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May 14, 2008 6:00:20 | in import-export

Peru: Exporting fashion*

AmCham PeruInfo provided by the
American Chamber of Commerce of Peru (AmCham Peru)

It is easy to observe that Peruvian clothing exports increased by 58% between the years of 2004 and 2007, being U.S. and Venezuela the fundamental markets.Without a doubt our country has a clear competitive edge for clothing exports and it doesn’t surprise anyone, that using the unilateral preferences from the ATPDEA, this sector has heavily increased its sales to the United States stimulating the growth of non traditional Peruvian exports.

It is easy to observe that Peruvian clothing exports increased by 58% between the years of 2004 and 2007, being U.S. and Venezuela the fundamental markets. The main products exported were cotton t-shirts, blouses and shirts, even though there is an interesting dynamic going on with baby clothing as well.

And it is because our country has the benefit of having access to high quality raw materials, like Pima cotton and Alpaca fibers, it is able to succeed by being close to the U.S. market. Added to that, the fact that it has a solid reputation for quick and efficient delivery as well as flexibility in the turn around when it comes to shipment volumes, all these results in the increase of sales that we have been observing in the past few years.

And even if this sector shows an interesting growth it is a determining generator of formal work, it is necessary to ask ourselves how can we extend our sales more now that the imminent preferential taxes are due to start with the U.S. and Peru agreement?

Especially considering that Asian countries like China, Vietnam and Indonesia, dominate the market with their low prices based on cheap labor, it is obvious that even though our industries are making a huge effort to be more competitive and to cut costs, they have less and less margin each and every time to overcome the competition with those particular countries. Hence the differentiation is key for the future of this sector. In as much as to add value to these type of products, our industry needs to concentrate their effort in developing new designs and branding for their fashion items. This will allow bigger prices and bigger margins of revenue that will introduce the pressure of option already introduced by the Asian competitors. Nevertheless, in order for this to happen, it is necessary to invest in the diverse capabilities and meticulously observe the success of countries like Italy or France, that have managed to create an image of exclusivity and quality around their labels.

A clear example of the effort some businesses are investing in this matter, was observed in the latest edition of the Peru - Moda 2008 Fair, which joined under a same roof, 400 textile producers and exporters, manufacturers, jewelers, shoes manufacturers and accessories. In such an event, our country was able to show the world that not only are we capable of producing high quality products, but we can also provide creativity and innovative designs.

Therefore, dear reader, the development of a brand is not easy and demands a lot of time and effort, especially in the phases of promotion and location. But considering the immense existent possibilities, it is definitely a recommendable strategy for our exporters.

*Translated by Joceline Frank

Frankly Speaking Inc.

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# Pilar Ramos says :
19 May, 2008 [ 08:36 ]

Hi guys!
I am interesting to start  small business of export cloths from peru to eeuu. I need all kind of requirements or needs.  
I would like to receive any information about it to my e mail. at:

I hope answer as soon as posible .

# CapitanDan says :
19 May, 2008 [ 06:15 ]
I think Peru's only chance to compete against the Asian clothing manufactures is to Publicize the fact that Peruvian clothing is not made in slave labor sweatshops by children. This approach is working to pay a fair price in the Coffee industry. Also advertise that all materials ,dyes etc. are safe and the environment was not harmed in the making of this product.That's just a few claims the Chinese can't answer.
# says :
21 May, 2008 [ 09:14 ]
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! cows are fat!
3 June, 2008 [ 10:23 ]
# Douglas Gebhardt says :
8 June, 2008 [ 10:56 ]
Lynette, email me-  I have been working with a clothing factory here in Lima Peru for the Past 2 years.  I am interested in taking a look at your designs and speaking with you further.
# jorge meneses says :
11 June, 2008 [ 06:58 ]
Peruvian textile and garment products are interesting to US designers due to the quality of Peruvian natural fibers. 

BellissimiNY has been importing our own designs and "private label" manufactured goods for the past 7 years satisfying our boutique clients with quality, price and prompt service.
Our office in NY designs, imports and distributes to clients throughout the US. Our lines are mainly "baby's and women's fashion.
Our plant in Lima manages production and exporting under all APTDEA rules.

Want to import to the US? Want your product distributed in the US? Contact us.
Jorge Meneses M.
# Gladys Mendoza Ramirez says :
12 June, 2008 [ 04:53 ]
I am peruvian but living now in Australia (adelaide) I am want to start a bussiness importing clothing and shoes from Peru, here most of the clothing is chinese and bad quality and people have money to expend but not choices.
I need as much data as possible about how to start it and I also would like to contact organisms which can give me some info/advices
Kind Regards,
Gladys M.
# Rhea Brown says :
15 June, 2008 [ 09:52 ]
Hi, I am a United States clothing designer and business is expanding. I am looking for a factory to handle my designs. I specialize in children's clothing sizes 3m-6 years, and would also like to impliment smocked clothes as well.  I need all info for importing to the states, delivery times, pricing, etc... please contact immediately as I am preparing to go to market. Thanks
# Rhea Brown says :
15 June, 2008 [ 09:54 ]
Hi again my email address is   Thanks
# pablo nunez says :
20 June, 2008 [ 09:50 ]
yeah ...... i knew that we have the best cotton in the hole world, i really wanna start business ,  i know about this place gamarra ..  the fabric is really good everything is pretty much comercial  material  it will be a boomb !!! here where i live in texas , all the name brands are made in peru specially la coste , polo , there is someother brands that can be made in peru like bebe or marciano , banana republic , and u know what no matter how much the gasoline price is , there is people that wanna look good ,  even me  a regular guy i dont make much money but i go shopping every two weeks  or so ...... i think  if i import cloth from my country  and open up my own store  , il make good money.... so i need a few tips how to start .................. il apreciate  if  somebody help me out! thanks
# María Guadalupe Hidalgo Ortega says :
22 June, 2008 [ 09:36 ]
Estoy interesada en importar ropa (t-shirts polo Lacoste, Abercrombie, Polo etc.) a México, y me gustaría saber que necesito para hacerlo, cantidades modelos, tiempo de entrega, precios, forma de pagos etc.
Agradeceré toda la información que me puedan dar.
I´m interested to import a peruvian cloths (t-shirts polo, Lacoste, Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, Tommy etc.) and I would like to know all the information about the requirements, I apreciate all the information. My e-mail
# Wasdom says :
23 June, 2008 [ 10:13 ]
Am looking for big manufacturer who can produce Ralph lauren and Lacoste polo in bulk quantities of 20,000 pcs per month. my email is:
# Jorge Meneses M. says :
24 June, 2008 [ 01:56 ]

RL & Lacoste are already manufacturing in Peru through their local associated companies.
These factories have set their standards according to their clients specs.

If you wish to investagate this further, please contact me. I m in NYC

Jorge Meneses M.
718 784 3280
# john cervantes says :
28 June, 2008 [ 03:41 ]
hello , im not sure if I have come to the right place but I am interested in getting high quality alpaca clothing, peruvian jewlery and pottery to open a shop in the states. I want authentic merchandise from peru and I need consistant bussiness... where do I go to get such merchandise.

I do not want to buy american knock offs... only real peruvian stuff.
# jma says :
30 June, 2008 [ 07:54 ]
Jorge , I have the same problem .IT says a new thread but when you loofor it  what happens? The same things appaer over and over and if you contact the webmaster ,no answer .
# Jorge Meneses says :
4 July, 2008 [ 08:24 ]
Living in Peru Editors/AmCham Editors.


Where in your pages would I find this, and other, updates?

I am sending you a pasted copy that appears in my gmail account.

Please help me, and others, resolve this situation.

Jorge Meneses

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# Alex Graham says :
8 July, 2008 [ 10:26 ]
To whom it may concern,

I am interested in getting Lacoste products shipped from Peru to my place of residence in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. I would like to open a small business and sell these products. I want to know how I can get in contact with a supplier of lacoste products and help me bring them into Canada. As well what is involved in order to get the product here in Canada. Are there any legal restrictions? please advise thank you
# Claudia Rainuzzo says :
12 July, 2008 [ 03:11 ]

We'd like to introduce Rainer SAC as your potential supplier of unique organic baby and children clothes.
Rainer SAC designs and elaborates exclusive baby and children fashion with super soft 100% Organic Color Grown Peruvian Cotton certified by Control Union (Skal). This cotton is praised worldwide because it's one of the softest and purest available.
Because it doesn't have pesticides, chemicals or artificial colors, Organic Color Grown Cotton is believed to reduce allergies and respiratory problems. It also feels softer to the skin and has a pleasant smell. Every color in our fabrics is the cotton seeds original color. Our naturally grown colors range from white to chocolate, with green and brown shades in between.
Our products are one of a kind; in fact, many of our products are hand-made, making them unique. We provide work to very talented women who have inherited a long time tradition of sewing and knitting. These women work in the best environment -- they make Rainer SAC clothes at home -- so they can be with their kids while contributing to their family income.
Rainer SAC clothes are not only naturally gentle to children and mother earth; they are fashionable and comfortable to wear. Our look is traditional and clean; thus reflecting a classy, eco-friendly lifestyle.
We can supply small orders immediately (starting at 1 item per model chosen) but will be glad to accommodate large orders as well. We can work your own brand and designs.
Please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail or via phone . If you like to know more about us and our products visit or call 511-3443338 or cell 511-999065179 in Peru or (305) 398-4102 in USA or emailme

We are manufacturers too.

Best Regards,
Claudia Rainuzzo

# Stuart Edgar says :
23 July, 2008 [ 04:19 ]
Hello! Im looking to purchase Lacoste products such as Polo shirts and import them into the UK at wholesale prices. Can anyone help?! Please email me with any details or anything that might help me in the right direction. Thanks S
# Stuart Edgar says :
23 July, 2008 [ 04:21 ]
Regarding the Lacoste clothing, mail is . Thankyou everyone!
# peloflex says :
24 July, 2008 [ 01:26 ]
Para Jorge Meneses,

Did someone answer your question about the missing post?

and by any chance you have relatives in Guadalupe/La Liberta?


# john allan says :
25 July, 2008 [ 05:55 ]
It appears that when there is an indication of a new post it doesn't get posted. When you try to contact Amcham peru they are either taking a coffee break or there is no one to respond. So what is the purpose to this site. By the way on youtube I found aninteresting video called opec go pound sand about the energy crisis but also this could apply to Peru and other countries.
# peloflex says :
25 July, 2008 [ 08:20 ]

I was just curious, because the city where I come from, Guadalupe in La Libertad (north of Peru) there is a Meneses Family, which by the way were very close friends to my parents, (Julio and Luis Meneses) and as far as I know, some of them had migrated to Lima, I thought you might come from one of them. Just curious, but thank you for taking the time to answer me.

Best regards,


# john B says :
4 August, 2008 [ 06:46 ]
Looking for Lacoste shirts
# jma says :
10 August, 2008 [ 08:01 ]
we are able to export to peru a line of fine men's ropa interior in various styles and designs. These include boxer,slips,bikinis,tangas, made with the finest materials and the highest quality of manufacturing. We also have some designs of Tee shirts for a fashionable market. These products are designed for a more fashionable, boutique, men's market and caters to those men of today that demand modern styles and comfort. The terms are bank transfer with order and a minimum of fifty items per reference. Freight and import duties plus taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.
# betty wernette says :
25 August, 2008 [ 11:42 ]
I would like to export name brand clothes from peru to the usa.  If anyone has any information for me, it would be greatly appreciated. 

send info to
# Mery S. says :
3 September, 2008 [ 10:52 ]
Hi,  I would like to start my clothing design bussines &  I'm  looking for a factory/ manufacturer that will produce them for me.I need some help in how to start doing business with Peru. I'll appreciate any information you can provide.Please  email : Thanks.
# Manuel Cieza Orbe says :
5 September, 2008 [ 11:14 ]
Hi Mery, I live in the U.S., I am currently enthusiastic to import some clothing, when you have your designs, please e-mail me:; by the way if any party is interested in export clothing, fashion clothing you know where can reach me.
# Manuel says :
9 September, 2008 [ 09:24 ]
I just received a notification of a new entry, but surprise, I can read the same complaints about the same issue, CAN NOT find the entry
# john says :
9 September, 2008 [ 09:30 ]
the new entries are listed on the side of the page. It took me a time to find them but now I know that when there is a new entry, you click on it and it shows. By the way I have not received any inquiries about the entries that I have made about information regarding a business in Peru so don't feel bad.
# Manuel says :
9 September, 2008 [ 09:44 ]

John, thank you for the information, well I do not feel bad; actually I am interested in the same issue as yours, like alpaca, jewelry, I already have somebody in Peru that is going to help me with that, if your are interested we could change ideas, at; I live in the U.S. as you

# Li-Ha La says :
1 October, 2008 [ 09:59 ]
Hi, I am researching for suppliers or wholesalers in Peru that offers certified organic infant and toddlers clothes. I am new to this so I need all the help regarding importing to the USA. I am only interested in companies that offers OEM, Design Service and Buyer Label.

Please email me on

# Manuel says :
2 October, 2008 [ 10:23 ]
Dear John, pls try again:, I will send you an e-mail anycase.
# Cristina Rodriguez says :
14 October, 2008 [ 07:52 ]
Hello, I am looking for clothing manufaturers in Peru. I need info on how to export from Peru to the U.S. and whatever info you can supply. I will be traveling to Peru soon so if anyone out there can send me info on factories in Peru, or if you are a manufacturer reading this, please contact me at: Thanks so much for any help you can provide.Wink
# john allan says :
15 October, 2008 [ 04:26 ]
Be very careful about buying merchandise from Peru as much is conterfeit. Only deal directly with the owner of the trademark or it could lead to serious problems for you. If you need to find out the manufacturer or distributor go on line and search for the legal owner of the product or service or check with the consulate of that country. The customs people can caonficate and will all such illegal merchandise and you will lose you money and could be prosceuted. In Chile recently thousands of garments with false brand names were confiscated and several people were arrested and the buyer of such merchandise can also be arrested.
# cristina p says :
15 October, 2008 [ 11:07 ]

Me gustaria obtener cualquier informacion acerca de importacion de productos de algodon organico del Peru.  Que licensias se necesitaria.  He comprado camisas en Peru y siempre me ha gustado la calidad y estoy interesada en empezar un negocio en Canada.

Muchas gracias.
17 October, 2008 [ 06:53 ]
# Claudia Rainuzzo says :
17 October, 2008 [ 05:33 ]
Hola Cristina y Adriana,
Tengo una pequeña empresa exportadora de productos orgánicos, básicamente ropa de bebés y niños, pero tambien producimos prendas para adultos tipo t-shirt y delantales, todo en telas 100% orgánicas certificadas, con impresiones y tintes herbales/ecofriendly.
Comuníquense conmigo al correo que con gusto las atenderemos.
# Nazmiya Zahra says :
25 October, 2008 [ 10:12 ]
Hola, Estoy muy interesada en poner mi propio negocio de ropa y accesorios para bebe, todo organico, quiero que me manden informacion lo mas completa posible al respecto, por favor comunicarse conmigo lo antes posible.
# john allan says :
31 October, 2008 [ 03:58 ]
We can export fine quality men's underwear to peru , if you are a bouique that has a clientele with discernable taste. Please contact me at jmacentral fro additional information.
# john allan says :
2 November, 2008 [ 01:05 ]
I want to make a correction on an earlier entry. It is as follows. For contact information about men's underwear and sports wear contact me at jmacentral
# Cassius Silva says :
7 November, 2008 [ 08:22 ]
Hi there!

we are looking for organic denim supliers in Peru. We are an Envionmentally fliendly Brand based in Brazil.

thank you!

Cassius silva
# john says :
7 November, 2008 [ 02:31 ]
Dear Cassius Silva
Let me know if you can find one. One that can assure you of the quality of not only the fabric but also the dye process as in the past we have had a bad experience with he dye washing out when the clients put the garment in the laundry and for that reason we have not purchased any more garments from Peru. However if things have changed we would reconsider our decisions.
# Monica Millar says :
15 November, 2008 [ 04:37 ]
On reading through the posts above, re: organic cotton products, I would be happy to introduce all interested parties  in Europe, Canada or the US, to a company in Peru that can provide high quality organic product -- from organic yarn through textiles and garments/ denim, knit or other.

Kind regards, Monica Millar
# Sonnia Perez Velez says :
18 November, 2008 [ 11:05 ]


We are a business services company located at Lima-Peru.
For importers of Peruvian products we can be your eyes here in Peru.  We specialized in Contracts Administration, expediting, inspections, export-shipments inspections/coordinations/shipping documents and others as required.  Also, administrative and office support.
For Peruvian exporters we offer the same business services.
If interested please contact us at

Thank you for your attention to this message.
Sonnia Perez Velez
+ 511 513-5643 (direct line)

# Sonnia Perez Velez says :
18 November, 2008 [ 11:06 ]


We are a business services company located at Lima-Peru.
For importers of Peruvian products we can be your eyes here in Peru.  We specialized in Contracts Administration, expediting, inspections, export-shipments inspections/coordinations/shipping documents and others as required.  Also, administrative and office support.
For Peruvian exporters we offer the same business services.
If interested please contact us at

Thank you for your attention to this message.
Sonnia Perez Velez
+ 511 513-5643 (direct line)

# john says :
21 November, 2008 [ 01:12 ]
Dear Sandra Perez Velez
we have written several questions regarding business in peru and have not received one inguiry or answer to our request. Perhaps you have information that will be of use to use. Ifso Please contact me at the above email address.
# Gabriel A. Montoya says :
23 November, 2008 [ 09:39 ]
I wanting to find a designer who would like to push thier line in the USA I have lot of connections and would love to find a great designer who works with many different textiles.  Looking for manufacture who can do rhinestones, foiling please email me if interested will do all marketing to really push line.  Currently have successful retail store just want to get on the production side....

# john says :
29 November, 2008 [ 04:00 ]
In the face of recent agressive , stupid, and hateful comments made by a leading military leader in Peru we have decided to wait until sometime in the future and see if Peru is able to enter the real world of today or will continue to respect those persons with a chest full of plastic unearned medals. Take a look at that clown and see that if he had earned all those honors on his uniform he would have had to started his career during the war of the pacific. Not only that but his attitude reflects that of the people who support him and this makes Peru less than desirable for investment by foreign companies.
# john says :
17 December, 2008 [ 04:59 ]
On a site that is dedicated to fashion it doesn't make much sense to be selling coffee, diamonds  and gold stocks and the process of milling flour.Is it possible to get information related to fashion ?
# Josh says :
17 December, 2008 [ 06:07 ]


We appreciate your point of view in the matter however, why don't we stick to what this blog is intended for,  perhaps you can direct your Peruvian-Chilean politics to another forum. 
Guess Peruvians can play at the same argument with Pinochet roaming freely

# J.G. says :
17 December, 2008 [ 11:00 ]
I love it when I go to Macy's or Dillards and such, and can run my hands over the racks of Polo, Timberland, Nautica. etc., etc., and can pick out the items with the MADE IN PERU tags. I would like someone to RUN with my idea of desighner jeans made from a blend of Peruvian Pima cotton and Alpaca......
# john says :
18 December, 2008 [ 01:05 ]
 I repect your views and my intent was not to insult Peru or Peruvians but to point out to the many fine people that the comments of this General were out of place . And since this blog is used for everthing except fashion I felt free to comment as it probably reaches people that are concerned about the country and its future. Oh, by the way Pinochet is dead and cremated.
# ofer daniel says :
1 January, 2009 [ 01:39 ]
i like to buy Lacoste polo shirts that made in peru but i dont know how to do it
can you tell me how to start working in peru
send me to
# Patrick says :
17 January, 2009 [ 05:28 ]
Hi guysTongue out!

I am from Germany.
I want to start a business of export cloths from peru to europe.
I would like to receive any information about it to my e mail. at:

Hope you can help me.


# john says :
17 January, 2009 [ 01:28 ]
Hello Patrick
Please tell me more about the items that you are interested: men's, womens,childrens. Your business plan,quantities,quality,etc. The more information that you supply gives me an idea as to if we may be interested in contacting you.
# says :
18 January, 2009 [ 07:33 ]

I'm interested in the male fashion by Ralph Lauren. I'm a retailer and I want to sell the products in bigger lots here in Germany. The clothes have to be original, of course.

I'll be pleased if you give me some information.

Regards, Patrick

# john says :
18 January, 2009 [ 07:44 ]
Dear Patrick
Every items that we sell is original. We do not import or buy and merchandise which does not meet or specifications of quality. We do not buy knock'offs or counterfiet merchandise . Nor de we buy merchandise from China or any other country that copies the trademark of a legitimite company. While we are not in Peru but have international contacts for the finist quality merchandise. Our prices and terms are exact and we do not alter them.
Thank you
# says :
18 January, 2009 [ 08:58 ]

Thank you for the fast answer!

I'm very interested in your merchandise. Could you please send me pictures and a list of prices of the products? What is yout minimun purchase?
My email adress:

# John says :
18 January, 2009 [ 11:12 ]
Because we are taking inventory photos this week the information that you have requested will delayed. However our basic line of one company is fifty item per referance(code number) we only accept bank transfer and shipment is generally made within two weeks of said transfer due to packaging and customs regulations, the cost of shipping is paid by the client as is the documentation and bank transfers. We have not Ralph Lauren merchandise for distribution. Prices vary depending on the item and brand. For example the men's swinsuit is a price different than the men's underwear. If you have any additional questions prior to receiving additional information from us please contact me .We ship from Santiago Chile by air of your choice. Merchandise is by collection and when a collection is sold  a new one is created and so not all items are alway available. Thank you very much
# Patrick says :
18 January, 2009 [ 11:21 ]
do you have other labels (Lacoste, La Martina...) which can offer me?
# john says :
18 January, 2009 [ 11:29 ]
Dear Patrick
At this time we are only handeling some men's lines which are in the area of Ropa interior, and sportswear, and for the new collection we are adding jeans to offer within a short time which will be the best quality and style.
Thank you
# Andrea Lifischtz says :
20 March, 2009 [ 11:39 ]
 Hi, would like to start a small business importing women clothing from
EEUU,live in NY.
Know your cotton is one of the best in the market,so would like to find a manufacture that design and export cotton sweaters for the contemporary brige very fashionable market in NYC.
Thank you.
# Claudia says :
13 April, 2009 [ 06:02 ]
Are you visiting PeruModa 2009? our stand is A254 visit us. We are manufacturer of organic and non organic cotton clothes with our own label or private label, as you desire.
See you there,
Claudia Rainuzzo
# Anthony Rosa says :
14 April, 2009 [ 09:13 ]
Hey guys, can anyone help me, I just need some information about how best to export textile merchandise LCL by ocean or air cargo and FCL all to Newark NJ. I'm looking for the most economical ways to ship our merchandise to the USA. If anyone can help that would be great. I found a company that does great work out of Peru that made our Tshirts for a GReat rate, but need some information on the exporting of that merchandise to my country.
# john says :
16 April, 2009 [ 10:30 ]
Each  country has its own laws regarding the importing of items, regaless of the nature:I.E. raw materials, unfinished goods, finished goods etc. There aremany facets to importingand exporting so what I suggest is that you contact an agency in your location andhave a meeting with them about what you want to do.I have found that if you consult with a private company it is often better than consulting with an embassy or consulate who may not be up date regarding the items, rules and regulations, duties, taxes, fees etc. Also it is often better to be more secure that the company that you are dealing with is legtimite and has no claims against it. Also I would ask for verifiable references, such as trade associations, banks, etc. I hope that this helps you somewhat
# john says :
16 April, 2009 [ 10:30 ]
Each  country has its own laws regarding the importing of items, regaless of the nature:I.E. raw materials, unfinished goods, finished goods etc. There aremany facets to importingand exporting so what I suggest is that you contact an agency in your location andhave a meeting with them about what you want to do.I have found that if you consult with a private company it is often better than consulting with an embassy or consulate who may not be up date regarding the items, rules and regulations, duties, taxes, fees etc. Also it is often better to be more secure that the company that you are dealing with is legtimite and has no claims against it. Also I would ask for verifiable references, such as trade associations, banks, etc. I hope that this helps you somewhat
# Anthony Rosa says :
16 April, 2009 [ 01:32 ]

Thanks a lot for your help. The reason I was asking is because I'm from the US, but recently linked up with a factory in Peru that makes shirts, tops, etc. and have been shipping our merchandise air cargo for the most part but now are starting to get orders that require containers so I was wondering if anyone knew of any good freight companies that provide competitive pricing. I have consulted locally but maybe was hoping someone from Peru has experienced this before and could point me to a great company. Thanks again for your advice.

# john says :
16 April, 2009 [ 03:30 ]
I could give you the name of a company that has office and contacts throughout the world, but of course this is only a contact as we have not parnertship with this company. Since this is only a contact please contact me at and I will send you information and a contact that I have used, of course the decision would be yours and we accept no responsibility for any action or lack thereof.
# Sonnia Perez Velez says :
17 April, 2009 [ 11:39 ]
Dear Anthony,
We are peruvians and our company is located in Lima, Peru, I mean that we know our market better than non residents.
We can assist you or give our freight forwarders contacts.
If this is of your interest, please write to:

Best regards,
Sonnia Perez Velez
# Erika Anaya says :
8 June, 2009 [ 11:51 ]

I am currently researching on clothing made in Peru as i am looking to starting a small business importing jeans and fahionable clothing into Australia.  I have family in Peru that can assist me but i would love to start seeing the types of fashion available in Peru in particular jeans that couter the body etc and finding out more about manufacturers in Peru and what services they can provide.  Where possible i am considering designing a few items and was wondering if anyone can help me with labels and how it all works in Peru and their manufacturing companies. 

I am also looking at toddler clothing and garments made with pima cotton.  Any information, contacts, websites or even brochures online would be extremely helpful.

Hope to receive some assistance.

# Sonnia Perez Velez says :
9 June, 2009 [ 12:07 ]
Hi Erika, your request looks for several matters, most probably we can assist you but first I think it would be better you focus in one or two topics.  You can contact us at we will be pleased to support your projects.

Kindly regards,
Sonnia Perez Velez
+ 511 513-5643
# Erika Anaya says :
10 June, 2009 [ 10:59 ]
Thank you sonnia, i have sent an email to your inbox.  Basically and primarily i am looking at importing young fashionable clothing in particular jeans.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

# john says :
11 June, 2009 [ 07:43 ]
Hi Erika:
 I was wondering if you are loking for clothing for men as well. WE represent and can export men's fine quality underwear and sports, and also have access to jeans of high quality. If you are interested please contact me.
# Christian says :
15 June, 2009 [ 02:12 ]
Hi to all.
I have a boutique in lima of men's underwear. I'm very interesting in get some new labels from Peru or other place in the world.

Please contact me at 


# john says :
15 June, 2009 [ 03:10 ]
Hello Christaian
Please give me more information about you store, such as current brands, you location , time in business, your projected market. We have some lines of fine quality men's underwear and would be interested i talking with you. None of our products are made in China and only the finest material : coton , lycra,and other fabric are used in the manufacturing. WE have strict rules about quality control. Please contact me at, our selection is designed with the modern man in mind and we offer a complete selection of styles.
# Fatima Velasquez says :
30 June, 2009 [ 12:35 ]
Hi, I am peruvian but I am living in Canada. I want to start importing alpaca clothes from Peru into Canada. I appreciate if you could send me all the information that you have about this topic, all the taxes here in Canada and in Peru, and maybe all the procedure to start, all the paper work. I want to start this business as soon as possible. My mother is still living in Peru, before I come to Canada we went to La Marina Av. in Lima to see their products, in some place, we gave them some money and they had to make some sweaters with special measures for us. But I am here in Canada almost two months and they always say to my mother that the sweaters are not ready yet. I was wondering if you have some information about some reliable companies or people that can make sweaters with special measures for us and also I'm looking for the most economical way to ship these sweaters to Canada. Thank you !
# Fatima Velasquez says :
2 July, 2009 [ 09:25 ]
I forgot... my email is
# MALENA says :
16 July, 2009 [ 04:45 ]

# Mario Novelli says :
23 July, 2009 [ 11:47 ]

Hello everyone,

I am an American expat that has lived in Peru with wife for the past 6 years. I work around the world 6 to 7 months a year as an offshore sub-contractor and return to Peru during my off time.

I also make trips back and forth from our home office in Houston, Texas and Peru. Looking to get into the import / export business even at a basic level as an agent helping people get what ever they want from Peru to USA.

If anyone is in need of someone that can either do research on this end or help deliver or recieve your products to and from USA leave me a message.


Mario Novelli
# J.Mark Allan says :
23 July, 2009 [ 01:35 ]
Even if you are not an expat you can find out what is happening in the world by mousing into .08:00 hrs E.T. to the show "guess who's coming to breakfast" the show airs monday morning only and covers interesting subjects from everywhere. And will shortly be covering some issue about Peru. This is a non-political show and is about those events that can make our lives better.
# ida jack says :
4 August, 2009 [ 07:48 ]

we need to expand our infant cotton line.We want to deal with peruvian manufacturers in baby products.Please send us list of manufacturers.Also,we need to know how much time delivery and cost.Thanks,ida

# OSSAMA A. A. QADER says :
18 August, 2009 [ 08:07 ]
# Jimmy Vega says :
19 August, 2009 [ 11:03 ]
I would like to get information on a factory that would print my designs on peruvians tshirts. Please feel free to contact me with any information.
# Stephanie Balbuena says :
3 September, 2009 [ 01:48 ]

I am looking for a factory in Peru that can provide services from concept to finished product. That is from concept, to sketches, selecting fabrics, all the way to TOP samples. I know a company in Peru that does all this but their minimums are too high. I am looking for very small quantities to start out, almost test quantities, and then as sales grow so will the quantities. I'd like to start with pima cotton T-shirts, basics & screen prints, alpaca scarves, etc.

If anybody can help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

# Sam Magro says :
9 September, 2009 [ 06:43 ]

I am planning to have a package sent from Peru to the US that will weigh roughly 70-90 kilos.  I am curious what you have found with regards to import fees in the US.  My business partner said he will be paying an exit tax to the Peruvian govt.  Will I also have to pay an entry tax on this side?  Will the package be held at customs until I pay the fee.  Who should I contact in order to insure that the package arrives promptly with minor complications to my home here in the US?

# john says :
9 September, 2009 [ 09:33 ]
Rather than listen to people why don't you consult with a company in the states that provides that service. There are many freight expediters and import agents listed. If there is a tax it depends on several factors I suggest that you go to your computer Friday Morning at 09:00 E.T. and tune into and listen to my Program "guess whose coming to breakfast as I discuss many of these issues.
# To Sam Magro says :
10 September, 2009 [ 06:49 ]
Hi Sam Magro,
First of all, ask your supplier for Partida Arancelaria, then you can search if your products are duty free or not, remember the PERU-USA Trade: To use this benefit you need a Certificate of Origin, your supplier have to do this and send it to you with your importing documents.
# Bridget Gough says :
11 September, 2009 [ 04:37 ]
Hi ,
I am looking into importing a clothing line from bali to peru , this is the first time for me and i am looking for as much information and help as possible i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction .
thankyou bridget Gough
# tina stokes says :
22 September, 2009 [ 03:30 ]
I am looking for beverly jeans 95% cotton & 5% spandex.Please advise where I could buy them on the internet. Size three. Thank You,  Tina
# Aku-Sika Barrett says :
15 October, 2009 [ 03:33 ]
I am a fashion designer.  My husband has lived here for 4 years, and I just travel back and forth on a tourist visa.  I have decided to stay here this time and produce my collection here instead. Would it be illegal for me to produce my collection here and sell online? (the finished goods will be shipped from Lima)

What do I have to do to get a business licence?
# Lynda Tomaini says :
21 October, 2009 [ 01:59 ]
I import from Peru about 60kg to 85 kg to NYC every week . Can you please tell me the the best way and least expensive to import from Peru
via Air Cargo. What I import is duty free. As of right now I have been using DHL.
# Justpassby says :
13 November, 2009 [ 08:53 ]
I have lived in Peru for 2.5 years, i'm from USA...I have bought shirts, pants, underwears that's made in Peru...they are not good quality at all, color comes off, mess up my other clothes...horrible stitchings, usually i have to throw them away after awhile...then if u buy a large shirts, they come different sizes, it's just bad...forever 21, H&M's clothes all made in China, and they are sometimes cheaper than the clothes in Peru and much much better in quality...just my opinion!
# davis vargas says :
13 November, 2009 [ 02:33 ]

Hi everyone, i'm interested on import Peruvian clothing to the US, the last trends & designs, maybe someone can give me some ideas and examples and start with an agreement in the business and start the business!!!. please if interested contact me E-mail:

# Andrew Rivadeneyra says :
17 December, 2009 [ 04:57 ]
Hello, I'm currently looking for a place to purchase high quality plain t-shirts of all sizes and colors. It would be best if it was located in Lima, Peru. If anyone has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.

Contact me by:
# gilson junior says :
6 February, 2010 [ 08:01 ]
Hello! Im looking to purchase Lacoste, Ralph, Abercrombie, Hollister,Tommy products such as Polo shirts and import them into the UK at wholesale prices.


# avi ben zaken says :
10 February, 2010 [ 03:01 ]
Hello my name is Avi I have a huge baby store in Israel (tinokiss). I would like to buy your goods regularly. Please send me pictures of baby fashion clothes, like nike, tommy hilfiger, ralph lauren and nautica.
 if you have, send me the name brand item you have , Wholesale
 prices and price shipping. if this not new collection 2009 so send me please the items date Manufacturing, if you have outlet i also intrested.  and all the details right
I want to check your goods
If I like the quality i will buy from you morden this next time and in the Future
I will come to buy a big stock from you.
I hope we can do business together.
Thanks you and have a good day.
avi ben zaken
# Kelvin Chua says :
19 February, 2010 [ 09:08 ]
Hello, I'm currently looking for a place to purchase high quality plain t-shirts of all sizes and colors. It would be best if it was authentic. If anyone has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.

Contact me by:
# nancy says :
24 March, 2010 [ 09:55 ]
I am currently looking for a manufacturer of organic cotton or other organic fibers.  Please contact me at
thank you.
# Angela says :
7 April, 2010 [ 03:39 ]
I am Peruvian living in Australia. I would like to import Peruvian clothing to Australia. Someone can give me some ideas please how to start this busines!!! 
# Trevor says :
19 April, 2010 [ 12:14 ]

The dynamism, and long life, of this thread is another exciting example of the growth of opportunity and interest as it relates to Peruvian products.

I am, however, concerned (unless I am mis-reading) of the degree of interest in purchasing "brand name" goods. 

Yes, in fact Peruvian entrepreneurs have gained a reputation for quality and compliance and therefore have earned the trust of firms such as Ralph Lauren and Lacoste (among many others).  To request/promote the cancer of black-market sales and/or pirated look alikes is PRECISELY the avenue that we do NOT need to further develop here.  Go to Asia.  What we need here is to stamp whatever participation there is (and sadly it does exist) in unethical trade, not promote it.

Should someone wish to purchase Ralph Lauren, Lacoste or whatever other brand, those firms have well established commercial offices to contract with and not put in jeopardy the corporate and national reputation (and incomes) of local producers.  That said:  The contractual relationship brands have with our manufacturers DO typically detail how overstocks and seconds can/must be disposed of, though every day there are fewer seconds and overstocks as our manufacturers technologically advance along with their customers.

Ethically-profitable  buyers and sellers have far more to offer to the long-term growth of our dynamic economy that some fast buck corner cutter.

# Phil Fehrle says :
22 April, 2010 [ 11:45 ]
My Peruvian wife and I are starting a newl Fair Trade business in the U.S.  We focus on items from Peru and currently handle only hand made Fair Trade artisan products, such as ceramics and textiles.  We would like to start an exclusive line of Fair Trade denim clothing.  We know that certifying clothing is difficult right now, but we are dedicated to social justice, economic justice and success.  We won't give up!

We thought there might be a way to work with a Peruvian organic denim manufacturer and a local Fair Trade sewing cooperative to produce designs we could sell in the U.S.  We would at least like to explore this approach.

I will be in Lima next week (April 28-30) for the annual Peru Gift Show.  If any of you has some knowledge about this and would like to meet while I am in Lima, please give me a shout at  Thanks.
# Sandra says :
27 April, 2010 [ 01:44 ]
Hi, I want to import children US brand clothing to Peru,like Tommy, Ralph Lauren, Disney etc. Do someone know how it works, how much are the customs fees etc?


# EE. says :
28 April, 2010 [ 09:47 ]
Hi Everyone,
If I can get any advice on how to start a small importing business from Peru to US, what are the requirements in terms of licensing and shipping fees. I am new to this trade and am highly motivated to get as much information as possible, I also speak spanish.

I am primarily interested in organic women's clothing and location of where to find the factories/manufactures in Lima. I will be travelling within the next few weeks and would like this info prior to leaving.

Thanks for your help.
# don kwak says :
28 April, 2010 [ 11:44 ]
To whom may it concern, 
I'm looking for Lacoste & Ralph Lauren & Abercrombie & Fitch etc... such as Polo shirts and import them into the USA.
Can anyone help me to find manufactures?
Please email me with any details or anything that might help me in the right direction.
Thank you
# José says :
5 May, 2010 [ 02:36 ]
Hi Don Kwak, I can help you out.
# Jose Cornejo says :
5 May, 2010 [ 02:41 ]
Hi Angela , I am a peruvian as well and I use to live in Sydney. I think a can give you a good advise please get in touch....
# Joe Williams says :
12 May, 2010 [ 04:51 ]
Hi,  I would like to start a small upscale polo shirt business &  I'm  looking for a factory/ manufacturer that will produce them for me.I need some help in how to start doing business with Peru. I'll appreciate any information you can provide.Please  email : Thanks.
# Joe Williams says :
12 May, 2010 [ 04:51 ]
Hi,  I would like to start a small upscale polo shirt business &  I'm  looking for a factory/ manufacturer that will produce them for me.I need some help in how to start doing business with Peru. I'll appreciate any information you can provide.Please  email : Thanks.
# Rogerio Vencio says :
13 June, 2010 [ 01:44 ]

Hey Guys,

Be carefull in buying Ralph Lauren clothes from Peru. There is a guy called Paul Salazar Aguilar ( is stealing money from honests buyers.

He actually doesn't have any clothes to sell and he intention is prepar a trap for victims.

Stay alert.

# patricia says :
16 June, 2010 [ 01:16 ]
# patricia says :
16 June, 2010 [ 01:32 ]
# patricia camargo says :
16 June, 2010 [ 01:37 ]
SORRY I FORGET MY MAIL ADRESS  ty for clothing manifacter in peru for woman clothing with web site or adress ,e-mail, phone etc.
thank all patricia
# Rafael Godoy says :
1 September, 2010 [ 03:41 ]

I'm looking for information and to stablish contacts in Peru, regarding exporting peruvian products, to the US (printed and embrioded shirt and t-shirts, jeans, silver jewelry,handbags,etc), any info will be thankful.

# says :
17 September, 2010 [ 05:59 ]
I need information please on importing clothing from Peru to USA.
More specifically, cotton/lycra tshirts. 
Where can I get details on regulations and import duties, etc?
Thanking you in advance for any help and guidance.
# Susan Deverell says :
17 September, 2010 [ 06:01 ]
I just sent you a request for information on import regulations and duties from Peru to USA.
My email address that was not included:
thank you,
Susan Deverell
# Randolph Gardberg says :
6 October, 2010 [ 10:45 ]

I operate a small fashion company located in New York.We have been marketing our own label 100% Baby Alpaca Hats for the last 3 years.Our hats are made to our own designs and specifications.We work with several factories in Lima and have found the workmanship superb.

We are always looking for shops in the US who are interested in offering our high-quality fashion items to their customers.Anyone interested in the US please contact us

We can also work with clients who are interested in having their own designs made to their specifications.

Thank you.

Randolph Gardberg
AlpacaXtreme,New York
# Nathy P says :
7 October, 2010 [ 03:47 ]



I live in Sydney, Australia and I am interested in starting a clothing business and I am thinking in importing Peruvian clothing like baby alpaca, etc of the best quality. I am looking for manufacturers/factory over there, does anyone have a list? Or knows how can I contact them?

Any information on how to, what I need to export to Australia, is much appreciate it 


Thanks for your help.

# rosario saenz says :
10 October, 2010 [ 02:51 ]
we are a company that export Peruvian clothing, we manufacture pima cotton T-shirts the best quality in the market

rosario saenz 
Carsil sales representative
# Mark Rahzul says :
18 October, 2010 [ 10:58 ]
Hi, I have a company that wants to know ANY information about the process and prices of buying high quality alpaca/baby alpaca wool and making a specific clothing line in Peruvian factories. 
Also if the Peruvian government make any effort to help companies located in Peru to export merchandise abroad.

Thank you for your help.
Mark Rahzul
Miami, Florida
# Abhinav Takiar says :
6 January, 2011 [ 01:28 ]
Dear Sir/Madam,

Well, we are one of the leading MANUFACTURERS & EXPORTERS of all kinds of MENS & WOMENS readymade garments located in NEW DELHI, INDIA. We are in the business for more than a decade now & have been exporting to markets like AUSTRALIA, FIJI, SOUTH AFRICA, MEXICO & USA. Now ,we are looking forward to work with some new buyers in order to expand our business.

# Grete says :
1 February, 2011 [ 02:32 ]

Just wanted to make sure I can take a few kilos (5 or so) of  silver (jewelry)
considering the Free trading Agreement. 
If that's not a problem, can I take it in my carry-on?

Taking form Lima to Canada.

I would appreciate your advice,

# Farid Uddin says :
6 February, 2011 [ 10:39 ]
 Hello Dears'
I am Mr. Farid trader of readymade garments also have manufacturing unit.
I export my product in europe. Now I want to expand my business in America, South America & Canada. I will be highly glad if any importer contact me via E- mail or Cell: +880-2-01190-108437. My product type is T-shirt, Polo shirt. Tank top. Phant, Sweater,Vest etc.

Optimum Design BD.

# Scott says :
14 February, 2011 [ 03:29 ]
I own a childrens clothing line in the USA, we currently manufacture in the US but are looking to start manufacturing in Peru then export to the US, if you are a interested manufacture please email at
# jCarlton Kornegay says :
23 February, 2011 [ 11:20 ]
I'm interested in opening a women's and kid's clothing store with imported quality merchandise from Peru.  Any info will be beneficial.
Thank you.
# Karl C. says :
9 March, 2011 [ 08:56 ]
Hi all,

I am looking for the company that makes/manufactures Beverly Jeans in Peru. I have seen their work here in the US and it is something I am interested on. Please if you can tell me how to find out who the people in Miami are importing these jeans from it would be of great help. Currently I know the name of the person and company who distributes them here in the US, what I don't know is who makes them or who the distributor in Miami imports them from.

Thank You so much in advance.... Karl C.
# Jorge Rodriguez. says :
19 March, 2011 [ 08:28 ]

If anybody is interested in authentic Lacoste, Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger polos made in Peru please contact me to:

We are located in Peru and can provide these items.


# april wedge says :
12 May, 2011 [ 09:40 ]
I am looking for a clothing manufacturer for my small business in the USA. I need childrens sizes NB-5 Toddler manufactured. Please inform me on any export issues &/or any information you might think helpful for a new, small business owner.
# emmett diaz says :
17 May, 2011 [ 06:27 ]

I know of a small company in Peru that makes excellent childrens
# Jorge Lossio says :
22 May, 2011 [ 06:18 ]

Dear John Cervantes :

iam a whole saler of Peruvian Pottery i currently have in stock here in the Usa , New Jersey .
my phone number is 848-525-3952 .
I have high quality Peruvian Pottery hand made in Huancayo .
# elena says :
4 June, 2011 [ 12:09 ]

doing some research on manufacturing children's clothing from alpaca/baby alpaca wool. I want to make a specific clothing line. Any info about manufacturers, import/export fees and regulations would be appreciated.

# Abdul Mukid says :
7 June, 2011 [ 11:18 ]
Hey i am interested in buying wholesale Ralph lauren polos that are authentic. If anyone has any information or can direct me to the right path would be very helpfull. My email adress is
# Alberto Bulla says :
16 June, 2011 [ 09:35 ]
Hello. I'm very interesting to import polo Lacoste and other brand. Please, send me any information about your company, please.
My mail is
Thank you very much

# avi says :
7 July, 2011 [ 02:47 ]
Hi i'm interesting in buying wholesale  t shirts100% cotton combed Jersey 140 g (plain ladies tee)  from Peru
Anyone can recommened me good factory ?

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