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July 19, 2011 12:39:58 | in art, culture, lifestyle

Video: there's a hot new artisan baker in town

Jonathan day is 'El pan de la chola'. He started selling his bread outside a restaurant, as shown above, in Asia. (Photo:

Susana Aguirre

If you want bread right out of the oven for breakfast in Lima, it's usually just a matter of going to the corner store to buy a few pieces of 'pan frances' and you're set. But if you're craving whole wheat bread, a seeded loaf perhaps, it's a bit more difficult to find such delicacies. That's where 'El pan de la chola' comes in.

Jonathan Day, previously an actor and model (by necessity, he says) is now a baker extraordinaire, appearing on the scene to delight Lima with his creations. He became a lover of the art of making bread during his travels around Europe. In England he acquired skills from a great German baker and decided to bring his talents back to Lima.

At first, he started making loaves for friends, then friends of friends. His nickname is "la chola", so people would ask for more el pan de la chola. It was a no-brainer: it would be the name of his brand; a name that's hard to forget, and the bread even more so.

After a smashing hit selling his bread outside a friend's restaurant in Asia boulevard, he realized there was a demand for breads of different flavors and textures, a variety of loaves you wouldn't be able to find in most corner bakeries.

The peasant bread is the house signature: seeded, 70% whole wheat, all organic, beautifully presented. You won't fall in love with just the bread. The bakery itself has a simple, yet inviting environment. White walls, wooden picnic tables, flower pots scattered about; it's the perfect coffee shop to relax in a lovely place stripped of clutter and ornate decoration.

"People liked seeing us [he and his sisters work the bakery] preparing and serving the public," says Jonathan. Indeed, it's amusing to see Jonathan preparing a portion of grilled bread with hummus and olive oil right next to where you're sitting.

Other options: a portion of bread with homemade olive pate and artisan cheese accompanied by a delicious cappuccino. El pan de la chola is a must-visit for a delightful afternoon break.

"I'm not in a hurry to make a big inauguration, or spend on publicity," he says, "people will come if they like it."

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# Liliana Penaloza says :
20 July, 2011 [ 07:23 ]
Would love to try this bread.
Definetely will go sometime soon.
# sara costa says :
21 July, 2011 [ 09:32 ]
The bread is delicious!!! Everyone that tastes any of the breads prepared by La Chola thinks they are incredible.My family has bought them several times. Do try them. You will be delighted!
21 July, 2011 [ 02:49 ]
sound yummy...........hopefully one day i visit PERU i will be able to get to taste some of la chola's bread!!great job!!
# Haroldo el Grande says :
21 July, 2011 [ 02:58 ]
great bread, great dude. my girlfriend loved the place.
# Paul Cabrera Valencia (Markham XII Prom) says :
21 July, 2011 [ 04:30 ]


     The same as you, I have always been looking forward in baking good and rich bread. Especially bread from la sierra. I was raised up in Arequipa when living in an old stone flour mill...smelling and tasting delicious bread pieces coming out of clay ovens heated by wooden logs...I feel really, very happy for your iniciative and wish you the best for "LA CHOLA".
I´ll be there just start preparing a hot coffe and a loaf of your best flour, ja,ja.
Un abrazote,
# Marie Alvarez-Calderon says :
21 July, 2011 [ 05:19 ]

Jason's bread has gained rave reviews from friends/family last summer at Asia.
What I hope he will do to set him apart in a city of many bakeries is to offer some varieties of gluten free bread, since at least 1 person in 100 has celiac and can't eat wheat. At the present time there is no bakery offering edible GF products in Lima. There will be an immediate market.
If Jason's interested in good GF recipes, I'll be happy to share mine.

# Rick Crosby says :
23 July, 2011 [ 08:33 ]
Another reason for loving Peru...the breads. I too Paul, know the breads in Arequipa. One I really enjoy is called el pan de tres puntas with anise. DELICIOUS!! And, nothing finer than eating toasted bread with dulce de leche. 

After watching the video about El Pan de La Chola, I would like to go to Lima just to eat the breads there. 
# Belén Alcorta says :
25 July, 2011 [ 09:32 ]
Felicitaciones Jonathan!

Cuanda vaya a Lima de hecho voy para comerme un pan recién salido del horno con un cafecito. ;Exitos varios!
# Daniela de la Piedra says :
26 July, 2011 [ 05:30 ]
Que buen articulo Jonathan! FELICITACIONES!!!
Ya llego a Lima para ir a comer la focaccia con aceite de oliva! Deliciosa.

Q sigan los éxitos!

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