to 6% (...) which is a conservative goal," she told local CPN Radio.

Espinoza further noted that the new cabinet - which will take office on July 28 - gives trust to the country and would work "toward a path of social inclusion."

Finally, she said the government would be careful with public resources and would comply with the law on this matter.

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# Scott Adams says :
July 26, 2011 [ 13:13 ]

It would be so nicce to see the minimum salary increased to 750 sol per month. 

In Brasil Lula de Silva was able to lift millions out of poverty with two conditional transfer payment programs that helped the rual areas. 
I believe that this could be done in Peru also.  These programs cost only 1% of GDP but accomplished so much good. 

# Dave says :
July 26, 2011 [ 14:34 ]

It sounds like they the object is to be like the US democratic party.

# Peru-N-English Blog says :
July 27, 2011 [ 10:21 ]

Really Scott? Show me an example? Brazil is a farce. Their social and crime situation is far worse than Perú’s. 30% of Brazil’s urban poor live in the Favelas (slums) and crime, drugs and child prostitution is rampant. This doesn’t even account for the rural poor.

In the USA they have spent trillions of dollars since 1965 on poverty programs. In 1965 poverty was 15% today in 2011 poverty is 15%. The only decline was seen in the 1990’s with a Republican controlled congress when welfare was heavily scaled back. People actually went to work. Since then welfare programs have began growing again along with the poverty rate. When are you guys going to figure out giving taxpayer money away doesn't work?

# Elvis says :
July 27, 2011 [ 12:56 ]

'Peru-n-english blog'

The statistics you mention don't seem very believeable. Here is a chart showing poverty data from the US census bureau:

As you can see poverty hit a low toward the end of the Clinton administration, and has fluctuated several times since. It is fair to assume that the economic recesion, coupled with the cutbacks in social programs during the Bush II administration are partialy responsible for the increase in poverty.

# Peru-N-English Blog says :
July 27, 2011 [ 14:55 ]

This is no format in which to argue the finer points. So I’ll just say show me the trillions of hard earned taxpayer dollars worth of poverty reduction in that chart. What I see is a very flat stubborn line with some minor inflections representing exactly what I said. And look at the numbers in poverty steadily moving up (overall) except in the period I mentioned.

# Roger Bertrand says :
July 27, 2011 [ 18:03 ]

Look I concur with the jist of PERU N ENGLISH boy, which I read as:
"SHOW THEM HOW TO FISH DON'T GIVE THEM FISH"...Circa year 33 JC that is a pretty old saying, no? Spending a ton more on social programs will not necessarily lift anybody out of poverty. The more you give them the more they want, and free... and not so much free... YOU THE WORKING TAX PAYER pay for all these hand outs to people that do not have any intention of putting the shoulder to the wheel and keep the car moving.
Brazil is not a show case and Mr. Lula may have done some good, but I can't barely see Brazil as a BEACON of the WORLD to follow. Most of the time where SOCIALIST hand outs have taken place, there has been no change or a general rise in poverty accompanied by lowering of standards of living. The recent history shows plenty of cases: Russia, East Germany, Sweden, England, Spain, Greece, Cuba, etc...

So just watch out here with the GIVE ME MORE FREE ATTITUDE of the ANDEAN people... Get ready to be squeezed out to the last drop...


# Roger Bertrand says :
July 27, 2011 [ 18:12 ]

Hi Scott,
It would be so nice??? I will bet to you that they raise to 750 and small to medium businesses will boot out thousands of people from the payroll. The payroll benefits account for another 30%, that means a ton of SOLES to businesses fighting for a spot under the sun...
I would say not so nice so fast. Why can't they wait like anywhere else and accept a 10 % rise per year for the next 5 years? That would permit business to adapt.
That is the greatest problem here: THEY WANT EVERYTHING NOW AND FREE, after they spent from 1965 to 1995 doing nothing to grow. Can't they be a little more patient. They behave like spoiled brats... Just like what they receive at home: MI REY, MI REINA, MI CIELO, MI VIDA, etc... All the time “THEY” are the most important, can't wait in line for their turn for example...they are all Kings and Queens of I don't know where.

HARD WORK, APPLICATION, PATIENCE I was repeatedly told when I was a kid.... This appears foreign here.

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