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July 27, 2011 12:33:18 | in General

Meet The Break's stylish blogger: Ale

Ale Gallegos will talk all things lifestyle in Peru. (Photo:


Introducing Ale: blogger and newest member of The Break!

Ale just finished her studies in advertising & marketing and she's currently working in digital marketing. She’s a fashion junkie and her personal blog is a mix of all things she likes: clothes, beauty, shopping, travel and photography.

She’s our first contributing blogger here at The Break and there's nothing better than a Q&A session to get to know Ale better:

You’re done with your studies! How does it feel?

I’m graduating in November but just finished classes and exams! It’s extremely exciting, scary and surreal at the same time! It’s hard to believe that five and half years have just flown by and I’m now part of the “real grownup” world. But I can’t wait to begin doing other fun things that I haven’t had the time to, especially with my blog and The Break!

What did you do right after your final class?

It didn’t really feel like a final class because of all the stress and work I had over the last two weeks, so I was pretty much like “This is it?!” But of course I did celebrate all weekend long with friends and family; can’t imagine what my graduation celebration will be like.

Tell us a bit about your blog: is a space where I share my daily outfits, buys, style & beauty inspiration, DIY’s and travels, which are pretty much the things that I love! I’ve been posting regularly since April of this year and you’ll find daily posts, Monday through Friday (even Saturday if I have the time!)

And now, thousands of people around the world have seen it...

It’s crazy to see the number of visitors and all the places they’re from! It’s a blog that doesn’t just have Peruvian readers but also a big part of them come from Europe, the US and the rest of South America, which is just crazy!

It’s very flattering to see people giving you their feedback and thoughts on what you share. I love to discover new blogs and sites where I can get inspired so it’s just wonderful to see the blog getting such a great response!

Favorite piece in your wardrobe for this drizzly winter in Lima?

An oversized chunky sweater is just perfect. It will keep you warm and comfortable, not matter where you’re at!

What does your typical weekend look like?

I love to go out for dinner (Thai food is a favorite of mine), drinks & partying with friends, Barranco has so many wonderful places to go to and have a great time. And you’ll also find me sleeping & spending quality time with my family at home.

What's your style like...

I’ve got a very simple style with loads of black but I love to add some fun touches like prints, faux fur and accessories. I’m always looking for vintage (starting with my grandparent’s closet), trying to recycle old clothes and finding cool pieces at local stores, so it’s a little bit of everything… and I’m always open to trying new looks!

Favorite designers/brands?

I’m really loving what Riccardo Tisci is doing at Givenchy, his latest haute couture collection was just dreamy. As for accessories the Proenza Schouler boys have just mastered it! The PS1 bag has become a classic and if I could have it in every single color, I’d be SO happy. Also, I’d love to have a closet filled with Rag & Bone, The Row and Acne clothes.

So, what can we expect from you at The Break?

Loads of style/beauty tips, articles about local stores and Peruvian designers, the fashion scene in Lima... and a lot more! I'll be featuring a few of my favorite things here too, so stay tuned!

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