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July 27, 2010 16:04:11 | in Expat Life

VIDEO: celebrates five years

Five years ago, was launched as a business directory for foreigners in Peru. In the interview below, founder and chief editor Carsten Korch talks about the history, challenges and highlights of the website. He also talks about goals for the future, including the website's ambitious goals to promote Peru as the number one country in Latin America.


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# Jorge Eduardo Field Zelaya says :
27 July, 2010 [ 08:04 ]
Excellent! I leave in Montreal; I always follow your information by the web,Thanks for all and happy 28!Eduardo Field Cool
# Trinidad Elena Cuicapuza Noriega says :
27 July, 2010 [ 08:05 ]

I wish LIVINGINPERU.COM a HAPPY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY. You are really promoting our country. Thanks so much, you enjoy us.

# jose c says :
27 July, 2010 [ 08:17 ]
You love our country and try to help make it better more than a big percentage of the people born in Peru, a lot of peruvians should learn from you, i wish you all the success and hope thousands of people visit your site and learn from you specially peruvians.
# john tito says :
27 July, 2010 [ 09:31 ]
hi there, congratulations for this aniversary.....
# Brie warnke says :
28 July, 2010 [ 02:35 ]
I would love to know more about the people of Peru and how do one live there.
# Carmen Hampson says :
28 July, 2010 [ 12:52 ]

Happy 5th Aniversary LivinginPeru !
Best wishes,

Carmen Hampson Smile
# Cesar A. Silva says :
28 July, 2010 [ 05:44 ]
When they wake up my eyes and see that I'm living CONTIGO PERU / Excited thank heaven for giving me life CONTIGO PERU / You're too big and always will remain / So we all CONTIGO PERU / On my chest I wear your colors and are CONTIGO PERU my love / We are your children And we will join / And surely succeed CONTIGO PERU / United the coast, United the sierra, United the jungle CONTIGO PERU / Kingdom, Kingdom work sport / North , central and south / A Peruvian success that we are brothers / Let it be the victory our great gratitude / I if I can give you my life / And if I died I would have the good fortune to join you on earth CONTIGO PERU / I wish I could give you my life when I die and join the CONTIGO PERU land .....
# Jose C Penaloza says :
29 July, 2010 [ 10:41 ]
          Congratulations  Carsten Korch for the fifth anniversary of!!!!and best wishes. 
           I'm one of thousands of readers that enjoy every week the news and commenterys about living in Peru.
                                                           Jose C Penaloza

July 28 2010,  Roseland, NJ USA
# says :
29 July, 2010 [ 05:23 ]
Congratulations for your fifth anniversary.
Congrats for your great effort and stamina to accomplish this.
I only hope the leaders of this country will learn a lesson from your possitive attitude towards Peru, and show the same effort to improve life for all people in this country. A military parade as we saw today 29 july, doesn't feed any stomach. Also it refers to the past and what this country needs is leaders whose effort is based on the future.
Thanks for your continuos possitive vieuws and professionalism.
I look forward to the next five years of LIVING PERU.

John Zannis
a Dutch fan.
San Isidro
# Ana Lou V. says :
30 July, 2010 [ 01:25 ]
Thank you Mr. Korch to give all peruvians 101 reasons to be proud and love Perù.  Happy anniversary!!!!
Best whishes from Rome
# Zara Ali says :
2 September, 2010 [ 01:14 ]
Congrats and happy 5th aniversary Carsten and Team living in Peru.....
Good job my friend....
# Ginet Ambulay says :
6 September, 2010 [ 02:13 ]

Happy 5th Anniversary "Living in Peru"
Thanks so much for this great job and for keep us with the recently news of our country. We really appreciatte all your efforts and dedication
Ginet Ambulay

# Maria Eugenia Rodriguez says :
8 December, 2010 [ 06:15 ]
lOVE AND can't wait to receive your news! Great news.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Keep the good spirit and work!
# Sandra Arthur says :
8 December, 2010 [ 06:30 ]
Congratulation for a job more, much more than well done! As a Peruvian and "Arequipeña" I thank you for presenting my country the way it is; for making people wanting to visit and get to know all the beautiful things you portrait! Please keep it up!
# Cesar Benites says :
27 December, 2010 [ 02:30 ]
Dear Carsten,and Team exelent ,l will like to met you en person
next time,maybe in 2012,in my vacation,congratulation again,
bye.........Cesar  Benites

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