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June 20, 2011 18:22:56 | in art, culture, lifestyle

Children's books in Peru: a story on hairless dog Chimoc

From left: authors Andrea and Claudia Paz.

By Monica Marie Weglicki-Sanchez

Is your child learning Spanish and you're having trouble finding something in Lima that isn't a Disney Translation? Look no further than this column. I promise not to review one Disney book, unless it's really worth it.

He's ready to meet your kids, a Peruvian hairless dog wearing a "Superperro" (superdog) suit reflecting the red and white schematic of the Peruvian flag. And he has a cape, shoes and mask to boot! Who is this skinny hero and why should you be paying attention?

He's Chimoc!

And he's the star of El Perro Calato, by Andrea and Claudia Paz. It's a children's story about a hairless dog who never takes off his super suit, not even during cold or hot weather.

Children's book Chimoc, about a Peruvian hairless dog.

He meets Clavito and his friends and are having so much fun until they decide to enter the water or enjoy a nice dinner. Chimoc is left on the sidelines because he can't let anything happen to his "superperro" suit.

Leave it to a little bug to shake up his routine...

A six-legged friend climbs inside, tickling him. And Chimoc has to take off the suit. Everyone sees that he's as skinny as a noodle. Chimoc runs away from the laughter onto the feet of a lady who helps him learn the magical powers of his warm skin. And finally Chimoc's happier in it.

This story is a tale with a lesson that you'll want in your child's Spanish book collection. It comes with a CD of original Peruvian music that won't disappoint your children or their international friends.

You can find Chimoc (Grupo Editorial Norma) at Crisol and other book stores as well as your local Wong.

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# Andy C says :
27 June, 2011 [ 06:05 ]
Is there a way to get this book in the US?

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