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Politics | July 27, 2011 [ 9:35 ]

Peru’s Garcia: achievements will be recognized by history

Alan García (Photo: Serpes)
The day before leaving office President Alan García thanked his ministers, regional presidents and mayors for the perseverance and dedication in their work for the country. García said the achievements of his administration will be recognized by history.

"I wanted to thank all of the ministers, also the regional presidents have put in a great deal of effort into their jobs, and mayors who are those who develop directly and closely with the people," he said, in an article in Andina.

In the last session of the Council of Ministers, the president also said he was satisfied with the achievements of his administration and reiterated that "when you put zeal asside, history will recognize what these ministers achieved with their effort."

"Much will have to be done for our country, but I think that the path chosen was the correct one, and the perseverance and the dedication was necessary" he said.

"A salute to Peru, to the youth of Peru, to the poor of Peru, to the authorities of Peru, and as a follower of (Victor Raul) Haya de La Torre all I wanted to do was make a government that gives bread with freedom . A salute to Peru, to it’s future and success," he concluded.

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1 Comment

# Guanaco says :
July 27, 2011 [ 11:42 ]

yes in 2 days Alan will be in his Home in Paris
then the history will show how much he stole from Peru this time...

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