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July 27, 2011 3:21:40 | in General

Event: Short-film festival in Lima

These people known as filmmakers can surely cook up neat stuff out of colossal machines...

By Juan Carlos Manning

Starting next Tuesday August 2 through August 4, the 5th annual short-film festival of Lima, FILMOCORTO 2011, will display the hottest new Peruvian short films of the past three years, including many 2011 creations.

These short films are some among many more that were carefully selected with quality purposes in mind to display only the best of the best. This festival is an opportunity and an invitation for people in general who enjoy the art of filmmaking and those who are studying it at the moment who want to learn new skills from other short films.

It is also important to know that in the repertoire of short-films for this festival one can find works of fiction, as well as documentaries, and also an animation that will allegedly give children a visual experience that they will never forget.

In total there will be 24 short films that will be displayed in this event. All of these shorts have durations that are not under 5 minutes nor over half an hour.

Like most, if not all, short film-festivals, the best short-films of the festival will be awarded with prizes.

Moreover the prizes for this contest will be handed out by distinguished judges such as Gabriela Yepes, short-film filmmaker, director Josue Mendez and Mario Melzi Cavassa, an architect who is known to promote many young Peruvian filmmakers.

Be sure to check these short-films out and take advantage of the festival while it's still possible! It is a good way to get to know the work of many Peruvian short-film filmmakers who are on their way to becoming famous.

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