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Cocodrilo Verde

4 stars : Very good

El Cocodrilo Verde, Café Bar was founded in 2001, and since then has held its reputation for offering a wonderful presentation of live music. The establishment undergoes a series of Musical Productions to present the best national and international live music by using only the most successful local performers. Similarly, the 'Green Crocodile' has also offered various presentations with internationally celebrated artists.  The professional quality of musical productions of the 'Green Crocodile', guarantee the finest presentations because of the quality in their choice of artists, sound, lighting, atmosphere, etc. as well as a widespread promotion through the press, which is also done in a very professional manner. The café bar has two environments: 1)      The stage and sitting room area - The sitting room consists of two floors and can comfortably hold up to 130 seated people. - The stage is equipped with a grand piano, stage lighting equipment, equipment for the audiovisual projection of images along with a professional sound system, to present solo artists and for musical groups with up to 15 people. 2)      The Bar area - The bar is located in the entrance, totally independent from the sitting room and stage area. - It has a capacity for up to 20 people. - It offers comfortable sofa chairs, small tables and a bar area equipped with tall stools to seat up to six individuals. - The bar offers a wide variety of liquors and cocktails served by locally accomplished bartenders. - It is important to note that the two environments are entirely independent and offer two entirely separate acoustic experiences.

Calle Francisco de Paula Camino 226, Miraflores
Contact : Danillo Galarza
Phone : 242-7583
Phone : 9722-9479 - 406*1890
Fax. 444.2381[open in new window]

View mapCocodrilo Verde
Calle Francisco de Paula Camino 226, Miraflores
Phone : 242-7583
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# Michele Barton says :
September 28, 2005 10:20:15

Very good
Very good alternative for live concerts and a nice drink on a saturday night.

Loof for Pilar de la Hoz singer show, specially the broadways specials and brazilian music. Angel voice!

Highly recomended.

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