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July 27, 2011 3:51:11 | in General

What’s Hot: San Diego Comic-con 2011

There is nothing bigger, nothing greater. (Photo:

By Juan Carlos Manning

The San Diego Comic-con 2011 has ended and with it many upcoming movie, game, comic, manga, anime titles have been revealed with lots of new teaser trailers to enjoy. The San Diego Comic-con is an international convention that displays the upcoming hot titles for many forms of entertainment including the already mentioned ones. It is a fun event that includes cool activities such as dressing up as your favorite character form any TV show, movie, game, etc. that you particularly like.

Among the new titles are classics such as the new Spiderman movie with allegedly amazing 3D action and Legend of Zelda game with an incredible new retelling of the story, as well as sequels of already popular titles such as Sherlock Holmes, Batman and TV series like The Walking Dead (2nd season) and the very popular Game of Thrones (2nd Season). This will definitely be an interesting fall 2011 and 2012, with lots of new exciting titles that will keep us really very much entertained all year long.

This is why Comic-con is great. (Photo:

Referring to comics now, you might flip over after hearing DC comics is going to re-do the entire DC universe comic line with 52 brand new first issues of your favorite DC comics superheroes, including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and groups like the Justice League.

It is definitely an interesting choice; however, after years of continuity it might be interesting to see if the revamping of the comic line can bring about interesting surprises to new plots of the series. Surely it will create a fresh start for young boys everywhere, as well as a new start of old fans of the comics.

All in all, San Diego Comic-con 2011 was apparently a good year for the convention with interesting new titles to watch and be bemused by.

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