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July 6, 2011 13:05:20

The Air France visit to Lima, Peru

Richard Lecoq, the Canadian Ambassador to Peru. (All photos by Virginie Valdois)
Cécile Mouton-Brady de Pozzo, the French Ambassador to Peru, and Diego de la Torre.

After the inauguration of Air France's Paris-Lima flight, airline execs, diplomats and guests enjoyed sightseeing in Lima. The group saw a Peruvian Paso horse show in Hacienda Mamacona, toured pre-Inca ruins at Pachacamac, and witnessed a live art performance.

See photos below of the Air France Lima vacation, taken by Virginie Valdois.

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June 14, 2011 18:40:57

Rupac: A stone city above the clouds in Lima

Rupac, in the highlands of Lima, is a hot destination for adventure seekers. (Photo:

Published in Oveja Negra
Translated and adapted by Susana Aguirre

Now that the summer weather has drifted leaving grey skies and the relentless humidity lingering, it's the perfect time to escape to the provincial highlands of Lima. Between popular destinations like Huancaya, Lunahuana and Viñak, the archeological remains of Rupac in Huaral stand out for their beauty, proximity and the interesting challenge presented to tourists, making Rupac one of the major attractions in the Lima region.

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April 26, 2011 15:35:02

Adventures and pisco in Lunahuana

Lunahuana offers adventure sports and visits to pisco distilleries
Lunahuana offers adventure sports and visits to pisco distilleries. (Photos by Melissa Reichwage)

By Melissa Reichwage

It is only after living in another country for a while that you realize how inadequate guidebooks can be. Leafing through my Peru Lonely Planet book looking for ideas for a weekend getaway from Lima, there was very little to inspire.

“You should check out Lunahuana,” a friend suggested. The place gets less than half a page in the book so I went online instead and before long I’d discovered the perfect mini-vacation spot. Just a few hours from Lima, this small town situated on the Rio Cañete is a haven for adventure-minded thrill seekers, as well as anyone looking for a quiet weekend away from the bustle of Lima.

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April 19, 2011 18:07:11

Travel to the Andean highlands of Lima

Author Judy Fan with master weaver Sra. Pilar Santos outside her home in Vitis. (Photos by Gustavo Ebermann) See slide show.

By Judy Fan

You’ve met Lima, the metropolis. Over time, you’ve even grown fond of the smoggy stench trailing each kamikaze combi as it dives across the path of lesser vehicles and pedestrians. Even so, as you shield your eyes from the blindingly bleak cloud cover forecasted to stay well past your next birthday, you reckon that there must be something beyond the sprawl.

And there is. Closer than you might think, too.

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April 11, 2011 12:42:03

Alternative Peru travel for Semana Santa: Build a house in Lima

Students build housing for residents in Lima's poor outskirts. Find out how to participate during Semana Santa vacation week in Peru. (Photos courtesy Un Techo Para Mi País)

By Michelle Cotton

As Semana Santa approaches in Peru, Un Techo para Mi País Peru (UTPMP) offers an opportunity to get involved with an upcoming construction on April 20-24. This is a great chance to come out, get involved and volunteer with your peers.

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January 31, 2011 16:05:40

Luxury cruiser visits Peru port of Callao

The Odyssey stopped by Peru's port of Callao. See slide show.

By Claudia Cañedo Lou

St. Maarten, Curazao, Manaus, Punta Arenas and Kingston are just a few names which come to mind when making a shore excursion during a cruise vacation, however, on Monday morning the port of El Callao witnessed the arrival of the exclusive cruiseline Seabourn.

It was the first time the Odyssey yacht had visited Peru. Though it’s not part of the itinerary stops, passengers were able to visit the capital city of Lima and hopefully plan to return soon. The ship will continue it’s journey through South America and will finish at Fort Lauderdale.

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December 9, 2010 13:09:39

Travel to Peru's mystical Markawasi park

A journey to Markawasi, Peru on May 2010
A journey to Markawasi on May 2010. Photo courtesy of Randall Harrison.

Published in El Comercio
Adapted from Spanish by Diana

Neither its fearsome abyss, nor the gruelling hill that they will have to walk up to get there, nor the low temperatures in the area discourage seasoned travelers who visit Markawasi.

Since this is the best time of year to be dazzled by its breathtaking landscapes, deep blue skies and the incredible rock formations stationed over 4,000 meters above sea level, here are some tips to make your natural adventure 100% formidable.

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September 13, 2010 12:05:29

A green valley near Lima, ripe for weekend travel

Originally published in El Comercio
Adapted from Spanish by Diana

Just 21 miles south of Lima, a 150-hectare area is painted green with the arrival of Peru's winter. It is Las Lomas de Lúcumo, an ecosystem full of life in which more than 80 species of wildlife and 240 different types of plants live in perfect harmony with their environment. The inhabitants of the rural town, Quebrada Verde, in the Valley of Pachacamac offer it as an interesting alternative breathe fresh air.

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September 2, 2010 13:49:04

Seeing sea lions off the islands of Lima, Peru

Sea lions in Palomino Island off the coast of Lima, Peru. (Photo by Rodney Dodig)

By Melissa García Montoya,
El Comercio
Adapted from Spanish by Diana Schwalb

Teachers in Peru are mistaken when they tell students that Peru is divided into three regions: coast, highlands and jungle. There is a fourth region: the sea.

Unpredictable and fascinating, Peru's Pacific Ocean may not have too many human inhabitants (apart from some sporadic visitors), but it offers landscapes and history worth getting to know.

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September 1, 2010 0:37:57

Azpitia: A treasure of food and pisco close to Lima

The Sarcay pisco distillery in Azpitia is open daily for free tours and tastings. (Photo: Nathan Paluck)

Published in El Comercio
Adapted from Spanish by Diana

Sometimes the best tourist treasures are right under our noses. Or in the case of Azpitia, a village by a green valley hidden in Lima's desert hills, it's right off a detour on Kilometer 79 of Peru's Panamerica Sur highway.

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