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Beyond Volunteering

Expreso Cial

3 stars : Average

Destinations all over the country.

República de Panamá 2469 - 2485 (Vía Expresa), Urb. Santa Catalina, La Victoria
Phone : 265-8121


# John says :
January 19, 2006 10:36:06

The air-conditioning did work all the way from Tacna to Lima.

# Oli says :
March 6, 2006 6:57:07

Very comfy, massive legroom and no problems at all with Tumbes-Lima service. Recommended.

# David Nordstrom says :
April 18, 2006 1:26:21

Best and most comfortable bus I've ever been on, with food that you can actually eat!

# Arica Jonas says :
May 29, 2006 2:23:14

Went from Lima to Tacna and on the way two blown out tires on two different occasions, about two hours apart from each other. The TV monitor didn't work. They thought they were doing us a favor by just playing the movie audio without the video. Was sitting downstairs (more expensive), the cup holders were broken, the plastic seat covering was pealing, probably because the last person who sat there was so nervous! There wasnt' any type of compensation or apology from the company. The bus attendant was to ashamed to go back into our part of the bus until breakfast was to be served the following morning. She was more worried about counting the blankets to make sure no one was going to steal them! Flew back from Tacna to Lima on Lan, only 45 minutes and you even get a nice snack box.

# yaron says :
July 11, 2006 4:16:57

Very good
i was in huaraz - lima line and it was very good and comfertable

# John Bell & Stephen Spencer says :
October 6, 2006 19:59:14

This is the worst service I have ever travelled on - they oversold the BUS CAMA tickets 3 times. offered no apology and no compensation. One comment was "I would rather travel by donkey than use CIAL again"

# Cristina says :
October 26, 2008 20:02:09

Very good
Our trip with Cial from Nazca to Arequipa last july 2008 was confortable and nice. The seat were clean and large (cama-suit, downstairs).
The bus arrived 15 min later but this is ok compared with the usual delay in Perù...
We had a nice experience with this company.

# Stephen Pruneau says :
October 21, 2010 16:44:41

The hostess from cial stole 3 peoples from the bus from Lima to Cusco.

I was stolen for about 200 soles. We arrived 6 hours late after a stop at the police station in Abancay. We didn't get to eat the whole day.

Cial didn't want to refund the stolen objects (neither my money) and didn't want to refund our tickets either. The manager from the Cusco company was against us and didn't even apologize but this is a person FROM the CIAL company that stole our stuffs.

A French (me), Israel and Italian people were stolen and Cial did nothing.

An international lawsuit should be opened to sue Cial from our respective country because it is just unacceptable.

You can travel by this compagny. If there is no problem, you're safe and comfortable, if you have a problem, you're screwed because there is just absolutely no care for the clients.

Best regards;

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