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Mitsui Taxi Remisse

4 stars : Very good

Mitsui are safe and professional taxis. They have bilingual call-center. They have an airport office; normally they attend at their desk in the arrival hall.

Av. Javer Prado Este 6042, La molina
Phone : 348-0049


# Robert Phillips says :
July 21, 2007 15:50:12


# Robert Phillips says :
July 21, 2007 15:53:37

Is this going to taxi service ?
I need to have pick up at airport tonight name of Rosario Muro coming in a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Lima.

# walter alfredo viteri cabrera says :
September 14, 2008 17:21:06

well this is not a comment i´m just writng because i´m trying to be in contact with your company the reason is that sometime ago i delivered in person my resume to one lady in customer service. Please send me an answer if  i qualified to work in your company, i have a driver license more than ten years i think i have enough experience. Please let me know some kind of answer. Thank in you in advance. sincerely yours ,   walter viteri cabrera

# Darryl Kelloway says :
August 15, 2009 18:09:29


I'm on a late arrival, I would like to know if you will have a representative at the airport counter..

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