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July 13, 2010 15:57:04

Business idea from Peru: Recycling old electronics

El Comercio
Adapted from Spanish by Diana Schwalb

Four college students in Lima, Peru  won the Business Eco-efficiency 2010 Award –
Part of the groups's e-recycle business strategy is offering trustworthy handlers of old computers that may contain personal data.

organized by the Ministry of the Environment and the Universidad Científica del Sur – with their project E-Recycle Peru.

“This idea was born after reading a news article about the low percentage of electronic waste that was treated in Peru,” says Javier Oda, one of the students (the other two are Santiago León and William Marín and Ricardo Alarcón). “We presented this idea in a class at the university and we also sent it in to a contest to see how far we went.” They went far, winning out of 68 preselected projects.

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July 6, 2010 17:49:34

Intellisoft looks to modernize parking lots in Lima, Peru

Workers for Intellisoft Parking install equipment in Lima, Peru. (Photo courtesy Intelligent Parking)

By Vanessa Antúnez De La Vega,
El Comercio
Adapted from Spanish by Diana Schwalb

In early 2000, a new parking system began to implemented at Lima's Jorge Chavez airport and the Alain Bolaños was the project manager. Bolaños, a systems engineer who already had a software company and had just obtained an MBA, saw a business opportunity. Since 2005, he provides an automation service for parking lots and vehicular control in the Peru with his company Intellisoft Parking. Here, El Comercio talks with Alain Bolaños about the challenges of selling modern systems to parking lot owners.

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May 17, 2010 10:30:33

Top award for entrepreneurs in Peru given for work with hyperbaric chambers

The 2010 MYPE President Prize was awarded to Gary Urteaga, CEO of Equipar Medical SAC, for his work with hyperbaric chambers in Peru.
Gary Urteaga, left, recognized by President Alan Garcia of Peru for his entrepreneurial work with hyperbaric chambers.

The prize is the highest recognition of entrepreneurship by the Peruvian government, given by President Alan Garcia at the Presidential Palace.

Urteaga began collaborating with Life Support Technologies Inc. of New York for the research, design and local manufacture of hyperbaric chambers in Peru. A hyperbaric chamber is used for severe pathologies including chronic wounds and infections, carbon monoxide and toxic poisoning, neurological damage and decompression sickness.

In December 2009, Urteaga and Glenn Butler, CEO of Life Support Technologies, installed the most modern hyperbaric chamber in Peru at the Peruvian-Japanese Clinic Centenario. They co-organized the 1st International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine with the Ministry of Health of Peru and the Colegio Medico del Peru.

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April 20, 2010 16:21:50

How to keep a low phone bill while traveling in Peru

By Charles Sizemore

Sometimes you just have to stop and think about how far technology has come in just the last few years.
Charles Sizemore.

I'm writing this article from a ranch in rural Peru, and from a wireless connection at that. Outside of the day lost in transportation getting here, I've been able to hit the ground running with no real loss in productivity.

In fact, I was even able to publish this month's issue of the Sizemore Investment Letter from here in Paijan with no major hiccups. That would have been nearly impossible just a few short years ago.

But what impresses me is not simply how easy it is to work from the road today but how cheap it is too. I can be reached 24 hours per day (unless on an airplane) for next to nothing in fees, and I pay no roaming.

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January 20, 2010 15:01:26

Windaid: A startup in Peru looks to harness wind energy for the masses

By Nathan Paluck A startup in Peru looks to harness wind energy for the masses
Windaid's mill in Puerto Morin. In the middle is Michael VerKamp, president of Windaid.
Michael VerKamp was between meetings and wearing a dark business suit when talked to him. It's not his typical outfit when tinkering with wind turbines in Trujillo, a coastal city in northern Peru.

VerKamp was visiting to Lima as president of Windaid, and said he is “running with my hand out.” That means finding about $600,000 in seed money to invest in the precision machinery required to make Windaid’s nine-foot tall wind generators.

“In the next three years we hope to sell 3,000 wind generators, which will save (our clients) $19 million a year,” VerKamp says.

In September 2008, Windaid installed its first windmill for a scallop farm in Puerto Morin. VerKamp wanted a year of testing under Windaid’s belt before entering the market. Previously the seafood company used a diesel generator to run four computers and equipment out of their small office. “They save $9,000 a year,” says VerKamp. (The diesel generator is kept on standby.)

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October 22, 2008 11:07:15

Peru: The Radical Transformation

By Jacqueline Saettone

Development of new business models in entertainment, tourism, gastronomy, export quality medical services or in developing new technologies, among many other possibilites. We are undergoing a radical transformation. For the first time, knowledge, the most important factor of production, is in the workers’ hands. Knowledge allows us to add more value to our exports when we apply it innovatively to the development of new business models in entertainment, tourism, gastronomy, export quality medical services or in developing new technologies, among many other possibilites.

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October 6, 2008 10:52:28

Peru: Infrastructure for development

AmCham PeruInfo provided by the
American Chamber of Commerce of Peru (AmCham Peru)

Without doubts, the infrastructure gap in Peru is nowadays a very clear obstacle to development and, according to the Ministry of Economy, the gap amounts US$ 10,495 billion dollars (excluding telecommunications). Then, it is not surprising that several international reports locate us -year after year- in the bottom positions of the world ranking when evaluating this important competitiveness pillar.

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August 14, 2007 7:00:14

E-commerce: exploiting the advantages of the Internet

AmCham PeruInfo provided and translated by the
American Chamber of Commerce of Peru (AmCham Peru)

By Aldo Defilippi, Executive Director of AmCham Perú

The amazing development of information technologies has without a doubt pushed global growth by the reduction of barriers and distances between countries that has resulted in a market extention. And that is because internet, besides offering a great deal of benefits in connectivity, has promoted trade exchange, and that phenomenon can no longer be ignored. So, virtual trade has gained more relevance and facilitates today, the interaction between consumers and producers worldwide.

Thanks to the internet, business people all over the world can have presence in the international market at very low prices. Besides, by doing business on the internet (e- commerce) a company improves it communication with the customer and becomes faster as well as more flexible and innovative. Summing up, the company becomes more competitive.

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July 11, 2007 8:00:37

Convergence: All for one and one for all

Contact AmCham PeruInfo provided and translated by the
American Chamber of Commerce of Peru (AmCham Peru)

Convergence: All for one and one for all

By Guillermo Delgado Aparicio, president of the Technology and Telecommunications Committee, AmCham Peru

Technological convergence refers to the confluence of services – until today independent and provided by different suppliers – in a same telecommunications infrastructure. Even if it may seem unreal it is possible thanks to the spectacular advance of technology that offers consumers each day more comfort to grant communication and connectivity.

It is paradoxical that convergence is spoken of in a world in which technology evolves at a high speed and in which every day companies are born with specialized products in telecommunications. Perhaps the concept of convergence has its origin in the need to use less devices to access more services and content that facilitates our day-to-day lives; for that reason, the increase of the potentialities of devices such as mobile telephones, which nowadays can handle multiple formats under a single connection and with the same provider. What is certain is that convergence is the subject of the moment in telecommunications and has captivated the attention of an important number of countries in the world, including Peru.

In order to give the reader a panorama of what convergence represents, I will use the following diagram, published in the Green Book of European Telecommunications towards the end of the last decade, which permits exploring the origins of the concept.

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February 15, 2007 17:55:28

Interview with Microsoft Vice-President Simon Witts

Contact AmCham PeruInfo provided and translated by the
American Chamber of Commerce of Peru (AmCham Peru)

Interview with Simon Witts, Worldwide Vice President of the Corporate Segment of Microsoft

“People Ready seeks to bridge the gap between the promises of the brand and its services”

With an investment of $7 billion a year during three years, Microsoft launched its new products: Windows Vista, Office System 2007 and Exchange Server 2007. But beyond these new applications, this launching is part of a more ambitious idea called People Ready. Within Microsoft's business strategy to defuse this concept worldwide, Simon Witts, worldwide vice president of the company’s corporate segment, gave an exclusive interview to Contact.

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