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The 411 Pisco Sour


The 4-1-1 is the strong pisco sour of Roberto Melendez, bartender the Bar Ingles at Hotel Country Club, pictured here. (See related article and video.)

4 parts pisco (preferably Quebranta, and essential to use a good pisco! )
1 part cocktail syrup
1 part freshly squeezed lime juice
1 egg white
Angostura bitters

Shake the 4-1-1 ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice. Add a few drops of bitters and serve. (Warning: Consumption for professionals only!)


Luis Montero says :

3-1-1 is great, 4-1-1 must be superb. Ladies refrain. Salud for that high octane pisco sour mix!!  A must go to try it out.

juan says :

Salud paisano.

Rosnel Julia Rodriguez says :

Please, How many ice cubs are neccesary ?  Thanks and cheers!. Rosnel Julia.

carolina chioino says :

My husband and I went to Paris France for vacation and for the second time we went to visit a wonderful hotel, and in the bar we asked for a pisco sour. They did not know how to do it and they asked me for the recepy. They did it with the same 4-1-1 and it was excelet.

Now they have it in their list of a peruvian drink.Kiss 

Rick Crosby says :

Consumption for professionals only? As in the bartender or the drinker, or both? LOL

Excellent pisco sour!

Donna Morris says :

I personally like this pisco Roberto makes, very close to the traditional one that VICTOR MORRIS invented on JULY 28, 1904 in Cerro de Pasco at the Innoguration of the new train tracks arriving were 5000 + invites that he entertained and replaced the Whiskey Sour with the PISCO as he ran out of this alcohal... So what to do but make PISCO SOURS...walla, there ya have it....  Thanks for this great video...... spread this "Little tid bit of family informations allong".....SALUTE ~  Donna Morris (Family Geneologist)

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