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Business | September 9, 2009 [ 15:24 ]

Organic crops generate 33,000 jobs in Peru
Isabel Guerra

Peru's Agriculture Minister, Adolfo de Cordova, reported that the farming of organic crops is currently generating at least 33,000 jobs for farmers nationwide, in a total area of 273,000 certified hectares.

The interest in organic crops has been increasing during the last few years, because farmers have come to realize that these techniques are more profitable than the traditional ones.

According to De Cordova, Peru’s Ministry of Agriculture (Minag) provides 9,800 producers with technical assistance in land matters in order to improve commercial supply of organic products, which required an investment of five million soles in  the projects.

He also noted that Peru is currently the 7th nation in the world that is implementing systems for organic farming, which generates almost US $ 194 million dollars.

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# Perkunas says :
November 5, 2009 [ 21:32 ]

Always happy to see this healthy stream of jobs, environment and new perspectives to thrive in peruvian land...
keep me inform...
I have a organic catering service in San Diego CA...going to  Peru to find reliable organic farmers... 

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