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Clinica Good Hope (Clinica Adventista Miraflores)

3 stars : Average
Malecón Balta 956, Miraflores
Phone : 610-7300


# Marcela Becker says :
July 20, 2006 4:41:00

"Don't go there if you had an accident!

Usually I was satisfied with "Good Hope" during my regular visits; until a week ago. I went there for an emergency after badly hurting my wrist in a fall. For a while I was worried that maybe something was broken. The attending doctor barely took a look at it, told me it was a sprain, prescribed a sports-gel, single-taped it and send me home. Even though I repeatedly requested x-rays he told me it wasn't necessary.
After a week in pain and no improvement I went back to the same clinic yesterday to hopefully see another doctor for a second opinion. Unbelievably, I was told that their emergency ward does not have a traumatologist and I just went to another clinic. The doctor there confirmed that his colleague had done a bad job. Even though x-rays confirmed that nothing was broken he explained that this type of injury requires that I don't move my hand at all. Now I am wearing a cast for the next 2 weeks...

# Gringo says :
January 30, 2009 14:32:30

Horrible. Expensive. Small, cramped receiption, long lines, waits. People jumping infront of other people even though there are ordered turns by number. Loud, everything noisy, stressful, ongoing construction. People coming in the room when you are having an appointment and the doctor answering her cell phone periodically during the appointment. The doctor pressuring into caesarian section by sheer method of capitalism, even at the cost of risking lives and being UNNECESSARY. We learned its a common tread, more doctors are persuading caesarian delieveries on all women even though they are unnecessary, because they get a much higher commission everytime. We sought another opinion in another place/other doctor and he was honest, said there was no need for caesarian and explained the Good Hope doctor's scheme. If this hospital was in America it would have been drowned so deep by lawsuits that we would see the reimmersion of Atlantis! The last thing in the world from good hope. Good riddance!

# Eithne Nunez says :
February 10, 2009 15:05:10

I went to emergency with chest pain on a Saturday morning when most of the staff are off duty owing to the keeping of the Sabbath. I was immediately seen and a cardiologist was called and I was tested by electrocardiograph machine and ushered into the ICU for observation and after 24 hours placed in a ward and monitored for a whole week till the danger was over. I was impressed with the smoothness of the whole system, with the amenities, the care of kindly staff and the standard of hygiene, food service and costs of this excellent clinic.
It is the only one I would go to in Peru. I give it a rating of "excellent"

# Fabiola Kehs says :
March 31, 2009 9:25:35


# red says :
July 6, 2009 22:59:33

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# Tom M. says :
January 19, 2010 17:59:33


  I was in the Clinic of Good Hope two years ago. It is never fun ending up in a hospital in a foreign country, but all the doctors and nurses were very good to me. Communication was a bit of a problem, but one of my doctors spoke English which helped. I would give that hospital an excellent rating for the care I received.  Especially to the nueroligists who helped me. Thank You.

# Kate Arce says :
April 17, 2010 8:41:53


Wonderful caring service.  I went to the ER twice -- once with a broken wrist and they immediately gave me pain medication, X-rays, and fixed the broken wrist by putting a cast on my arm.  My wrist is perfect now. Second time with a broken collar bone.  Again, they were prompt with the pain medication and wrapped me up quite well.  When I returned to the States I was told that the care was beyond criticism -- in both cases.  Also there was absolutely no wait in the ER.  I would recommend Good Hope to anyone if they need medical help.  The care there was better than any I have had inthe States.

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