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June 1, 2011 13:54:38 | in agriculture

INTERVIEW: Revolutions Peru builds villas in south Lima beach

Ventanas al Mar condominion project, located on the Sarapampa beach, at kilometer 109 of Peru's Panamerica Sur Highway. (Photo: Revolutions Peru)

By Diego Fornari

Peru’s presidential election is being closely watched by both domestic and foreign investors in Peru and throughout Latin America, who generally speaking, would favor a win by Keiko Fujimori, the center-right candidate.

One of those investors is Revolutions Peru LLC, a commercial real-estate company with four major projects in the southern coastline of Peru.

Heading Revolutions Peru is CEO John Reynolds. Since 2004, John has overseen La Huaka Hotel, Spa & Casino project in Asia, Peru, and is currently in the process of supervising the Vista Pacifico Hotel, Las Terrazas, and Ventanas al Mar, projects, all valued at more than $40 million.

John Reynolds.

The projects range from entertainment and conference centers, to apartments and seasonal beach villa-style housing.

In an interview with, Reynolds said “our goal is to have the first phase of the hotel open for our clients in January 2012 and then the second phase shortly after consisting of the conference room, stores and shops. The first phase of Las Terrazas has been completed and many of the owners are in the process of permitting for construction, with the second being completed later this year.”

The Vista Pacifico hotel will range from a low season price of $125 a night to a high season price of $200 a night. All the rooms are suites, 60 square meters each, and have 2 sleeping quarters that can accommodate from four to six people.

As Las Terrazas houses and Apartments are concerned, the units will also be rentable by guests, and being next to the hotel, all residents and guests will have the chance to enjoy the services of the hotel they will rent, for more per season, than the other houses in Asia. John stresses that “They will also have the capability to rent them on a-day-to-day, week to week or year round basis to the hotel, which will result in more yearly income.”

Revolutions Peru operates under a system they call “The Environmental Cycle,” which heavily emphasizes a symbiotic, give-back model with the environment and communities in which Revolutions Peru operates in. Physically, the cycle works as follows: wasteful by-product that results from the building and construction process is recycled by being composted and oxidized, to be later used for local farming, which in turn produces subsistence, not only in the development process, but for the local inhabitants. John believes that in order to achieve long-term success, one must be active in local communities, and empower people—in particular women— not just by creating new, and sustainable jobs, but by working closely and respectfully, with the people that are most affected by any change that the projects may bring.

That is not to say that there have been some challenges. When talking about “La Huaka” project, located in Asia, John says, “The project was hard for the local banks to understand as they had never seen this concept being developed here in Peru—that concept being, lots and apartments right next to a condo hotel which will service their needs 365 days of the year. We also had the barrier of Asia being known in the past, as a 4 month seasonal business, and as we predicted, the South is being developed more and more every year, and more people are relocating year-round there, and enjoying the peaceful, safer and more pleasant and cleaner climates.”

When asked about the potential uncertainty that could result in the Peruvian political climate, John is confident that their long-term, business model will not be overly affected, regardless of the outcome: “Obviously we are in Peru for the long run and we want the best for the country and for our business, and we believe that the Peruvian people will make the decision that is best for their country. We continue in having great admiration in the Peruvian business market, and we have a new project Ventanas al Mar, that has just entered the initial construction phase, along with five new projects on the drawing board estimated at over 60 million dollars.”

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# Javier Fornari says :
1 June, 2011 [ 02:28 ]
Great Vision, well articulated by the writer, I hope it works. Simbiosis with the community is a must.
# thomas drive says :
2 June, 2011 [ 04:43 ]
Those luxury villas and hotels are mostly geared toward tourists, because the  prices are unaffordable to 97% of the population. The beaches in Asia are not nice at all. The sand is brown, the ocean is not safe to swim, Why will foreign tourists go there when you have wonderful beaches all over Central America and the Caribbean and Florida?
Second, the resorts and villas in Asia are surrounded by " barriadas", shanty towns and extreme poverty.  The access from Lima is not safe at night. Safety is a big issue there.
The winter in that area is awful, with  100% cloudy  and very humid and foggy days. The whole area, shops and restaurants are closed and they will not be open for the few that decide to live there year round.
I think the whole place is highly over rated and overpriced and doomed to fail because of the unstable economy and extreme poverty around it.
# Eduardo says :
2 June, 2011 [ 07:52 ]
As a Peruvian im so happy to see great projects like this being developed in my own country.
I visited the web site at Revolutions Peru, and I think that they have an amazing projects.
# Maria Saenz says :
2 June, 2011 [ 08:06 ]
I  i visited this project in Sarapampa and expected to stay only 30 minutes but stayed over 4 hours doing the tour visiting project after project, i really enjoyed myself, that time i couldnt afford to purshase any property there, but i will buy a propperty at Revolutions Peru's projects as soon as i can.....
# JJ says :
2 June, 2011 [ 08:12 ]
I agree working with the comuneros and the local communities is a win. Building projects with a concern for the environment will also greatly help the local communities and educate them to improve their own living conditions and surroundings. Let's all try this. Smile 
# Perla Fabiolla says :
2 June, 2011 [ 08:12 ]

Finally a company cares abouit the emviroment while developes a very ambicious project! :)
# Patricia says :
2 June, 2011 [ 08:17 ]

Interesting project, it was about time to invest in the hotel business in the Peruvian coast, in this case Asia where its difficult to find A1 lodging  beachfront.

It is good that a foreign company chooses to invest in our country and care about the surrounding communities.

Good article

# Tony Norris says :
2 June, 2011 [ 09:18 ]
I had the pleasure of working for John five years ago and he is one of the most hardworking and dynamic individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. I spent many late nights discussing his ambition to start his project at Asia beach and I am delighted to see it has now become a reality. John always delivers what he says he is going to and I sincerely wish Revolutions and its stakeholders all the success they so clearly deserve.
# Helena says :
2 June, 2011 [ 09:36 ]
LaughingGood article Diego - GREAT tie JohnCool
# Vitor Aires says :
2 June, 2011 [ 09:39 ]
Let me highlight the optimism and long-term vision. Investing in the choice of living in a healthy environment, close to nature, comfortable and near the capital city can be a good option.A good example for the foreigners who live in this country and we are confident in their ability to future development.
# Michael Russell, Irish Consul in Peru says :
2 June, 2011 [ 09:47 ]
I wish to make some comments on this article. 

I have known Mr. Reynolds for over six years, and have followed his success in Peru with the projects that his Company Revolutions is doing in Peru.

Peru is very fortunate to have such a business person with such vision.  The article only reflects a little of John's outlook.  The important thing that all those involved in business in Peru, and especially in the property and mining business is Revolution's committment to the local people and their communities.  They are not viewed as obstacles nor as enemies, but as friends and intergal partners in the projects that Revolutions is building.

Doing business this way creates three types of winners, Peru, the community, and the company.

I have personally visited John's projects.  Another example of Revolutions forward vista is that John has brought some experts for Ireland to create a new type of grass, that is not only softer and almost like walking on a carpet, but is 65% to 70% watered with sea water.  In an area where water is an issue, but is right by the sea, it is an excellent solution to a major question.

Mr. Reynolds is also the President of the Irish Peruvian Chamber of Commerce, (Cámara de Comercio Peruano Irlandesa), and is one of its greatest supporters, and is a major reason for its success.

Anyone doing business in Peru, would do well to learn from John's unique soical business methods, as this week's elections show, Peru is a deeply divided society, and Revolutions success has been in closing that divide, while at the same time having a very profitable company.

That is the future for Peru, 

Thank you John and all your staff you make it work.


Michael Russell
Irish Consul in Peru

# Charles McNally says :
2 June, 2011 [ 09:51 ]
I spent some time in Costa Rica with John Reynolds and observed first hand his  . . . . business philosophy . . .his relationship with all his staff no matter what their role . . .his attention to detail and in particular his Eco Friendly activism.
I shall be encouraging my celebrity friends in both the film and music industries to come spend some time in beautiful PERU when the project is completed...!
# Kevin Crissey says :
2 June, 2011 [ 10:52 ]

After reading this article I could not help but feel encouraged by Revolutions Peru.  As an American citizen I take it very seriously that domestic organizations working abroad present theirselves as reputable and respctable companies.  Revolutions Peru's consideration to the local community is highlighted in three aspects: its commitment to "The Environmental Cycle", its effort to create jobs for the local community and its commitment to remain and grow.

I have been keeping up with the political landscape in Peru and I notice that Mr. Reynolds has become a trailblazer for those companies that once feared building their business and investing in the Peruvian economy.  I admire Mr. Reynolds pledge that no matter who is fortunate enough to become the next President of Peru, Revoultions Peru will persevere in their vision of continued projects, employment, and community progressiveness.

# Sandra Villacorta says :
2 June, 2011 [ 11:24 ]
The amount of people waiting for this hotel to be open is incredible....i had guests coming from Spain last summer and we could not find a nice place to stay, i read Asia gets more than 2million visitors every year and for sure are waiting for something like this too, my friend has a house in a condominium close to the hotel and they cant wait for it to be open to use their house more often with all the services the hotel will provide year around.

This hotel is also a great oportunity, beacuase it will generate so many jobs for the poor areas around it as well as the other projects that i have heard Revolutions has.
# Alfred Smith says :
2 June, 2011 [ 11:28 ]
This is a wonderful development, and a very important construction for Peru. The beach location is excellent, and the photo in the article, particularly the pool, looks very inviting. John Reynolds has shown a keen determination to getting this hotel up and running, and his dedication to detail, as well as his endeavors to make the hotel environmentally sound, are extremely admirable qualities. I look forward to visiting the hotel when it is complete.
# Jose M says :
2 June, 2011 [ 11:48 ]

Peru definitely needs developers with the vision that this project shows.  It is important that everyone benefits from the people to the environment. 
This area definitely has a need for the Hotel and year round infrastructure that it is planning to offer.  The beaches in Sarapampa are better than Asia and the Hotel will enable everyone the ability to enjoy it.
We need more articles highlighting the good opportunities that Peru offers. The need to protect these foreign investors so that good growth that benefits all will be able to continue.


# Eduardo Ruiz says :
2 June, 2011 [ 12:01 ]
Projects of this nature  which the take into consideration the delicate balance of nature and the environment in which they are developing the structurs, should be the norm in all projects.  Hats off to Mr. Reynolds and his innovative company.  Someone like Mr. Reynolds who  genuinely is concerned about the short, medium and long term effects on said environment, should be used as an example of  a respectful, ethical and environmental conscience which should be the way we all move forward in this world we all live in and need to take care of, without putting off progress...
# Sam Young says :
2 June, 2011 [ 12:05 ]
I have know John Reynolds for over twenty years, and I was involved in many of his real estate and construction projects in the United States. He has always focused on quality, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction. What he is currently doing on the Peruvian coastline, is only the beginning of the added beauty and economic contribution, that he will bring to this wonderful country. 
# N.D says :
2 June, 2011 [ 12:18 ]
The beach in Asia might not look like the caribean beaches incluiding Asia, but the sunsets and the posibility of having a property in front of the ocean is unique...we lay in the beach all summer weekends and relax listening to the waves.

My kids want to be there every summer so we finally had to get a property there last year, all our friends and are there too and its great to have a place to go just 1 hour from Lima, the highway is in great condition we can easily come and go whenever we want to. This projects Revolutions Peru is deloping not only increase our property value, it also gives us more comercial areas and nices qualitiy places to go hang out.
# John Reynolds says :
2 June, 2011 [ 12:27 ]

Thomas just a couple of comments on your review: 

Our Villa project is 97% sold out and 90% of our clients are Peruvians who appreciate the resort and the beaches in Sarapampa.  I agree with you, and we have never planned on tourists coming to our resort just to go to the beach and swim, but for sure the Asia area offers a host of other activities and attractions for foreign tourists and the Peruvian tourists to enjoy. To your next point of shanty towns and poverty, we are a company dedicated to doing the best we can to help clean up the areas and to teach and encourage the local people to live in better conditions, we provide jobs and educational work programs to help improve the well being of the people that you refer to in your comments.  Over the last 5 years Revolutions Peru worked very closely with many of the Cities as well as CoviPeru to help develop their police and security forces from Lima to Canete. It has been a great success for us and the safety and the driving conditions continue to get better. And to your next point we monitor daily the weather conditions of Lima (where most of our clients are relocating from) and Rosario and the data indicates that hands down there is much better weather in Asia than Lima with fewer foggy days ETC. I wish we could control the weather but I thank God that we have the weather we have. We also have some other projects that will be in a price range that many Peruvians can afford and will offer great benefits as our other projects do.   I look forward to building a better, cleaner, safer community with the involvement and help of the local people to improve everyone’s life. Lastly, I encourage you to visit the Sarapampa area because I can assure you there are no slum areas within 5 kilometers in either direction of our resort and villas. That is not to say that there is not poverty in the area but we are fully committed to improving the standards of living of the local areas. For example: we have participated in bringing electricity and running clean water to areas which have never had these basic services before, we have been named the “padrino” of the town Coayllo where they proudly display a statue in their square  indicating the projects we have done with them and likewise we are very proud of our continuous commitment to the women of Asia, Peru providing education, jobs, and celebrating with them their special days and achievements.


John Reynolds.    

# Joseph McFadden says :
2 June, 2011 [ 01:59 ]
John and his team are developing this resort area with an eye on the future.  There committment to the environment both social and physical is one that should serve as a prototype for the future.  I have been travelling and working in Peru for the last 6 years and finally are seeing some progress in those areas that will benefit Peru for the future.
I have invested in Asia and see this as the area for expansion as Lima continues to expand and grow.  In the future this will be a wonderfull suburb of Lima.
For Peru to continue to grow they have to take care of there people and offer opportunity.  Hopefully the new President will encourage and protect peoples investments so that Peru continues to develop it's infrastructure.  Peru needs people with vison and drive something that John Reynolds seems to have alot of.
# J. Williams says :
2 June, 2011 [ 03:19 ]
Great article, I am particularly taken by "The environment cycle" I think this is a valiant plan that should be promoted with other local businesses.
Supporting infrastructure and education initiatives; providing local employment, sourcing local produce and working with the local communities are key in developing “new towns” and creating a better Peru for all.
 The project looks superb and I hope to visit with my family in the new year. Well done for daring to be different and I wish you every success in this project.
# Luis Felipe Villacorta, Archaeologist says :
2 June, 2011 [ 05:58 ]
Dear John

Let me congratulate your vision and effort in order to develop on of the newest and original first class spa-resort-hotel developments for Lima. My happiness is also based in my professional pride as collaborator of this wonderful endeavor. As you know John, your project –including its several branches throughout Asia district- is the only development which has the official certificate of none existing archaeological remains (CIRA, as its initials in Spanish). Furthermore, as results of the archeological recognition your property in Asia, in the year 2005 and 2006, the team of archeologists under my command found evidence of very early archaeological settlements, including shell mounds and graves, among other cultural remains. I remember that the archeological issue was not both in the plan of the project, nor considered in its budget. Nevertheless, as a sign of you vision and responsibility, and your sincere admiration of the Peruvian past, exemplified in one of the names of your project: La Huaca, you decided to go on into the scientific recovery of these important remains, no matter the budget. This task meant intense work for five archaeologist and almost twenty workers at the field for almost six months. Soon after, all the archaeological remains were analyzed for almost a year –all sponsored by Revolutions- by several local and international team of researchers of different branches of the science (pe. Physical anthropologist, biologists, geologists, etc.). During this period John Reynolds was always giving strength, support and resources to this scientific project. What started as prove of its responsibility in order to follow the Peruvian laws, shifted into his sincere interest and admiration of the new information of the Peruvian past given by these archeological remains. At any official meeting, at any change that was on his reach, he invited me to give a lecture on regards of the advances and results of this research, sharing his enthusiasm with the audience.     
 Now we are in the position to share another newest episode of this history. The results of this interesting research project are going to be published in a special edition of the National Museum Magazine. Just want to share this news with all the people that knows you well, many of whom are not so familiar with this part of your personal history in Peru. Thank you John for your commitment, intelligence and sensitive to issues far beyond you talent as investor and developer.    Cheers  Luis Felipe
# Vanessa Haro says :
2 June, 2011 [ 08:51 ]

When I heard about the project, i was really amazed, because I thought Wow! here we can have want we always desire: Beach, luxury properties, entertainment, abd PROFITS!!! Sounds incredible!!!

Definitely, John has a great vision and projects like John's one give our country opportunity, growing and development.!!

# Phil Rhee says :
3 June, 2011 [ 07:20 ]
I have visited this project 4 times in the past 2 years and believe this is going to be a destination spot for not only the Peruvians but also people from around the world.  I've known John for many years and all of his projects have been first class.  John is not only concerned about creating a relaxing and enjoyable destination but is very focused on helping the local people and the environment.  I've purchased a Bungalow and can't wait to invite my family and friends to this wonderful destination.
# henry calderon says :
3 June, 2011 [ 09:53 ]
Excellent Projects for the Peruvian community
# civil84 says :
3 June, 2011 [ 10:20 ]
As a civil engineer i care about safety and good quality of structures in each building. I´m glad to see that this company is using adequate systems for a difficult soil as sand is. I would definitely have any problems of living on those appartments knowing that i can enjoy my summer without any worries. Nice job!
# David Correa says :
3 June, 2011 [ 12:52 ]
Mr. Reynolds,

I am an American residing in San Diego. My family is Peruvian/Mexican and I would love to speak with you regarding your project in Peru.

I can be reached at

David Correa
# says :
3 June, 2011 [ 01:35 ]
Mr. Fornari -
Great article!  I enjoyed reading about this project and think you did a wonderful job presenting the information!  I have worked with Mr. Reynolds and his family businesses throughout the US, Mexico and Costa Rica for over 20 years.  Mr. Reynolds is a business genius and every project I've known him to be a part of has been a great success! Mr. Reynolds has always been one to think outside the box and embark on projects that others can only dream about.  I have not yet been to Peru' but look forward to visiting and seeing the successful result of the Revolutions projects in Sarapampa.  From my past dealings with Mr. Reynolds, I have no doubt that another success story is in the making! 
I have enjoyed following the progress of these projects by reading the updates on the websites and getting updated videos on YouTube.  Your article was very informative and I hope you continue following this project.... I look forward to more of your articles and know that everyone will be amazed by the final result!
# George Otte says :
3 June, 2011 [ 06:57 ]

Congratulations to you and everyone at Revolutions on being recognized in this article.  I know you've put alot of passion and hard work into making your projects a reality after all these years. 

# in Peru says :
4 June, 2011 [ 02:00 ]
These are all great comments well 99% of they but a very good and kind answer John Reynolds I would not have been that nice. But good job. Its seems that you have a long term plan. What is your new projects that you talk about ? When do you think Asia will be year round living ? I would love to live and work from there for sure. I am interested very much in investing in these areas in the south as I also believe that is going to be the place to live. The last thing is I hope and wish that all the other builders read and learn that this is the approach that developing should be. Please continue John Reynolds to make Peru a better place. Good luck and God Bless.
# Rick Jorgenson says :
4 June, 2011 [ 03:21 ]
I was directly involved with John and the entire Revolutions' team for the development of the La Huaca and Vista Pacifico projects.  I worked with John directly everyday and admired his vision and commitments to excellence.  Standard or even above standard is not in the vocabulary.  It has to be excellent in every respect. 

It's all about vision.  Some people lead and others follow.  John is a leader and a visionary.  We talked so many times about that vision that Bugsy Siegle had in 1946 when he stopped in the desert in Southern Nevada and said "this is the place".  He built the Flamingo Hotel and the immediate expectations were not met and that actually cost him his life.  But his vision was pure.  There is no one in the world that can question the success of Las Vegas which he pioneered.  

John has that kind of vision, regardless of those who are skeptical or negative toward progress. If one thinks that Asia and Sarapampa are not going to be a huge year-round success in the next few years then they should take pause.  It is certain.  There is no better place to invest in Peru right now.  

John is and will always be a very close friend and there is no doubt that Revolutions will have a strong impact on the environment, economy and improvement of lifestyle in the area.

# Luis Miguel says :
5 June, 2011 [ 07:22 ]
The pool looks amesome. What can't all building projects be built with this attitude in our country. I admire John Reynolds for his patience and focus. What other projects does Revolutions Peru have in Peru ? Have you other hotel projects scheduled for Peru ? I wish you Good Luck.
# Manuel says :
5 June, 2011 [ 06:42 ]
I am reading this after the elections and it appears that ollanta will win the election. I am very impressed by what Mr. Reynolds has had to say so far but, given the present situation I am curious what his opinion is. Thanks, Manuel
# Julio César Duharte Meza says :
6 June, 2011 [ 12:15 ]
The Vista Pacífico Hotel 5 star,  Best Western Premier Resort, isn´t a draft, is now a reality.
It is located in one of the most exclusive beaches in the south of Lima, it is closer than you can imagine.
Visit us and you can check this. We are at km. 109 of the Panamericana Sur highway.
You will be pleasantly. We wait for you.
# Big Chris says :
6 June, 2011 [ 12:57 ]
It's coming along great John, when I first saw the place you had just started building near the seafront. Very Impressive. Look forward to seeing it's progress and completion as well as the other great projects you have down there.
# John Reynolds says :
6 June, 2011 [ 03:19 ]
Dear, In Peru, Luis Miguel and Manuel. thanks to you all for your nice comments and your best wishes. To try to answer all of your questions with the same email and if I miss any or you have any further questions email me at 
The new projects coming up in the next 24 months in Asia and Sarapampa are apartments pricing from 55k to 85k. 1,296 storage units. Low income housing. A shopping strip center. A new hotel in Asia. 
Every year more people are living year round in the area and we believe that the boulevard will be open next year all year. El Hornero steak restaurant is open year round now. We are finishing up Las Terrazas condominiums and just starting Ventanas al Mar. we have 2 more hotels coming in the next 3 years. As I said in the interview we wish the people of Peru good luck in the elections and now they have picked their new President we all hope and look forward to continued success in this wonderful country. Revolutions Peru is in Peru for the long haul. 
Regards to all.
John Reynolds. 
# Lima 4 Rent says :
8 June, 2011 [ 01:04 ]
Very nice conmmets all of you...
In Lima the pleaces are good for tusist and a business specuilly in Miraflores en Barranco as well you can all visit Lima renting a temporary apartment in google :)
# juan Jo says :
10 June, 2011 [ 02:59 ]
With Asia and the boulevard always so busy between December and Apruil how come there are not more hotels there ?
# Paul Dunne says :
25 June, 2011 [ 05:10 ]
In reading this articale and taking the tour of the site i can see great things being achevied and hope all goes well for all involved . It looks a fantastic place and I hope to visit sometime in the near future . In this project I feel that everyone is a winner as it brings business to the local and surrounding area and hopefully all will thrive off this project and many more to come along stream like it .

May I take the time to wish you and all your team every success in this project .

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