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Outside of Lima | February 19, 2010 [ 11:23 ]

Nudist beach in Peru turned out to be a hoax
Isabel Guerra

Last Friday, the Mayor of Nuevo Chimbote announced that they had opened the first nudist beach in Peru, called Caleta Colorada: however, now a local TV station has aired a report that shows that this seems to be just a hoax made up by Mayor Valentín Fernández.

According to this TV report, local residents said that they have never seen naked people at this bay.

One of the interviewed residents is Manuel Rojas, a fisherman living and working here for 25 years.

“The Mayor paid 100 soles to some young people to have them acting like nudists,” he said.

Other resident said that he had seen a group making a video allegedly for a TV commercial.

And finally the Mayor said that “I have come with my family and have not seen any nudist. Some people can go naked but this does not make this a real nudist beach.”

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