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Beyond Volunteering

Club Regatas Lima

4 stars : Very good

The Club offers its services in Chorrillos, La Cantuta, La Punta (Callao) and at the beach San Antonio, south of Lima.

Av. Chachivos 1201, Chorrillos
Phone : 213-4567


# Brian William Ashcroft says :
December 30, 2006 17:26:56

The place is not clean, not inside the buildings nor on the sand.

The service is appalling, it is almost non-existent.

Parking is a problem.

The food, for its price, is not good value.

The buildings are not well maintained.

# Richard says :
April 17, 2007 9:20:40

ive been there last year
with xmas
and it was a nice place to be

# Jeffrey says :
April 17, 2007 9:21:16


# hamann says :
April 26, 2007 21:36:00

Very good

Club Regatas is simply a great club, and with
a reputation which is also recognized well beyond
Peru.  I have lived in many different places throughout
the USA [and in Miami for the last 10 years] and  I have
never found a club here which even remotely compares
to CRL in terms of what it has to offer etc


# Fernado J.Talledo says :
May 30, 2007 19:28:13

Simply,CRL is excellent

# Luis Barrientos says :
July 16, 2007 16:58:19

to Brian William Ashcroft; were you at the club or kidnaped somewhere in the middle east?

You totally missed it. You have to be a member or a guest to enter the club. Here are some facts for you. It was founded in 1875, has more than 16,000 members with aprox. , servicing 35,000 people (that will include member plus a family of 3). It provides all Olympic disciplines to the members; the club has yield world class athletes.  The club has 4 locations 2 at the beach (w/ private beach -aprox beach front 3-4 miles, 1 location 45 min. straight inland  at  the beginning of the Andes, sun all year round w/ temp  of 78F+ and a location at the mayor port of Lima servicing exclusively the sport of crew.  regarding services has multiople restaurants a full turkish bath, theaters, gymnasiums ist quality etc. a super bar on the sevebn floor of a magnificent building overlooking the bay of Lima. 
Maybe you need glasses!

# Richard Munoz-Casablanca says :
October 9, 2007 21:09:03



under peruvian standards this club is among the best in latin america, we dont need a place were you get your a** wipe, just go back home

and pretend you are in wonderland, idiot, I bet you are related to john ashcroft the attorney general.

# Tomas Gazzo says :
October 15, 2007 5:44:48

The CRL is a famous and huge club, but it is true that the service is poor and that the buildings could be better maintained. Nice, relaxed atmosphere though.

# Renzo cappellini says :
November 19, 2007 15:20:38

Brian Williams
you are a complete idiot!
What kind of service are you talking about? Club Regatas is not like a Spa nor las Vegas. This a family club with every single sport to be learn or practice.  It is not a med club.  It is extremly clean and secure.  There is nothing like this kind of club in USA because only Ultra rich people will be able to afford it. It is not like a golf court club.  Inform yourself better stop writting nonsence i been in that club since I was 5 years old and now i am 43 live in paris and new york. 

# Charles O'Gorman says :
November 23, 2007 19:57:57

Luis Barrientos is correct.
I worked in Peru and several other South American countries and Club Regatas Lima was the finest club we visited. The food, amenities, and services were above average even compared to U.S. beach clubs. I worked my way through college as a cabana boy at an upsale beach club in the U.S. and do not remember having as many fine amenities to offer as Club Regatas Lima.

# Michael Fitzmorris says :
December 9, 2007 12:08:00

CRL was an excellent beach, social and sports club when I coached  and played basketball for the club. I lived in the club in a small apartment that I shared with the swim coach.  I still miss the food (and view)  at the Chifa.
CRL is an excellent place for children to practice sports and go to the beach.  The members were always quiet friendly.  I also ate lunch with the employees at the employee kitchen on many occassions.  The  beaches are great and the sports facilities are good compared to elsewhere in Peru.

# LFB says :
January 31, 2008 0:44:46

Michael Fitzmorris,
Hi Mike hope everythig is well..was your roommate Bob Nagel? or the US coach before him?

# LFB says :
January 31, 2008 0:47:34

Charles O'Gorman did you go to school at Monmouth college back in the early 1980?

# Charles O'Gorman says :
January 31, 2008 16:55:38

Yes, I went to Monmouth College. I played soccer there.
Are you Luis, the swim champion, who went to Monmouth and I visited in Peru?
When I answered this blog I was referring to the times you took me to the club and I ate like a King.

# Luis says :
February 7, 2008 16:59:10

Charlie, yes is me...How are you? where can I reach you?

# Michael Fitzmorris says :
February 7, 2008 23:25:11

I coached and played basketball for Regatas in 1983 and 1984 with Chino Vasquez, Richard Porras, L. Salazar, Charles Cannock, etc.   My roommate was Mike Sheradin and Mike coached three swimmers from Regatas who swam in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

# Charles O'gorman says :
February 10, 2008 10:08:15

Hey Luis,

I am doing well.

My email is


# Milena Ribeiro says :
February 15, 2008 14:22:07

Very good
Hey Peruvians, if a foreign visitor does not like something in our country we do not need to get nasty. Just understand that people have different taste and different life styles. I have been many times in CRL and even when I understand it is a great place for sports, family activities and Chifa, it has some problems like parking, discrimination for women (they cannot be members), and some fanatic members that would not hesitate to offend others that do not share their views. Cool off!

# CRL Visitor says :
February 15, 2008 14:36:46

Milena, Please be quite...there is no discrimination.If you do not know the history of the club or current "estatutos" the best way is silence! "ignorance" sometimes, like in your CASE is a blizz!!!
Just be happy and go to your local gym to workout  (inside 4 walls) as for me..... I like to workout and smell the fresh air of the pacific ocean and afterwards slide into the jacussi / sauna etc overlooking the bay of Lima.  As for parking my "chofer" usually parks my car

# MIlena says :
February 15, 2008 15:01:53

Dear CRL I will not be quiet because I am from Lima and I DO KNOW Lima very well. I will go to my gym but when I leave driving myself I will look around to a nice and clean city where people are treated with more dignity and freedom of choice than in your city.  You smell the air from the Pacific and have your driver park your car. Do not, though, turn around to see the misery around the city, the garbage, the poor, the hungry children with no shoes (where your driver probably lives and your maid). It could spoil your appetite! Do not look at the fences, brick walls, security cameras, etc that you need to protect your "jacussi"(Jacuzzi), jewelry, etc. I leave my doors open and sleep in peace.   I do not know the current bylaws in CRL, but I remember that some people before were not accepted as members and women were among them. If that has changed, it will make me very happy to know about it.

# milena says :
February 15, 2008 15:04:34

By the way CLR, Lima has no bay.

# Lucy says :
February 16, 2008 18:35:05

Milena it is true that Lima have a lot of problems.  Where do you live?  
Because as far as i know in every part of the world have discrimination.  
Here in USA money talks.  
And in Peru  also there are other clubs that the people from regatas or vice versa can not be a members.
There are the Italian club the palestinian club the Jewish club 
the club nacional.  
The very poor people now are not so poor any more because they have work very hard.   Where do you think that people from Regatas got their money to become members.  

# milena Ribeiro says :
February 17, 2008 19:29:06

Lucy you are right. Every place in the world has problems because there is no perfect place. It was exactly what I was trying to communicate to the people offending one person that happens to disagree with them. Lima has beautiful places and I have not eaten best food than Peruvian in any other part of the world, and I have travelled extensively. I love Barranco and Miraflores. But, Lima is not  perfect place and if a foreign visitor finds something that he does not like I think he has the right to say it without receiving all kind of offensive comments. 

# CRL visitor says :
February 20, 2008 16:53:16

Dear Milena,
Again you missed the point.  Your defense and liberal position as of a "flower child" (although i am sure you donot belong to the 60' generation)..... makes you look ignorant and silly. two quick points

1) Although nobody calls Lima as having a bay, but geographically speaking by dictionary definition it qualifies as a bay:
bay(n.)A body of water partially enclosed by land but with a wide mouth, affording access to the sea: the Bay of Biscay.

in addition your ability to see "La Punta" and all the way to "Chorrillos" in the shape of a half moon in which the ocean current goes in parralelo to the coast (that is way play #1 & playa #2 are apt for swimming and Playa #3 has a more rough seas (more close to the point) makes the defenition stick.

As my position in regards to poverty...the best way is to empower people.  do not give them not make them dependent on goverment programs.  I never finihed highschool...until I was 25 because I had to support 2 brothers and  2 sisters I probaly wash your dad's car in Miraflores.  But with hard work I migrated to USA got to junior college got my BS then my MBA, started my business and became a member of the CRL.  I am very proud of my accomplisments and YES I SEEN POVERTY and misery STRAIGHT IN THE EYES.  but I succeded so if I did it I am sure anybody can !!!

# LFB says :
February 20, 2008 17:09:53


Hi Charlie,
I sent you an email on your Call me back

# iberoman says :
February 20, 2008 17:17:32


# lucy says :
February 20, 2008 19:33:22

I understand your view if you are not from peru.  I am glad that you visit and enjoy the food!!! I love it.   I also Love regatas, not like a fanatic but i think is a great club and very save place.  
Lima is dangerous and if I would not have been a member of Regatas since i was very young i do not know what will i have done when Peru have bad terrorist events.  
As now Regatas is an incredible club better than ever. This last 4 years have been ones of the best years of the club. Regatas have 5 locations and you are only talking about the one in chorrillos we have San Antonio in the south of Lima.
Cantuta, La punta.  the point is regular people from all the world need recreation and Lima is a very stressfull city you need to get away.

# milena says :
February 20, 2008 19:54:04


# milena says :
February 21, 2008 10:45:21

Lucy, I am from Lima and there are things about our city that I love dearly. We know though Lima is not perfect place nor the places we live now. However, my point was that if a visitor does not like something in our city or country, we do not need to be offensive with them. That was it. I believe that people rely on offending others when they do not have good arguments. That's all. I could not agree with you more about Regatas, I have enjoyed great moments there when I was young and I visit it always when I go to Lima because most of my relatives are members and some of my uncles were founders when it was just that little location in La Punta. But saying that it is a perfect place and offending someone that has a different point of view, is a total lack of class. Saying that it is the finest club in the world is a little unrealistic. 

# CRL Visitor says :
February 21, 2008 12:58:19

Nobody has insulted anybody Mr. Capellini call Mr. Ascroft an "idiot" , well maybe he knows of a medical diagnosis for Mr. Ascroft.  That connotation is a medical condition, as for the others there just expressing their opinion.  You as well are entitle to your own opinion, but when you mention facts that are totally in erre or "errados" in spanish, it needs to be swiftly corrected. It goes to my previous statements that if you really do not know the real facts them you should not make a comments unless you are prepare to refute them.
In addition when you do not even knbow your geographic definitions and then you say that your relatives were founders of the club, it really creates antibodies with people that really know how to apprteciate the club or truly knows its history. - By the way, if your relatives were the founders, it must have been Mr. Jose Vicente Oyague and/or 5 others in 1875.  The original club was not in La Punta  it was in the actual grounds of where stands now the "sede central" Main local in Chorrillos.  As a matter of fact back in 1875 the 'ORIGINAL FOUNDERS" used to rent a room in what it was the 'HOTEL TERRY", again in the same general area.  here is for you to learn more about the club

# CRL visitor says :
February 21, 2008 13:10:46

I have traveled around the world and I am almost certain, that as a Social / Family Club there is nothing that can be compare to CRL. Thus, saying that it is the finest club on its class is not so far fetched.  Certainly if you compare a for profit organizations such as Club Med, hotels such as the Ritz Carlton then of course levels and amenities are way different.  But CRL is a non-profit organization that has expanded and gain even more metric surface through changing the sea currents and gaining land to the ocean.  Only Holland has done something similar to its territory.  To the extent that CRL is so unique, that it is the only private entity that has contributed to expand the TERRITORY OF PERU,  Thus makin Peru bigger in land size.

# lucy says :
February 21, 2008 18:49:41

crl visitor,
I agreeee! you express it very well. 

# milena says :
February 24, 2008 10:37:30


# milena says :
February 24, 2008 10:38:15


an example of fine clubs.

# mike says :
February 24, 2008 13:22:47

Excelent club

# Bert says :
February 24, 2008 13:27:27

I was enchanted. 

# CRL Visitor says :
February 25, 2008 12:54:16

Dear Child (Milena):
Now you reallly made a fool of yourself....have you read about The Riviera Country Club?  It ia s exclusive as it get have of the people named there are hollywood actors from the golden ages (I am sure mosst of them are dead by now or on their way).  Besides  is only a gentelmen club with having, golf, tennis horsebackriding and OOHHH UUHHH!...POLO!! (I wonder who cleans the poop of the horses)  One last little thing from their website...."The Riviera Country Club, "Noboru Watanabe is now President of the newly renamed Marukin Corporation; his father is company Chairman. Noboru Watanabe is also President of Riviera Management, Inc. and oversees its operation. He first saw Riviera as a college student during L.A. Open and made it his lifelong dream to someday play the course. His dreams exceeded his initial desire as he became owner of the club in 1989."  ITS IS A PRIVATE CORPORATION FOR PROFIT.
Child....(MILENA) please read learn and understand before you make any more comments
God Bless you!

# lucy says :
February 25, 2008 14:15:52

milena  you are full of ENVY, 
estas llena de envidia!! 
Listen if you do not like regatas,villa or any other peruvian club do not step on it and do not go to visit Lima anymore.  As you already wrote you are peruvian.  There is a chance that you never have been in club nacional, let me tell  your mouth will drop.  You are silly and full of envy just because you are not a member you do not have to trash our peruvian clubs.   You have contradicted yourself when you talk about the poor people and then you send that "American Club "  as if that club is free....
It is so clear that you have problems with people from Lima that have some status.  If you go to the south of Lima there are beaches that cost you a lot of money to own and are very expensive.  What is your problem with Lima ! you just do not know Lima or Peru that well. 

# Charles O'gorman says :
February 25, 2008 23:33:06

Hey Luis...

I never received your email. The email name has an "R" in it:


# Tomas Gazzo says :
February 26, 2008 4:44:36


this website is supposed to be for foreigners who live or may come to Peru, we shouldn't be bickering and exposing our contradictions and frustrations here.
Obviously the CRL is neither the poshest club in the world nor in Lima, but it's a nice and quiet place to be, and it offers world class amenities to its members.

# rom says :
February 28, 2008 17:14:38

What do you mean "obviously" 
Foreigners who live in Peru or are moving to Peru deserve to know the truth. I do not think that expressing the truth is bickering.   
I live in fort lauderdale and there is nothing like Regatas around here, I was a member of the Diplomat country club in hallandale and is a golf court with tennis and a gym..  very niece place but is not even close to what regatas can offer.  It is a complete different system and that is the point.  
The sede of San Antonio in the south is breath taking, What about la Punta.  And the new soccer field that is located close to villa so kids can practice in a real soccer field.  There is something to practice  for every single age  they even have bridge classes.   Your kids can play freely with out danger and they have playgrounds in every sede(location).  In la Cantuta that is more like the mountains you can stay in bungalows over night (IS the winter location) 
Club regatas do not advertise for membership it is a private club and is not ostentatiously it is a low key club very clean.  

# CRL Visitor says :
March 3, 2008 13:15:58

Rom..Great comment..I agree with you 110% have a great day!

# milena says :
March 4, 2008 1:11:42

Tomas, I agree with you and have tried to put some common sense in these people writing nasty comments but to no avail. They just rely on offensive words and anger and they seem to be in total denial of the reality of our capital. And whoever does not agree with them receives such hostility that it seems that any comment that differs from their perceptions hits right on target triggering their inadequacies, inferiority complex and lack of class. We speak different languages and have no time to waste with them, but is refreshing to find someone with common sense. 

# Carmen says :
March 4, 2008 16:03:17


CRL is a wonderful club, which doesn't mean that there aren't other beautiful and great places in the world.
I am a member since I was 2 years old, and I had enjoyed the CRL very very much. In fact, now that I live in the US I miss it a lot. The CRL is like a second home for their members. I agree with Rom, at the CRL kids feel free to do whatever activity they want and parents know they kids are in a save environment, which nowadays is a very hard thing to find.
I lived in different countries and I have traveled a lot for pleasure, work and to play badminton tournaments. I have never seen any Club with so many activity options. I have seen ok clubs, upscale clubs, poor clubs, but all of them with less acitivity options. Even upscale clubs have one or two sports activities, sauna, steem room, and maybe a club house and that's it.
Many friends from different parts of the world (many from "developed countries") visited the CRL and told me that they have never seen a club like the CRL in another country. Most of these friends were professional athletes, international entrepeneurs, business people, etc. that travel quite a lot around the world. In fact, my athlete friends know very well clubs, gyms, etc. because usually the tournament are held in those places.
Like I said before, I lived in different countries: in the UK, in Montreal, Northern Virginia, and now I live in Plano, Texas and I have never seen any club like the CRL, not even close to it.
About the fees, discrimination, etc in the US as well as in any other country in the world you need to pay an admission fee plus a monthly fee to become a member, which it is not cheap in the USA or developed countries. And, every club in the world has admission rules, which are not considered "discrimination rules".
I think there was a misunderstanding here. One thing is to talk about a club and another to talk about economy and social problems in Peru. The CRL has nothing to do with poverty in Peru, which is not an exclusive problem. In the USA there is poverty as well, beggers, etc. not like Peru, but there is poverty. If you don't believe me, check people in NYC, Los Angeles, Dallas, among others.
I think we have to respect "others" points of view, but also those "others" have to express themselves in a respectful way to avoid confrontation. Nobody has to like the CRL, it is not a "must", but we can express our opinion in a more respectful way. We also have to remember that usually we base our "opinions" in our personal experiences without learning about others experiences, so we can get a better idea about a certain matter. I am sure that our friend Brian had bad luck and had a bad experience at the club, so obviously he didn't like it. I would suggest to Brian to go and visit Peru and the CRL again. He will find that the CRL is a lot better and more beautiful There has been a big change in Peru. There are many beautiful places to visit, so they are better prepared to receive tourists.
Best regards,

# Michael Greenwald says :
March 5, 2008 9:17:38

Milena -

I am an American.  I live in Hollywood, Florida.  I have visited Peru four times over the past six years and each visit have spent time at CRL - primarily, Chorrillos, but also at San Antonio beach and La Cantuta in the mountains.  Like rom, I have been a member of the Diplomat Country Club, although it was a fitness membership, not golf.

If this board is for visitors to Peru, then the posters have every right to attack "Brian William Ashcroft".  If we do not dispute Mr. "Ashcroft"'s comments, then a visitor to Peru might be left with the wrong impression of the Club.  Nothing that Mr. Ashcroft says is even remotely based in fact.  

Per Mr. Ashcroft - The place is not clean, not inside the buildings nor on the sand.  The buildings are not well maintained.

All of that is untrue.  The buildings and beaches are very clean and well maintained.  In fact, it is impossible to spend even five minutes at the club without observing service/grounds people at work.

Per Mr. Ashcroft - The service is appalling.

Again, not true.  Just as it is impossible not to notice the service/grounds people at work, it is impossible not to get food or drink within five minutes at various kiosks if you want, or within twenty to thirty minutes at any of the numerous restaurants.  Personnel is always available to allow entry to and provide equipment for the gym, basketball courts, etc.

Per Mr. Ashcroft - Parking is a problem.

Never while I was there.  Although I admit that there probably are not sufficient parking spaces to accommodate everyone if every member came to the club at the same time.

Per Mr. Ashcroft - The food, for its price, is not good value.

The food prices at the club are average for Peru, but very good for an American.  Food prices are approximately 60% of what you would expect to pay in the States.

Milena, I really think it is foolish of you to continue to attack those who dispute Mr. Ashcroft's statements, as if his statements are entitled to remain unopposed as a proper criticism of the club.  Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.  Similarly, everyone is entitled to attack another's opinion when it is not supported by the facts.

# michael Greenwald says :
March 5, 2008 9:21:51


# lucy says :
March 5, 2008 9:24:43

I have a question for Mr.Brian Williams
are you the person the reporter from NBC?

# Rom says :
March 5, 2008 9:27:28

Mr Greenwald
You are very smart.

# milena says :
March 5, 2008 10:39:53


A comment like yours would give other visitors the idea that it was Brian Ashcroft's personal experience and most people understand that experiences like his are individually based. It is very subjective. What I do not agree is people offending a visitor to Peru and using words like idiot. If you read my first message that was all I was asking. Then, I became the target of the anger of people who has no class, are full of inadequacies and that feel attacked for just an implication that someone could have a different opinion about their club. I have said that I have enjoyed many great moments in CRL and that it is a great family club. I do not feel my perception changes just because another person does not share it. I do not rely on offensive words and inaccurate statements of unrealistic qualities to prove my point of view. My point of view is a subjective experience anyways but hey, this is a concept most people feel uncomfortable with.  You are right about your experience with CRL, and Brian is too.

# Rom says :
March 5, 2008 13:09:13

 Are you from Lima? 

# milena says :
March 5, 2008 17:11:23


# margarita says :
March 5, 2008 18:47:37


# Ursula Landázuri says :
March 7, 2008 16:33:25

Very good

This discussion is really interesting because instead of being a discussion about the club it seems like a small potrait of Lima society. The criticism on Milena seems a bit out of place. Her comments seem quite reasonable. Otherwise, the most sensible comment is from Tomas Gazzo who is actually able to comment on the subject matter instead of projecting all his prejudices. By the way, I agree with his view on the club.

# Robert Hartford says :
March 11, 2008 21:41:36


Hello everybody,
Greetings from UK,  I have read the whole chain of comments.  I have lived in Peru for anumber of yeras and visited CRL.  It is one of the best social clubs I have ever seen...I thinks it is fair to name the NEW IDIOT AWARD...and it goes toooo....MILENA!
CONGRATULATIONS Milena, take a bow.  Based on your comments you deserve it!

# Bob Escobar says :
March 23, 2008 16:07:42

To all my fellow countrymen/women:Peru is a wonderful country, I was born in Callao, lived in Chosica until I was 15 years old, moved to the US in
1969, almost 40 years ago....hummmmm that's a longgg time. Peru is a contrast of two worlds, the poor and the rich, middleclass is almost non-existent, that's why we (all peruvians) are consider a third world country, but the beauty of the country itself is just wonderful.

 Last time I visited Peru was in 1993 the year my grandpa past away, Lima and the surrounding areas looked better than other years past, the restaurants like Costa Verde and Salto Del Fraile still served great food and the ambience was great....but I ask you all, how many peruvians can afford to go to these places on a regular basis?  not many.

I never visited el club Regatas while I lived in Peru, as a matter of fact el club El Bosque was the place I spent my youth...playing futbol (soccer), swinming, dancing almost every friday night, hanging around with friends, etc.  Club Regatas looking at their website and by most of the comments in this blog seems like a very nice club, sure I would love to visit someday, but there are also other nice places I would rather visit while I am in Machu Pichu, Ancaz, la selva and most importantly, the place I was kids have never been to Peru, but I promised them we will take a trip to South America and visit Argentina, Chile (I am half chilean by the way Laughing ), Uruguay and Peru next the best for last!

Amigos/amigas, love one another, share if you have plenty, don't brag if you think you are in a better economic status than others less fortunate, nice to each other so you can make the world a better place to live.

He dicho Cool

# Bob Escobar says :
March 30, 2008 22:56:14

Peru is a great country! Wink

# Peter says :
April 16, 2008 11:19:50


Hi Everybody,
Peru and Club de Regatas Lima are great places to visit, especially now that the Peruvian economy is growing at levels not seen in the past 30y.  Certainly is a place (Peru), were foreigners have to consider in a very positive way, in addition you must consider living in Peru as an "emergent market investment opportunity".
I agree with all the positive comments done in favor of the club.  Some of the comments done regarding activities & culture extrapolate the difference(s) of Peruvian customs & idiosyncrasies.  We must respect them and learn the positive things from them.  Certainly, I will be more incline to extend my support more towards Mr. Greenwald,  Ms. Landazurri, Carmen and even Mr. Hartford & CRL visitor.  Do not really understand Ms. Milena comments I think they are totally out of touch, although I think she was trying to defend or take a very naïve position that was weak in concept and also in understanding “Peruvian reality” or they way of living.

# Jose Antonio says :
May 1, 2008 10:28:03


Well said Peter, 100% RIGHT!  Peru is a great country to visit and Club de Regatas Lima is a great place to have fun by yourself or with the family.  BTW, this Saturday they have a great party.  The Club celebrates 133 years of institutional live. Go REGATAS!!!  Cool

# A Fernandez says :
May 3, 2008 2:47:04

Very good
My husband was born and raised in Miraflores, but has been in the US for quite a few years now. Growing up, CRL was his second home and his entire extended family went there every weekend. We are now planning a move back to Lima with our small children, and the only family that still has membership are two aging Aunties. Does anyone have information about joining, what we need to do, membership dues, etc? Thanks for your help!

# Marta says :
May 3, 2008 8:40:23

Yes i have info.   
Go to the webside that is
and find out.  The best way is to make an appointment with the president of the club, and get all your paper work together.  I know for a fact that if your husband was a member before it is easier to become a member.  It is not cheap but they have  fnancial programs.  Even if you live here in USA you can make an e-mail them and then call them (Presidencia)  

# Patricia says :
May 26, 2008 13:55:32

When you live in such a great country like the USA and go back to Peru once a year, the most important thing you want to do is to spend a great time with family and friends, and REST. That's how I feel.

Isn't it Club Regatas with all its locations the best place to rest and enjoy life? Of course, it is.

It is very simple: I feel very safe there and I also feel that I have options, different options. I'm very thankful ! And of course, I eat great food, too.

# maggie says :
May 26, 2008 17:01:09

i agree Patricia

# Alvaro says :
August 3, 2008 18:36:58

Very good
Omg you guys are so pathetic, Millenia was just sayiing to not get all fed up becuase someone doesnt agree that regatas is the best club ever, get over yourselves seriously. It is a good club period seriously

# Reacon says :
August 19, 2008 0:15:06

Cualquier hombre que escriba "OMG" al comienzo de su expresion tiene que ser cabro o con problemas de retencion de te escapa chico! te escapa!.  Milena esta mas perdida que cucaracha en ministerio, no sabe lo que dice y te viene con el cuento que su familia fue fundadora del club! o sea que mas falsa que billete de tres dolares
He dicho!

# Gabriel says :
August 19, 2008 10:01:29

que gracioso!
si milena es una acomplejada una pleitista.   este blog es para informar a los turistas o a los extranjeros adonde ir para que disfruten de su estadia en lima.  no es un blog revolucionario ni nada por el estilo.  no pueden aceptar realidades.  te apuesto que nunca an pisado el club regatas o ningun otro club privado en lima,por eso el odio tipo hugo chavez o velasco alvarado.  

# bruce says :
September 16, 2008 11:35:56

As a guest, I have been to Club Regatas a number of times.   My kids were competing in competitions and we found our visits to be wonderful.   The facilities and amenities seemed well done and clean.    The restaurants and food were very good.     

Only the support for computing services seemed somewhat old.  Wondering if the club has upgraded services here with, perhaps, WiFi?     If anyone has information on this, would appreciate an email to   Thanks. 

# Reacon says :
September 17, 2008 12:51:02

Yes they do have WIFI

# Jose Antonio says :
November 18, 2008 11:18:55

Who is the genious that is clicking and not making any comments?

# OZ says :
November 28, 2008 23:45:39


I was so bored this holyday weekend that I actually read all the comments made in this page… I have never been to Peru before and I remember when I was in school at UCSD that one of my friends from Peru mentioned this club.  At first I was trying to find out about things to do when I go to Peru but all the arguing caught my attention.  First of all, it is funny to see how some people write about things without even knowing anything about them (Like the first review of CRL) I was just about to close the webpage and move on after reading the first comment when I decided to keep reading.  While entertaining all this arguing only showed me that this is a Great Club but if you want to visit it you still have to be a member or be invited go.  At the same time, it also showed that Lima is not such a safe place for tourist to be in.  I guess I ought to be very careful if I want to visit Peru and maybe should consider other places to go…  Does any one know about the current status (crime, level of safety for tourist, etc.) that I should consider before making my plans go to Peru?????

Any help that would make my trip more safe and enjoyable would be greatly appreciated

Thank you,

# Reacon says :
November 30, 2008 2:37:04

Lima like any big city in the world, has its problems, please do not forget that lima has aprox 7.6+million Hab..  I will consider Lima relatively safe.  You must know were you are going, for example, as a tourist I will not venture alone into downtown unless I am with a tour (with a guide etc) nor I will go to "La Victoria".  But Miraflores, San Isidro, Larcomar are OK.  Of course if you find a friend that can take to the "Club" then go for it!!.  altogether you must be aware of your surroundinds, drink Pisco Sour and have fun!
and BTW the arguing was really not just that there was a lady, as you probably read that had it all wrong and P...Off some people, including me
Well have a great time...Peru is going into the summer months!!Cool

# jaime angeles says :
December 13, 2008 17:39:08

Very good
I think ashcroft got confused, he went to pescadores.Don"t be so picky gringo, in the USA there is not such a private club as regatas. They wish.

# just so you all know.... says :
December 17, 2008 16:42:39

For the ones that asked and for some who are not aware....

Club policy for new memberships:
Aside from paying the initial fee of s/105,000 and an additional US $5K fee; the membership applicant must be MALE.

The primary member, a male, can add on the membership his wife, daughter, etc. But a female will not be granted membership regardless of fulfilling or exceeding all monetary requirements!!!! 

Para algunos que preguntaron y otros que no estan informados...

Política del club para el ingreso de nuevos socios: 

aparte de tener que pagar s/.105 mil de cuota de ingreso y una cuota extraordinaria de US$ 5 mil; deben contar con un requisito indispensable: ser hombres.

El socio principal tiene que ser hombre pero este puede asociar a su esposa, hija, etc.

# michael greenwald says :
December 17, 2008 17:15:14

just so you all know...., I believe that that policy has been changed so that now females can become members.

# Reacon says :
December 17, 2008 19:12:24

Michael you are lieu of the passage by the peruvian Congress and also the approval of the new peruvian civil code and subsequent legal modifications, the Club has adjusted their covenants to reflect the updated version in which woman can be mambers as well.  Please note that this is not to say that the club is or was chauvanistic in nature to the contrary Club Regatas Lima as always been a beacon for family values.  Currently there is more than 35 female members and over 250 new female applicants.  If just you know want to verify the info go to the link below and click on "Revista" which is the publication from the club.  Finally yes the membership fee might be a bit high but that is OK...Remember is a club lets be selective in the people that come in.  Once you "cough" the initial 'cost the rest is easy because the monthly fee is around $64.00 USD, pretty cheap comparing to other world clubs

# webmaster says :
January 5, 2009 21:17:29


Plase make sure to put a comment otherwise do not click response

# Pancho Tegron says :
January 22, 2009 23:57:23

who is the morron that is clicking w/ out comment? quie es el hu...on que hace click y no escribe nada?

# Virginia Espinosa says :
January 23, 2009 3:16:35

What an interesting experience!!!  It all started with a person's comments on Club Regatas!!!!  Milena, I understood exactly what you were trying to convey on your first message, shame it turned into an attack of your personal views.  Well, little has changed in the 36 years I've been away from Peru.  Many are still missing the point.  Now I should brace myself for the barrage of insults coming my way.  What is it the Americans often say, "I will defend your right to be all know the saying.  Thanks to all participants for a very colourful discussion, I forgot how feisty my paisanos could get, everyone, keep well and enjoy life wherever you are.  By the way, I live in Australia and we have different types of clubs, not expensive to join, to cater for all tastes. 

# Pancho Tegron says :
January 28, 2009 0:59:35

Hi Virgina my best "enhorabuenas" to all the compatriotas "Down Under".  I partially agree with your observations.  It is correct to establish the erroneous appreciation from Mr. Ashcroft's initial email.  Certainly, either he was not at the club or had no idea what he was talking about.  In the other hand Milena wants to lecture some people in this blog and becomes the center of "attraction"; in my opinion well deserved.  She wants just to piss off some people but being nasty towards an institution that has given so much to Peru.  Do you know that there are members that are "HEROES" from the 1879 Pacific war against Chile!  The club has given soooo many Champions in swimming basketball, Optimist(class of small sail vessel) badmigton etc.  If you read her responses she is full of envy and nasty.  Moving forward.  The CLUB is a GREAT place to visit or to be a member.  In its class ther is no other in the world.

# donald l cooper jr says :
April 5, 2009 9:20:00

The club regatas is a wonderful place,it has anything and everything one could possibly want or desire.I am american and i do not know of anything evan close to this paradise in the states.The food is amazing!the facilities are great and the atmosphere is great,not to mention the beautiful views of the ocean! viva peru!!!!!!!!!!! DON COOPER

# Club Member #1 says :
June 6, 2009 1:37:48


Mr. Cooper

YOU'RE THE MAN!!!......You Got it right, the Club is Awesome!!!

El club es fantastico

# Michelle says :
June 29, 2009 16:11:30


I tend to agree that Regattas has a lot to offer, but it certainly doesn't fit the hype. I would consider it a great sports facility with good restaurants, okay beach area, and dingy gym/spa services.

It is esthetically unattractive, has poor parking, way too many complicated idiosyncrasies, it is a little run down as many sports facilities are. I came across too many people that were posers and wannabees who were too willing to look down their noses at anyone they could (I just find it silly that adults would act like that). 

# Reacon says :
June 29, 2009 18:41:21


There it goes again, another ignorant and obtuse person with certainly a personality complex dysfunction.    Michele you definitely are not a member of the club, because if you were a member, I will suggest to submit your resignation (why be in a place that you do not like?) you harsh statements are offensive and flat out wrong.  Club Regatas is far from being an elitist club.  The median member reflects a middle and/or upper middle income demographic status. It might be a bit expensive to become a member (close to $25,000 on average) much less if you are a family member, such as: son, daughter or if your in-laws’ sponsor you, then the cost is much less, aprox between 5K to 10,000.  The membership monthly fees are close to $65 USD, not much for what you get.  Five great locations: La Punta (mostly crew and sailing), Chorrillos (primary location), San Antonio, (mostly a wonderful beach and facilities to spend the summer vacation), La Cantuta our winter getaway, Temps during the day do not go below 78F or 24C and last Villa sports complex (mainly soccer (a real and synthetic turf fields with another sports as well….. Go to the club’s website and judge for yourself
So Michelle, your comments of the club being:It is esthetically unattractive, has poor parking, way too many complicated idiosyncrasies, it is a little run down as many sports facilities are. I came across too many people that were posers and wannabees who were too willing to look down their noses at anyone they could (I just find it silly that adults would act like that). Makes you the winner of the “Ass… & B…of the month award” you have earn it!!!

# Reacon says :
June 29, 2009 18:41:51


There it goes again, another ignorant and obtuse person with certainly a personality complex dysfunction.    Michele you definitely are not a member of the club, because if you were a member, I will suggest to submit your resignation (why be in a place that you do not like?) you harsh statements are offensive and flat out wrong.  Club Regatas is far from being an elitist club.  The median member reflects a middle and/or upper middle income demographic status. It might be a bit expensive to become a member (close to $25,000 on average) much less if you are a family member, such as: son, daughter or if your in-laws’ sponsor you, then the cost is much less, aprox between 5K to 10,000.  The membership monthly fees are close to $65 USD, not much for what you get.  Five great locations: La Punta (mostly crew and sailing), Chorrillos (primary location), San Antonio, (mostly a wonderful beach and facilities to spend the summer vacation), La Cantuta our winter getaway, Temps during the day do not go below 78F or 24C and last Villa sports complex (mainly soccer (a real and synthetic turf fields with another sports as well….. Go to the club’s website and judge for yourself
So Michelle, your comments of the club being:It is esthetically unattractive, has poor parking, way too many complicated idiosyncrasies, it is a little run down as many sports facilities are. I came across too many people that were posers and wannabees who were too willing to look down their noses at anyone they could (I just find it silly that adults would act like that). Makes you the winner of the “Ass… & B…of the month award” you have earn it!!!

# Michele says :
June 30, 2009 6:27:55

Ha, Ha, Ha, Reacon, who made you judge and jury of all posters? This story happens to be about Regattas, not me. I don't have to think it's so amazing. I simply don't agree that it is an amazing "club", I've seen much better clubs in other Latin American countries. I would consider Ocean Reef, in Key Largo world class.

Regattas is a great sports facility.

# Chela says :
June 30, 2009 7:19:19


I don't see harshness in Michele's comments. You don't have to have money to pretend that you do. As a matter of fact, it is the people who don't have a dime to their name that try to pretend that they do, thus the term "posers".

I think you are the one with some kind of a Napoleon dillusion of greatness that thinks he can go around giving awards and validity of other comments with the authority of Simon Cowell on American Idol.

I hate to break the news to you. No one gives a rats a-- what you think. You're a joke.

# Reacon says :
July 1, 2009 16:46:29


To both of you Michelle & Chela,
First Michelle ORC is not a Social Non Profit club like Regatas is was a club that turn into a  PUD Master plan as determined by laws and cities ordinances of Key Largo, from ORC's website...."the number of members who own their own homes with magnificent views has continued to grow. Close to four thousand members of ORC remain determined to preserve the club’s rich traditions and gracious lifestyle for future generations"...."Ocean Reef Club has grown to become a self-contained community".....  In order to own land and a home there is and has to be a transfer of deed unless the other party builds a home w/ a 99year lease (still some sort of ownership deed is required), as per FL statue of home ownership.  Thus this might remain a club but it is a Home owners master plan or PUD "Planned Urban Development" type of institutions/association.  For that real estate taxes and Home owners associations is collected and required, in addition there is vacation rental and condos.  Thus is a for profit, that has nothing to compare in the category that the Club de Regatas is classified as: a non-profit social entity sports club With all Olympic disciplines contained and practice at the club Regatas.  The bottom line you are comparing potatoes and oranges.  Finally, throughout this blog there is no question that are other magnificent places on this earth...The point I am trying to make that your description to this particular club is wrong and you are totally ignorant about what the club is, how it was founded, the sacrifices made by its members during an historical abusive war of 1879 or pacific war and mostly what the club stands for future Peruvian generations...that is why I STAND UP AND DEFEND THIS CLUB!
TO You CHELA...very little when you see ignorance expressed all over your statement. I never said I had money or I didn't.  I was explaining what the cost of membership was and as an overall cost $65.00/mo cost is super cheap
Napoleon was short..I am close to 6'3ft tall and yes I can validate or disqualify others peoples' comments as long as the facts and the truth supports me.  And BTW (by the way) you just got the same award as Michelle but you will get it for the month of August since the month of July is already assigned to Michelle LOL!

# Ricardo Ortiz says :
July 1, 2009 21:09:39

Thats funny bien dicho Reacon

# Jose Antonio says :
July 2, 2009 21:29:49

Hey Reacon, I am with you brother! look at the chain, Michele sounds soooo much alike to Milena Ribeiro she even uses a similar club example to put down Regatas Lima. You know what I bet Chela is her cousin!

# Michele says :
July 3, 2009 19:32:23

Look, I don't mean to put anything down. It is a matter of expectations. As someone coming in from an other country Regattas is not user friendly and practical. My kids would much rather be surfing in Playa Mancaha or traveling to Luna Huana.

What I said is, Regattas is a great sports venue for locals. It's not so, so, great for those of us who aren't permanent residents, or those of us who expect a "club" type of environment.

There are so many great places to eat, and see, in Peru that Regattas doesn't really impress. My friend insisted that we go with her to Regattas, she claimed it was amazing. My kids desperately wanted to escape and go surfing or horseback riding. They ended up getting lost several times and because of the size the facility,  it isn't very practical for those who are unfamiliar with the place.

It is a matter of expectations. I'm sure it is very practical for families who have always lived in Lima, but for newcombers it isn't so impressive.

So if foreigners are expecting a world class club, they will be dissapointed. For those that can enroll their children in activities and sports, I'm sure it's great. That's it.

# Matthew Van Gieson says :
July 11, 2009 0:02:02

Friends, Regattas is a great sports facility and a place to bring your family for the day and have a great time, unfortunately it doesn't have a golf course or two. Here in the USA, the club I belong has two beautiful 18 hole golf courses, driving range, 4 swimming pools, 1000' of waterfront property in a very beautiful lake, 12 tennis courts, 45,000 sq/ft clubhouse with two restaurants, three bars, couple cafeteria style restaurants, 4 large banquet size rooms for parties or weddings, 5 meeting rooms, huge game room, etc etc....the club Men or women can join, but it is very expensive....initiation fee was $250,000 when I joined ( 12 years ago) and close to $50,000 yearly fees. The grounds are wonderful, beautifully maintained and only 1000 members, but you must consume (family) a minimum of $5,000 a year in food/drinks. The good thing in case someone moves to another area, state, country, is that the membership can be sold to another person on the waiting list for the price that would cost someone nowadays, presently $500,000.By the way, we also have a helipad and enough room to park 10 helicopters.

# gardenia says :
July 15, 2009 19:21:16

excellent or not i like it and will love for many different countries to see this wonderful club 

July 30, 2009 17:56:08


I would like to have more information about this club.  Next year, We are planning to go to Peru (Cuzco, Arequipa, Huancayo, Ica, y Lima)  . I always take my family out of Houston for 3 or 4 weeks for summer vacation.  We had been in a few places in tha past years (Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada) and I would like to know more about this CRL.  Do they have a website page for information? How do I become member?


# Jose Antonio says :
July 30, 2009 22:45:00

Hi Walter,
That is great that you plan to visit Lima, you and your family will have a blast.  Regarding the club, Regatas Lima is a private family oriented social / athletic club non profit. In order to enter you must be a member.  Based on your email, I assumed that you are not a member, thus unfortunately you will not be able to enter unless you are invited by a current member, if so he will have to esxcort you into the club and then just enjoy it.  Their website in spanish has been mentioned previosly in this blog:  If you are not planning to relocate to Peru then it will not make sense to become a member because admission varies depending on the relationship or potential affiliation to the club.  That is they give priority to son and daughters of current members to spouses of current members, nieces, nephews etc then come persons non-lated to the club (which the fee can be steep 45K plus) mo. after becoming a member the mo. fee is aroound 65-70 us dollars.

# PME says :
August 3, 2009 12:41:55

Thank you to everyone who has posted in this string of interesting thoughts. My daughter will be spending this August in Lima on a school exchange and will be going to the Club Regatas to Fence in order to maintain her form.  USA fencing season starts again the moment she returns.  So again we are very happy to hear the Club is secure and a pleasent place to enjoy sports, enjoy a nice meal and have wonderful cultural interaction.  What more could a visitor ask for? 

# Jose Antonio says :
August 4, 2009 14:24:40

Dear PME,
Your daughter will have a great time the current coach is Andrey Sladkov (eastern european russian or ucranian...could be wrong).  She will be expose to high level competition you'll be surprise.  I am sure that the host family will take here to the mountain location 50 km inland sun all year round temps during the day 75 and up ther is hiking horses tennis swimming pools and a small petting zoo.  Make sure that she practices her spanish (most kids down there speak a second language)

# Jose Antonio says :
August 4, 2009 14:25:22

Dear PME,
Your daughter will have a great time the current coach is Andrey Sladkov (eastern european russian or ucranian...could be wrong).  She will be expose to high level competition you'll be surprise.  I am sure that the host family will take here to the mountain location 50 km inland sun all year round temps during the day 75 and up ther is hiking horses tennis swimming pools and a small petting zoo.  Make sure that she practices her spanish (most kids down there speak a second language)

# PME says :
August 6, 2009 14:24:41

Dear Jose, 

Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions.  She has had Spanish classes since Kindergarden but has had limited time to actually practice the language with native speakers.  She is quite excited to be able spend a long length of time in Peru to be able to do such.  Thank you again for your input. Cheers.. 

# Stein says :
August 17, 2009 1:35:16

Very good
I am from the US and come to Regatas every time I come to Lima (which is at least once a year).  I think it's a really great club by any country's standards.  It's as clean as any beach club I've seen in the US (although I live in Seattle so I don't see that many) and it's very safe.  The members are all there to play and have fun and the mood is exactly that; people playing and having fun.  The only negative aspect is the parking.  It seems like a pain to park there (especially when they have special events) and taxi service is spotty although there's usually a cab or two waiting around outside the gate.  The food is also pretty good, but I am not really into chifas so I usually just have a snack (ceviche) at CRL and then eat dinner somewhere else. 

All in all it's a great club with a great atmosphere.  I highly recommend it.

# Stephanie says :
August 29, 2009 17:37:49

Terrible place. Parking is a nightmare, long wait to get in and then look for a place to park. After that, I just wanted to go home. Yes, it is a good place for sports but the beach is small and crowded. The food is not bad but in Lima there are so many great restaurants that you do not want to waste one meal eating at this club. Needs paint! Reacon, get a life!

# Pedro Angel Camacho "Vibora" says :
September 3, 2009 0:56:43

Dear Stephanie,
CRL is a private Club and a great one...I will die to defend it!
Please do not be so ignorant...if you have been inside then a member had to invite you in....where are your manners  you just insulted your host 2nd home.   You have showed a total disregard of class and education.  Your tenor show a tremendus amount of bitterness! Please do not ever come back...I will turn in my grave if I ever see you back in.... Reacon your are the man! STEPHANIE, MEJOR CALLATE LA BOCA!

# kathryn beltrami says :
September 16, 2009 11:09:29

I will be visiting Lima in October and am a Woman’s Master Rower. Are there any opportunities for a visitor to crew in Lima or other parts of Peru. Unfortunately my Spanish is almost non existent.

# Tom Cruise says :
September 22, 2009 12:37:16

CR is not a bad club, needs more parking and also needs some maintenance, especially some paint, but still a nice club to hang around, with nice ocean view, decent food and nice sunsets.

# Bianca Salerno says :
October 14, 2009 14:06:03

Very good

I  cannot believe that a poor comment from someone that is obviously confused about the place in question, has created  nearly three years of bickerings (dime y diretes)
Atackers a difenders all with the same capacity!!!!!!!!! lets face it, EL REGATAS  is great, it has always been and always will be!!!!!!  we ha a wonderful country.....  "Poverty" you can find it every where in the world, New York, London, Paris, Madrid etc etc.....I live in  the London suburbs beautiful place,  but half an hour in the car and  you can experience poverty and filth, no different than third world countries, the difference is THE WHEATHER.  Our is FIRST CLASS. Any way enough of that. Can someone help me,  my father and uncles were  members in the 60s in the "accionistas time" I wonder if I get a discount to enrole .
B Salerno

# LFB says :
October 14, 2009 16:54:50

Dear Bianca,
In response to your concern is YES, contingent that you clarify certain details in order to get the final cos.  This might be convoluted, need to answer:
1) The lenght of time of which your DAD was a member
How did he ended the membership, e.g. did he resign or did he just abandon the membership - by letting membership dues go over 120d unpaid
20 Is your Dad still alive? Has he keep any of the original bonds issued.  The "acciones" that you mention where issued in the mid to late '60 in order to expand the infrastucture of the club e.g.purchase la location up in "La Cantuta" (winter retreat) and to build the 7 stories sevice building at the main location Chorillos. Although, there is no "market value" ( is not traded in the Lima mercantile exchange_our Wall Street) for those bonds; The club will recognize and give a specific value to it.
3) Basicly you need to determine the reason for his exit of the club and if the bonds are still in your family possesion. Your current marital status who is going to be the primary member and the spaouse associate (you or your husband - in the event that you are married.), number of children (there is a proration of the cost per child)  If you want more detail I could explain that to you give me you email to discuss it more in private.  If your are in Lima you could seek Mr. Burga  at the administrative Building he pretty much is at a mid level management and go from there.

# Bianca Salerno Jones says :
October 16, 2009 18:07:32

Very good

Dear LFB

Thank you very much for all the information, yes  I know it won't be a straight forward case, I suppose the membership finished when my father past away 1967, but there was a stepmother,(MADRASTRA) so I suppose she took care of that, I think my brother should've inherited the rights of it, but he was only 18, in his first year of university, so maybe I have to pay the full amount if I was to apply for membership, luckily I have very good friends that are  members, an I visit the club every time Im there. Thanks any way.
Sorry I miss spelled "weather" before.
Kind regards

# Bianca Salerno Jones says :
October 16, 2009 18:15:31


Then attackers and defenders,(spelling) I don't know, I noticed just now when I read my original note.
Maybe its the switch from spanish to english..................


# LFB says :
October 19, 2009 13:51:24


For all intended and purposes you should have a case of “Hija de socio” category discount roughly the total cost for you to become a member can range between $5-10K; depending on the number of kids that you currently have.  The bonds technically were not inheritable instruments.  Although, possession of them could be a strong argument on your behalf (but you must show them-physically).  Most of the members donated them back to the institution (The Club) some members, used them as down payment for their sons’ during the decade of the 70 & 80.  It will be safe to say that if there are any bonds out there either lost or just keep as heritage by the respective family. Did your brother become a member? Are you residing in Lima? Finally, I almost sure that because the By Laws of the time in which your Dad passed away and the recent changes or amendments it will definitely open the door for you to be granted the aforementioned status. GOOD LUCK and I hope to see you at The CLUB.

# Bianca Salerno says :
October 20, 2009 14:54:23




# Jeff Gordon says :
October 26, 2009 12:25:52

Club Regatas is ok and just leave it at that...thank you my friends, by the way, any good looking women joined CRL lately?  Wink

# Guillermo Alfredo Willy says :
April 27, 2010 22:44:50

Club Regatas is a life philosophy. It's a surrounding where people of different social level meet. It's share with total freedom, without prejudices. It's synonymous of equality. It's healthy competition. It's to care about others as you care about yours.

Club Regatas is special.

# jck says :
January 14, 2011 2:33:28

Sadly Reacon, Richard Munoz Casablanca and CRL offend people to get their point across.  If you must refute the opinions and experiences of others, do so with courtesy.  Calling people names is unnecessary.

# manuel says :
January 17, 2011 11:37:14


so much anger seem incredible to read all of this

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