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July 19, 2011 12:21:19 | in art, culture, lifestyle

Hop aboard the International Book Fair's Art Train

Photo by Polifonía Editora

By Marie Meyer

Kids are especially welcome at Lima's 16th Annual International Book Fair, held from Friday, July 22 through Tuesday, Aug 2, 2011 at the “Parque de Los Proceres” on the 17th block of Av. Salaverry.

Photo by Polifonía Editora

Yes, the whole park will be filled with books and exhibits from the more than 150 national and international publishing houses, but look for The Art Train. The publishing house “Polifonía Editora” has set up a spectacular space for children at the invitation of the Fair’s organizers, the “Cámara Peruana del Libro."

Polifonia is known for their beautifully illustrated children’s books, and for the duration of the fair all children are invited to climb aboard their train to be transported into the world of creativity and art. Here they can immerse themselves in the most beautiful space imaginable, and become celebrated artists themselves and their artwork is proudly displayed as in any art gallery.

On Saturday, July 23 there will be a special “Festival of Drawing” event presented by the illustration artists Abel Bentin, Fito Espinosa, Gabriel Alayza, Monica Torrejón, Michella Casassa and Javier Ramos.

The musicians Karin Zielinski and Fito Espinosa will follow with a live performance of their music from their album “El mundo invisible”.

On Sunday, July 24 from 5PM to 6PM there will be a interactive storytelling of “En forma de palabras” and a and mini-workshop for little illustration by Micaela Chirif (writer) and Gabriel Alayza (illustrator)

On Thursday, July 28 from 5PM to 6PM There will be a reading and workshop about “Historias recicladas” presented by Michela Casassa (photos and text) and Javier Ramos Cucho (illustrator).

On Friday, July 29 from 4PM to 5PM the story of “El trágico e inexplicable caso de la niña
con cuatro ojos” will be presented by Mónica Torrejón "Torroja" (writer and illustrator).

Marie Meyer

It took almost 15 years, but I made it back to Peru. And this time not only as a tourist, but with a husband and kids in tow, and here to stay for years. I am looking forward to learning the art of living in Peru.

Please email me at with your comments and suggestions.

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