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June 24, 2011 17:34:42

Huayllay: Peru's Rock Forest

It will cost you a couple of soles to spend an afternoon amongst these magnificent rock formations. (Photos by Nathan Paluck) See more photos from Huayllay.

"It's like being on another planet," said a philosophy student from Lima who was spotted hiking around the rock forest with friends.

Huayllay (pronounced why-yaee), in Peru's central Andes, seems untouched by the tourism industry. A collective taxi from Cerro de Pasco will drop you off at a visitors hut, where a park ranger will invite you in for two soles. Enough to let you wander the forest for several hours.

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June 22, 2011 17:17:03

The ugliest city in Peru

The mining city of Cerro de Pasco. See slide show of Cerro de Pasco. (All photos by Nathan Paluck)

By Nathan Paluck

I’ve wanted to visit Cerro de Pasco ever since I saw it listed last for Peru tourist destinations. Cerro de Pasco is a mining city about 2.7 miles high, frigid, low on oxygen and high on pollution. The fact that an open copper mine is swallowing the city was also an incentive.

To visit such a bleak place seemed perfect for Semana Santa vacation weekend, when fun travel seems an obligation in Latin America. In Lima I bought a 50-sol ticket at Empresa Transportes Junin, and arrived at dawn seven hours later.

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May 11, 2011 16:37:01

Magic and witchcraft in Chiclayo, Peru

A Peru traveler arrives to Chiclayo. (Photo: Irvine via Flickr)

By Andrew Kolasinski

Magic has a long history in Chiclayo, Peru.

Seven hundred years ago the Sican wizards of Tecume looked down on the Lambayeque valley from atop their pyramid castles. From these lofty perches they kept the population safe from natural disasters like earthquakes, draught, tsunamis, and storms. As long as the tribute and sacrifices kept coming, that is.

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April 12, 2011 23:48:02

Ten tips for Peru travel during Semana Santa

The view from Casa Andina in Puno.

By Dyana Gonzales

Some of the best things about Peru are its biodiversity, landscapes and food. Local Peruvian magazine Somos had some excellent suggestions on the best ways to enjoy these during Holy Week and below we highlight some of our favorites.

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March 8, 2011 16:55:55

Have kids still travel: Peru to Easter Island

Easter Island's famous stone statues, called Moai, on the south coast. (All photos by Sonia Kandathil)  See slide show.

By Sonia Kandathil

When my husband and I heard that LAN was offering special $300 flights from Peru's capital to Rapa Nui, known as Easter Island or Isla de Pascua in Spanish, we jumped at the chance to bond with Moai (stone statues) that are peppered throughout this open-air museum of an island.

(The island’s name changes depending on with whom you are speaking, but for this article, I'll call it Rapa Nui — it rolls off my tongue more easily than the others.)

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March 4, 2011 13:06:46

Peru travel: Discover the festivals of Peru

From left: September fairs in Trujillo, October's Señor de los Milagros in Lima, Scissor dancers in Huancavelica in December, and Puno's Candelaria festival. 

   2011 Peru Festival calendar        click month for detail


March 1, 2011 19:41:46

Visit Peru's festivals: October 2011

The Señor de los Milagros procession in Lima. (Photo: Andina)

By Dyana Gonzales

The month of October includes two important festivities in Peru. In this month Peruvians celebrate their most revered religious feast and they honor their oldest city — also the most ancient city in America.

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March 1, 2011 18:43:15

Visit Peru's festivals: November and December 2011

See Peru's Scissor Dancers perform from December 22-25 in Huancavelica.

By Dyana Gonzales

The months of November and December are the ones with the most variety in its cultural festivities. There are reenactments of ancient Inca legends, tourism weeks, craft fairs, religious feasts and a fascinating homage to its most world-recognized Andean dance.

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March 1, 2011 18:33:08

Visit Peru's festivals: September 2011

By Dyana Gonzales

The month of September is the one with the most cultural festivities in Peru. Among them you will find celebrations for Peru's rich ecological diversity, its strong Catholic roots and the Peruvian Paso Horse.

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March 1, 2011 16:51:23

Visit Peru's festivals: August 2011

Visit Peru's high central jungle of Oxapampa during tourist week, August 25-30. Shown here is the famous Mama Rica honey. (Photo by Andreas Vailakis)

By Dyana Gonzales

The month of August features several city anniversaries and tourism weeks: Arequipa, Oxapampa, Tacna and Huánuco.

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