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Outside of Lima | August 31, 2007 [ 12:00 ]

Survey: Peru's Alan Garcia Increases Popularity After Earthquake Relief Efforts

(LIP-ir) -- According to Peru's La Republica newspaper, the increase in approval of Peru's President Alan Garcia is due to the action he and the government took when the magnitude-8 earthquake struck Peru and destroyed large parts of regions on August 15.

General Manager of the survey company known as the Peruvian Public Opinion and Market Study Company (CPI), Manuel Saavedra, stated that the increase in Alan Garcia's popularity was due to the population's recognition of the way Alan Garcia and Peru's Government had managed Peru's crisis after the earthquake.

Survey results revealed that Alan Garcia's approval rate had risen to 51.9 percent in Lima and Callao. In addition, polls showed that Garcia had recovered the 11 points he lost in the past months, when only 40.3 percent of the people surveyed approved of his administration.

"It is a conjuncture that has allowed the government to recover the approval points it had lost. Let's see if this level of approval can be kept in the future or if the tendency to decrease repeats itself. This depends on how the government acts," stated Saavedra,

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# DLW says :
September 1, 2007 [ 11:27 ]

The only conjuncture in this report is Mr Saaverda statement, as you may not have noticed, he only allowed the rating to remain at "this level or decline". Where is a possible increase, Mr Saaverda? You are suspose to be non bias in your polls.

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