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Politics | July 7, 2011 [ 10:29 ]

Peru's Garcia says the Government Palace is haunted

García in the Government Palace (Photo: ANDINA/Hector Vincés)
With just three weeks left in his administration, Peruvian President Alan García is loosening his tongue. Last night's topic: ghosts.

While leading a tour of the Government Palace for Frecuencia Latina's program "La noche es mía," García paused to explain some of the paranormal activity at the site.

"There is a friend from centuries ago who likes to pass through the Palace, especially the second floor; some ruler or executed person," García said, claiming that part of the building used to host Lima's gallows.

The president did not stop there. “The employees say, and with reason, because many of them have had to be treated for nervous breakdowns, that there is some type of goblin in the parking garage. It must be a bureaucrat from another government, who has stayed hiding there,” the leader said.


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# Christian Jessen says :
July 7, 2011 [ 13:57 ]

Really? REALLY?? First he wants to sue a city in Norway for "stealing Peruvian artifacts", and now he is talking about Goblins and ghosts from other goverments?

Now its just sad, thinking that a country with as many opportunities as Peru has been lead by a guy like Garcia...

# Herve says :
July 7, 2011 [ 14:51 ]

I mean seriously....
This guy as some humor. After the kill of Ben Laden that he declare being a micracle of pope John Paul II, he comes with this ghost story.
He's flying high, somebody knows what he take ? ;-)

# Erika says :
July 7, 2011 [ 15:40 ]

Haha...García is insane! That's why peruvians call him "caballo loco".

# daved says :
July 7, 2011 [ 22:27 ]


# Mark says :
July 8, 2011 [ 9:13 ]

He may be mistaking his gofers and minions coming in at night to take the loot he steals from the peruvian people to be deposited in foreign banks accounts for ghosts.
He should schedule them at a certain time at night so he would not be making these ridiculous claims embarrasing the peruvian people.

# Marissa smith says :
July 10, 2011 [ 9:28 ]

This is a good one, Alan Garcia and his ghosts. Yes, Alan Garcia is mistaken his conscience with ghosts, his inner voice says "guilty of stealing the country". Don't worry Garcia, the ghosts will follow you wherever you go, or wherever you have deposited the peruvians' money. Caballo loco, perfect name for a pig like Garcia.

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