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July 27, 2011 12:56:01 | in General

The man behind Peru's colorful chicha posters

Elliot's poster have certainly brightened up Lima's streets. (Photo:

By Susana Aguirre

For Peruvians, there's a lot to celebrate and be proud of this July 28th. Here, we place the spotlight on one of Peru's most colorful poster makers. Born Elliot Urcuhuaranga Cárdenas, he's now known as Elliot Tupac: chicha poster master. He was born in Lima though his parents are from Huancayo and artisans, so Elliot's artistic talent should come as no surprise.

Chicha, also known as cumbia, is more than music, it's a culture and an art. Chicha is a fusion of Colombian cumbia with Andean huayno and rock beats. Elliot started to design posters for his father's business at the young age of 11. He never really liked plain old advertising, so he began to distort fonts, he says, and use fluorescent colors inspired by Andean colored skirts and textiles.

Now, he's sought after by top cumbia bands and admired as a pop culture underground artist. Watch the video below to see Elliot explain how he and his family have made a business out of poster making. 




(Photo: flickr, fokus lima)

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