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New tasting menu at Bravo Restobar

Interior of Bravo Restobar in the heart of San Isidro. (All photos by Susana Aguirre)

By Kim Allen-Jones

Chef Christian Bravo continues to be one of the most visible chefs in the Lima food scene.  Prominent in the Marca Peru promotional video filmed in Peru, Nebraska, U.S.A., his charming smile and enthusiasm is testimony of his pride in all things Peruvian. Along with promoting the cuisine of Peru he also takes great pride in his work at Bravo Restobar.

A pisco sour is part of the new sampling menu at Bravo Restobar.
Chef Bravo is continually working to bring new and exciting offerings to his guests. His latest addition to the restaurant is a new tasting menu. For 90 soles each guest receives five courses made up of various house specialties and a pisco sour. Most tasting menus are lots of small bites that for some people are just not enough food for a meal. No need to worry here.

First to arrive at our table was a bucket of crispy house-made Armenian flat bread served with garbanzo bean mousse that kept us happy while waiting for our first plate to arrive.

The menu's first course is a trio of ceviche. Tuna tartar is served over diced avocado with a drizzle of Asian flavored sauce, followed by a classic ceviche served with a tooth pick skewer of Peruvian corn kernels and diced sweet potato and lastly is a tartar of salmon also served over diced avocado and topped with a dollop of red caviar. All of these bites were fresh and delicious.

The Trio de Ceviches.

Our second course was a beautifully presented Trio Frio. This plate included a Martini de tiradito oriental, thin slices of raw fish marinated in an oriental sauce with yellow chili foam; Flor de pulpo al olivo, a flower design of octopus lightly dressed with olive sauce; Causa roll de langostina crocante, a sushi roll of mashed potato wrapped around fried prawn.

The Trio Caliente. 

Our next offering was the Trio Caliente. Causa rellena de langostino crocante, quinoa breaded fried prawns are served over chilled mashed potato and guacamole garnished with elderberry sauce; Scallop on the shell topped with huancaina sauce and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese and a delicious spring roll filled with lomo saltadao over huacatay sauce make up this plate.

The main course is a choice of one from a list of main plates including the restaurant's award-winning lomo saltado. Also available is a choice of any of the menu’s delicious pastas. Grilled sword fish over a pumpkin risotto garnished with asparagus tempura was very nice along with the braised beef filled raviolis in red wine sauce.

One of the pasta choices, raviolis with aji de gallina suace.

Bravo's award-winning lomo saltado.

What would a tasting menu be without dessert? We sampled the tres leches Baileys and the molten cake with vanilla ice cream. The tres leches cake is served with a center of manjar blanco surrounded by cream sauce and coulis of strawberry. The molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream is a classic combination pared with Cointreau macerated strawberries.

Try the tres leches for dessert. 

The molten cake with ice cream.

Head to Bravo this weekend and give the new tasting menu a try. It has something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed!

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Carmen-marina says :

Looks really good,I hope to be there soon to visit tha Restaurant.

Good luck!

Julio Olcese says :

i can´t wait to try the new menu !!!
obviously it will be full of amazing dishes as Christian Bravo is always used to surprise us. 

Sebastian Schroth says :

Bravo is a great place! if you are in Lima you have to taste their food, drinks and hospitality. Christian Bravo makes it not only a great restaurant but also a great experience. 
Thombs up for Christian and his remarcable crew!!!

Willuy Caceres says :

Only one word can describe this restaurant...Bravo!

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