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July 6, 2011 11:52:06

Machu Picchu centennial signals boom times for Cusco's hotels

Inkaterra La Casona Hotel, Cusco (Photo: Carsten Korch)


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June 1, 2011 13:54:38

INTERVIEW: Revolutions Peru builds villas in south Lima beach

Ventanas al Mar condominion project, located on the Sarapampa beach, at kilometer 109 of Peru's Panamerica Sur Highway. (Photo: Revolutions Peru)

By Diego Fornari

Peru’s presidential election is being closely watched by both domestic and foreign investors in Peru and throughout Latin America, who generally speaking, would favor a win by Keiko Fujimori, the center-right candidate.

One of those investors is Revolutions Peru LLC, a commercial real-estate company with four major projects in the southern coastline of Peru.

Heading Revolutions Peru is CEO John Reynolds. Since 2004, John has overseen La Huaka Hotel, Spa & Casino project in Asia, Peru, and is currently in the process of supervising the Vista Pacifico Hotel, Las Terrazas, and Ventanas al Mar, projects, all valued at more than $40 million.

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February 23, 2011 13:00:01

How to make Peru’s gastronomic boom a sustainable business

The success of Peru's gastronomic boom has to reach everybody in the production chain, including intermediaries and producers. (Photo: Jorge Riveros-Cayo)

The good news: 20 restaurants opened daily in 2010. The bad news: the distribution channels failed and there was a constant lack of ají supply, one of Peru's basic ingredients to cook. These are two examples of why the sustainability of the gastronomic boom is still fragile. What follows is a mouth-watering menu of ideas that should be boosted to make the whole food experience a good one. For everybody.

By Alejandra Costa La Cruz for El Comercio
Translated and edited by Jorge Riveros-Cayo

We already ate the whole idea that our privileged gastronomy not only enables us to be proud of being Peruvians and happy about it, but also that it is a motor that dynamizes the economy, and can be a tool to fight back poverty, as Gastón Acurio has sustained.

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January 5, 2011 14:09:01

Peru's Danper leads the world in artichoke exports

By Marienella Ortiz, El Comercio
Adapted from Spanish by Nathan Paluck

Rosario Bazán, general manager of Danper. She has an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. (Photo by Félix Ingaruca/El Comercio)
The agro company Danper will see a 20% growth in sales in 2010, reaching revenues of $85 million. This coming year they plan to gain access to financing via capital markets, and hope to list themselves on the Lima Stock Market.

Danper must be one of the few Peruvian agroindustrial companies that sells their products in all the possible formats: fresh, refrigerated, frozen and canned. The global economic crisis hit just when they reached this level of production, which made it possible to counter the effects of the downturn.

Rosario Bazán, Danper’s general manager, says the company had the flexibility to vary supply according to the needs of consumers hit by the crisis. This year, the company celebrates another achievement, that of becoming the number one exporter of frozen and canned artichokes. Bazán, in an interview with El Comercio this past November, says the company plans to maintain that leadership for many years to come.

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October 11, 2010 9:35:56

Queirolo finds success with Intipalka, a wine proudly made in Peru

A new wine by Santiago Queirolo is proudly made in Peru
The vineyards of Santiago Queirolo in Ica, Peru. Last year, the company launched their first fine wine, Intipalka. (Photo courtesy of Santiago Queirolo)

By Nathan Paluck

Peru produces big, sweet grapes and exports thousands of tons of them every year. But when it comes to making wine, a reasonable reaction might be: Wine from Peru?

Peruvians drink very little wine (the per capita consumption recently reached one liter), produce less than half of what they consume (wine from Argentina and Chile is Peru's main supply) and export close to nothing (in 2007, less than one percent of domestic production was exported, according to this report by the USDA).

But wine drinkers in Lima, Peru have taken notice and given positive, pleasantly surprised reviews of a Peruvian wine launched in 2009. The brand is called Intipalka and it is made by grapes grown in a desert valley in the southern region of Ica.

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July 19, 2010 14:57:59

Business ideas from Peru: Antioxidant pills from purple corn

Business ideas from Peru: Antioxidant pills from purple corn

Purple corn, native to Peru, contains high levels of an antioxidant. Can someone market and sell this in the health and beauty market? Three students say it is possible. Below is there plan for a pill. Just don’t call it a "chicha capsule," they say.

“We got involved in the project and it fascinated us,” says Melissa Taxa Gil. She and two other students from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) came up with a business proposal to sell capsules with purple corn extract. This native Peruvian corn, called maiz morado, has a high concentration of the antioxidant anthocyianin, which according to some lab research, reduces cholesterol, improves eyesight and improves skin around the eyes.

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July 12, 2010 14:23:17

In southern Peru, pecans are the new export option

Juan Carlos Santhome and family are leading the trend in pecan production from their estate in Ica, Peru. (Photo: Elsa Estremadoyro)

By Soledad Marroquin M., Somos Magazine
Adapted from Spanish by Diana Schwalb

When the asparagus was the king in the fields of Ica, Juan Carlos Santhome bet on pecans. Instinct and his administration background gave him what his family’s estate needed. Today, the best deli shops in Lima enjoy pecans grown in southern Peru, along with the U.S., Asia and Europe.

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July 9, 2010 11:29:06

Business Ideas from Peru: Cosmetic products with native products

The Sallq'a business idea in action: Mixing up local Peruvian products to make cosmetics. (Photo courtesy Technoserve)

Jessica Snow and Mercedes Retamozo met in Cajamarca. Jessica is a Canadian who has studied international business and worked for two years with an NGO on two projects that unite small producers and young entrepreneurs. With their knowledge of local products, Jessica and partner Mercedes came up with the idea to create cosmetics with local produce such as aguaymanto, purple corn and aromatic plants.

So they participated in Idea tu Empresa, a business idea competition organized last year by Technoserve (see more information below). Their project, called Sallq’a, was selected as one of the top 10, which awarded the authors training and consulting advice to put their ideas into action.

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July 5, 2010 13:11:42

Investing in Peru: Mining and tourism opportunities in Cusco presents regional economic profiles from regions in Peru to help you with business and investment decisions.

This month we feature the Andean region of Cusco. See last month's feature on Huanuco.

Adapted from Spanish by Diana Schwalb

Expansion in luxury tourism
Undoubtedly, Cusco could be considered Peru's tourism center and, for better or for worse, Machu Picchu is its main attraction. In the last 10 years the arrival of tourists to Cusco has seen exponential growth, especially in more affluent travelers. That is why the many restaurants, bars, and hotels are now more sophisticated. For example, only in 2008, tourist arrivals increased by 15.5% over the previous year, while in 2009 – even with the global economic crisis – tourism increased by 5.7% (and domestic passenger arrivals increased by 17.5 %) compared with 2008.

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July 2, 2010 19:45:32

Business Ideas from Peru: Exporting peppermint from the Andes

Farmers in peppermint fields in Peru's highlands.

Since 1998, Ántero Facho Bernuy has called himself a tea broker. He is in charge of looking for clients in different parts of the world to sell chamomile, tea and other herbs. After many years in the business, Ántero Facho has been convinced businesses in Peru that market aromatic herbs are not taking advantage of their full potential. His business plan is to start Peruvian Filters, a business that will work with farming communities in Ayacucho and Apurímac that grow peppermint for exportation.

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