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Lima | June 13, 2011 [ 17:05 ]

Disagreement on giant statue of Christ to be installed in Lima

Alan García and a portion of the statue known as "Christ of the Pacific." (Photo: Perú.21)

Lima mayor, Susana Villarán, has asked president Alan García to consider moving the location of the new statue, known as "Christ of the Pacific," saying the statue will affect the view of the Morro Solar.

The president of the Council of Ministries Rosario Fernández said the work has received the necessary authorizations from the authorities and disagreed with the mayor in her response Monday afternoon.

"The powers are stipulated by law, and in this case the jurisdiction belongs to the municipality of Chorrillos, who has already issued their authority. I respect the opinion of the mayor, but she seems to be claiming jurisdiction already exercised," she said.

Fernández also denied that the work would affect the scenic integrity of the Morro Solar, as noted by the mayor, who asked the president to relocate the statue to another location, such as along the Interoceánica, a symbol of integration of Peru and Brazil.

García reportedly put S/. 100,000 of his savings into the construction of the giant statue.

"The president is free to use his money as he considers appropriate. His personal acts deserve no opinion," said Fernandez.

"The mayor should support a project that does not mean profound human cost to the state and has the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Chorrillos," congressman Luis Gonzales Posada told RPP.

Gonzales Posada, who is a member of García's political party, said that the monument is a work that "magnifies the city and would become a tourist attraction for Lima."

"Christ is a message of peace, unity and fraternity of all Peruvians, and we should not give it any political liability or misunderstanding," said the legislator.

Villarán stressed the need to preserve the Morro Solar and the historical value it has for the country.

"It is a statue of 37 meters that will be installed overnight without consulting anyone," she said. "Lima has a mayor and she should have been consulted."

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# Peru-N-English Blog says :
June 13, 2011 [ 20:47 ]

Doesn’t Susana Villarán have any work to do in Lima? She wants to place this wonderful honor and attraction, that is equipped with lighting to enhance and promote Lima’s historic celebrations, out along the freeway to Brazil!? What an ungracious, meddling, jealous, invidious, resentful, tasteless, pretentious and pathetic representation of humanity. (Did I leave anything out?) Doesn’t she have some teenage hookers to roundup and indoctrinate!? 

# Mike says :
June 13, 2011 [ 22:24 ]

As I pointed out in the first article on LIP about this; seems Garcia and his fellow businessmen are only Peruvian-by-convenience.  They paid to have it built in Brazil, let them put it on a road going there.

I think Villarán shouldn't allow it to be installed!

# tomas says :
June 14, 2011 [ 3:34 ]

i will like to know where the $100,000 personal and private fortune came from as far as i remember this man left the country after his first scape with lots of $ that did not belong to him ,hopefully that is not repeated or already has happen? and to another statue of Christ give it to the Vatican they can use all the help from the Colonies.

# Josefina Garcia Arevalo says :
June 14, 2011 [ 6:57 ]

When all Peruvian people are going to wake up? Why is the reason to put a massive statue that has a religion connotation? there is enough of praying and lots of war due to religion, please let reason and common sense prevail on our society, lets invest that money on the poor children that are in the streets without hope and education, Christ has died and for good but the leaving are still here and there is lots of suffering among them...put your priorities right!

# Xavier Hamilton says :
June 14, 2011 [ 9:26 ]

@ Josefina Garcia- Well said! It's time that Peru emancipates itself from the shackles of Religion and puts its works, and dollars, into tackling bigger and more salient issues.

# Diego Quispe Tito says :
June 14, 2011 [ 9:33 ]

@Mike: totaly agree with you. As a matter of fact, Odebrecht is not giving Peru "a gift" as García wants us to believe. That's BS of course. With all the money Odebrecht has made in Peru under the García administration, I'm quite sure this is just a little "return" to, hopefully, keep doing business with Humala...

@Tomas: it's not $100,000 but around $30,000 (or S/. 100,000). But yes, García is a white collar thug who additionally is leaving all the time-bombs he can for the next administration. But his clumsiness (maybe due to his obesity) and super-inflated ego, doesn't make him aware that he is leaving slimy traces all over the place. Most probably he will face a similar destiny as Fujimori, especially if he dares sign a pardon to liberate him. It's a question of time.

@Josefina: The "Peruvian people" as you claim, have nothing to do with this stupid decision of installing such an idiotic, frankenstein-like monument on the Morro Solar. This is, once again, an example of how a ruthless authority - Alan García - imposes himself against our will. Read the news please and just don't make assumptions at such a distance, wherever you are.

@Dana (aka Peru-N-English): When are you going to learn that you're just a visitor in this country? Your comments, as usual, are full of bitterness and anger. What is wrong with you? Can't get over the fact that "your candidate" Keiko lost the elections? Poor soul, maybe you should go back to where you came from...

# Enrique says :
June 14, 2011 [ 12:32 ]

Stop bitchin Susana and do something productive like Castaneda has. Do something for Christ's sake!!!!!! No wonder your approval ratings are truly embarrasing.

# Rob says :
June 14, 2011 [ 16:47 ]

So Garcia thinks that a lump of steel and concrete in who knows whose idea of a likeness to someone who didn´t even exist, will have magical powers to help LIma?....And they elected this guy president...what´s next? A communsit president who supports terrorists and anarchy?
How many  poor people could have REAL help for that kind of money. Welcome to the middle-ages.

# rice and sugar says :
June 15, 2011 [ 13:24 ]

Diego Quispe Tito- el pintor de Cusco?
I agree with you when you say...
The "Peruvian people" as you claim, have nothing to do with this stupid decision ...This is, once again, an example of how a ruthless authority - Alan García - imposes himself against our will.

However, I heard many Chorrillanos say that they actually liked the statue. (Mind you, Peruvians never cease to amaze me.) So, if these people like it, then we are fighting against the wind. Au contraire, Humala wants to have great relations with Brazilians, therefore this will help him establisht the "brotherhood"?

By the way, as far as Keiko losing the elections, which seems to make you very happy, so what?! Many in my family voted for Ollanta in both First and Second round- therefore, I wish all the best for Ollanta and for Peru my country.

# Diego Quispe Tito says :
June 15, 2011 [ 13:54 ]

Rice & Sugar,

Maybe some Chorrillanos like the stupid monument... Two, three, a dozen? So what? Chorrillos is one of the fifty something districts of Lima and we all have a vote on this, not only Chorrillos.

The Morro Solar is a historic site, for Christ's sake, you should know this! (assuming you are Peruvian like me). It is what is called by Peruvian law, "zona intangible."

Additionally, to be quite frankly, we don't need a horrible statue of Christ overlooking anything.

The irony in all of this is that Peru spent millions creating a "marca Perú" to promote it world wide but García decides to copy a monument from another country and make it an icon?

It's a scandal that García boasts spending a 100,000 soles from his own pocket in such a stupid thing like this. In the meantime, Puno is still in conflict and children freeze to death. If García really loves his country, as he says, he should have donated that money for better causes... if that money is even his, in the first place...

# Jesus H C says :
June 16, 2011 [ 22:58 ]

Jeebus Cripes! I didn't know they were planning on putting such a monstrosity on the morro! I have seen the huge blob of a "marca Peru" logo blotching the hill side though. Typical. Peruvians just don't know how to appreciate natural landscapes for their intrinsic beauty. They have to mess around with the view or it is just "empty space". Why do they have to put ANYTHING on the desert sands??? I vote for a movement to declare the Costa Verde cliffs a landscape preserve (Reserva paisajistica) before more so called progressives for "development" decide to jam another concrete turd on the cliffs, ruining the spectacular views even further. The morro is such a beautiful geological formation as is...why put such an eyesore on it? Why why why?? They should take all those antennas off of it while they're at it! Of course, if Chorrillos' mayor gets his way... somebody ought to get him some glasses. He clearly has eyesight problems as all the statues in Chorrillos are similarly deformed. Porportions are all very weird. Anyway, I say nay nay to the statue...ANY statue. Fix the planetarium first! And make it so it is safer to drive up to the existing monument and viewing platform on the morro. I hate paying "tolls" to the drug addicts from the barriada that stop you along the road in exchange for not smashing your windows with rocks if you refuse.

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