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2011 Elections | March 16, 2011 [ 17:46 ]

Garcia says Toledo could have a "pyschosexual obsession" with him

Garcia says Toledo could have a
García says that he likes Toledo, though the ex president thinks the opposite. (Photo: Internet)

President Alan García said that presidential candidate Alejandro Toledo could have a "pyschosexual obsession" with him, according to El Comercio.

García was asked by the local press about Toledo's accusations against him, assuring that he was orchestrating a campaign against the ex president, making public a series of expenditures of liquor and perfume done during Toledo's administration.

"It is an old electoral strategy to confront the president. That helps to keep the poll percentages when these tend to decrease. I like Alejandro [Toledo], he doesn't have to see me like an enemy. His problem is that he likes to say I don't like him or that I fascinate men and women; that sounds more like a psychosexual obsession," said García.

The president also said about Villarán's report on Castañeda's administration that "everybody has the right to publish reports when they think so and everybody has the right to qualify those reports."

"If I were Castañeda I would say 'thank you' and let us proceed to do the investigations without any kind of fear. I don't see why that report should have any impact on the voters," said García.

When García was asked about the 70 percetn dissaproval according to the latest poll made by the Institue of Public Opinion of the Catholic University (PUCP), he said, "I don't reall have much to say because [Fernando] Tuesta doesn't like me at all, he always has situated me as a loser in all elections."

Listen to president Alan García's comments (Video footage - Canal N):

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